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  1. Anything potentially involving industrial injury compensation claims, will be treated as requiring to come up to the necessary standard of evidence; the chances of it being contested by someone needs to be provided for. This is particularly true for any diagnosis or assessment carried out at a contracted private hospital, which will have some sort of liability to insure against.
  2. To me, it just looks generally mis-proportioned. The boiler looks very long, and the big gap between the front driver and bogie doesn’t make sense; looks more like a 2-6-0 or 4-6-0 in overall proportions. I believe the saddle tank was a later addition.
  3. I usually regard 4-4-0s as a configuration which are inherently rather stylish, but I suppose there’s always the exception to prove the rule..
  4. Isn’t that a box tank, or a saddle tank?
  5. Bought another small job lot on eBay over the Christmas period. I’ve now got enough O27 profile track in O42 and O54 sizes, including O42 points (switches) to do an enlarged version of the “door” layout on a 9’x5’ ping pong table, a very “period” thing which will accommodate the larger “scale sized” locos, plus a couple of O27 electric switches to build another “period” item, the “double crossover” which changes the direction automatically by interlinking the points.. that will keep me busy, I think. Right now the “door” layout is on trestles in the garage, for stripping the track
  6. Do you use track clips, for loose lay track? None of my tubular track has them, but I definitely find they are required. I use small cable ties, in pairs, so the trailing ends are below the ties (sleepers) and snip off any that protrude. I’ve just been experimenting with O31 tubular track. It’s interesting, the differences in size between the various minimum radii - O36 Fastrack takes up a LOT more space than O31, and if you are working in table-top or back-of-a-door sizes, then O31 and O27 are significantly different in terms of what can be accommodated in the space.
  7. When I was involved with such things, we used broken pieces of the paraffin wax blocks from “tommy cookers” from Norman Bradley’s in Thompson’s Lane. Worked fine, although they stunk a bit. This was a discussion on another thread - by the time you have brought the Mamod up to a “proper” spec, you’d have been better off buying a better loco.
  8. Theres a large Polish community around here, too. They’ve become like the Italians and Bangladeshis - self-segregating by language and area. I don’t meet them at all, these days - there were Polish kids in my children’s classes, and when my wife was teaching, but not now. You don’t see them at the speedway, or at the football.
  9. The low angle views of this layout really are quite exceptional..
  10. I have no particular knowledge of the Polish diet, but I would certainly say that in my limited experience of the place, whatever happens to you, you won’t be hungry when it does. Whisky/whiskey is easy-Peasy. Most consumers know which one they prefer, how the “other lot” spell it is of no interest. during my Japanese trip in 2019, I discovered that many Japanese lunch counters have 2litre or 3litre plastic bottles of whisky as part of their stock. I don’t recommend the experiment. I developed the habit of drinking vodka during my wanderings around the FS
  11. .... for when you have seen the pistons of the mighty CPR with the driving force of a thousànd horse... well, you will know what pistons are!
  12. Dressing up Mamod Engines with Meccano has a long and honourable tradition!
  13. I speak French quite fluently, but certainly don’t use French expressions when speaking English.... I’ve always thought “mad as a spoon” was an odd expression, of no obvious provenance. The bird certainly wasn’t a parrot, parakeet or any other such psittacoid... more like some sort of emu. It’s definiteiy an ex-parrot now, though..
  14. I had a bird for many years, but shaved it off when I went back offshore in the 90s. Anyway my daughter said I looked like a badger.
  15. Didn’t the National Trust have an unfortunate incident with one of those, a while ago? Burnt down a boathouse, I think? I’ve been looking for the video of the Scrapheap Challenge one, which collapsed in a heap when triggered... Scouts used to go in for some quite lethal amusements, at one time. I remember a contest at a gathering held at, I think, Newmarket involving firing bundles of newspapers (a surprisingly effective missile!) across a field using a bungee cord with a dozen or more scouts providing the tension.
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