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  1. I’d always understood that Derby’s “small engine’” policy mainly related to overall weights and axle loading, due to the light construction of their civil engineering works?
  2. I’ve had the 1980s MPC era 4-6-4 on the worktop. This is basically a re-release of the 1950s model, with the open-frame AC universal motor, mechanical reverser and lever (the only one of my locos which actually has this feature in working order), and the infamous “Sound of Steam” in the tender. This is an early electronic system featuring a rather asthmatic “chuffing” Sound which is... well, it’s better than the Tri-Ang “side of a matchbox” effort, that’s all I’ll say. The whistle is distinctly “Casio keyboard” and is sometimes referred to as the “dying cow” or “barking seal” which
  3. Amazingly enough, there are TWO of them on eBay right now; curious things, one painted in LMS colours. The body shells seem to differ in detail, too...
  4. I’ve been tinkering with a similar layout using the non-derail feature on O27 track, so that the train alternates routes in a clockwise direction. The problem proves to be that the outside loop between the two switches, needs to be longer than the train, so you need quite a lot of room...
  5. I’ve seen a post somewhere about a protruding tang to “steer” couplings around curves?
  6. Interesting comment about “typical 009 layout”. I’d certainly agree that these models are really intended for a more “scale” environment. The interface between insufficient specification and insufficient quality control is a maze...
  7. Im inclined to agree - the dome is simply poor workmanship, but otherwise the same comments occur about the rebuilt Alco 2-6-2T which I actually quite liked.
  8. I’d suggest that the assembly problems arise from design problems. I hadn't seen the thing about the Minitrains motion, no. Discussions of HO vs OO scale in NG are hardly new, including Minitrains. I certainly agree that designing and assembling working motion on N Gauge locos is a well-trodden path, by now.
  9. I’m so disappointed that this very characterful model, has been a disappointment like this, although it really comes down to poor design concept. I can’t avoid the feeling that the Minitrains Feldbahn 0-8-0, with its “indicative” static valvegear and moving connecting rod is a better formula for this very small component. I don’t see people complaining about THOSE. Same for the pony trucks - a “roller” type blind-flanged rim front and back might have been better, along the lines of the Hornby Cartazzi trailing axles or indeed, the scratch-built model shown earlier in this thread?
  10. Hard to find things again on OGR, but there are plenty of threads like it https://ogrforum.ogaugerr.com/topic/dcs-tiu-andamp-aiu-on-large-layout https://ogrforum.ogaugerr.com/topic/multi-room-layouts-thoughts
  11. 24” radius! Luxury!.... I’ve just been reading a thread on OGR about a “railway room” 39’ x 12’6” , only in America..... I definitely agree about the social side, I’ve been missing the Monday nights at Obthorpe where extended discussions of life on the “big railway” are a prominent feature. Same for NAROGG although I only actually managed two sessions, and ran at one of them. Regarding carpet running, I’d definitely recommend Lionel Fastrack or similar. The moulded base is much better at keeping the fluff (and stray tinsel from the tree) out of the loco gears and axles
  12. I briefly worked in Oklahoma, during the short-lived drilling boom of the mid-80s when the North Sea was past its peak and the North Sea Tigers were beginning their diaspora, or just giving up to do something a bit more sensible. It was.... different. I can promise you that it is in the USA, though... I would remark that it was my introduction to the terms “road trip” and “college football”. Anyone who remembers what going to an away match in U.K. was like at that time, that ALSO was different..
  13. Somehow I’d expected that garden fences in Oklahoma would comprise a single strand of barbed wire, possibly with endless cereal prairies just beyond...
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