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  1. I cant believe that's its been so long since I posted on my layout but rest assured its still around. Latest additions have been 3 new Bachmann 43s as D835/D843 both done with double emblems and one that has become a 42 as D832 in maroon full yellows. I have also got hold of some latest addition oxford diecast cars as in morris 1300s and Austin cambridges. Richard.
  2. I must what ever westerns these turn out to be these are cracking photos and thanks for showing. richard
  3. Another 2 43s have joined my Sharpshooter only D865 has been turned back into a class 42 as D832 Onslaught with full yellow while in maroon. D835 Pegasus also joins the fleet in double arrow ex works condition. Again my 1st and 2nd blue 842 had items of detail missing this time the link couplings but the maroon one arrived with all parts. Richard
  4. Nice models done there Phil, I have found that my 832 onslaught is out of my era and is an old Bachmann model slightly under scale and thinking of a maroon 43 to replace it as had the same scavenger grills but will need full yellows as she was around 68/70. Richard
  5. Certainly not a great lover of those pick up arrangements as cause a lot of dead connections and flicking lights , has anyone added there own yet . Richard
  6. Well my blue 842 arrived today yes a nice model but have noticed 4 detail parts missing ie 2 long ladders and 2 air pipes also noticed it has the same pick up arrangement similar to the class 40. Also I have noticed they are taller and bigger than my 42s so cant run in a pairing with them, then lets hope Bachmann re do the 42 to these standards. richard
  7. I have ordered a 842 royal oak but I have heard so much that all decoys are over size but I intend to remove and fit double arrows and possible rename. My question is although I have read a few times what is the best way to remove these without requiring a complete respray and help and details much needed. I have also noticed modelling a class 43 really depends on the one you are wanting as differed it appears to every one built. Cheers. richard
  8. I am glad to say that due to good news financial wise 2 class 43s will be ordered shortly to add to my class 42s. richard
  9. Some great hydraulic photos being shown thanks. richard
  10. Thanks Phil have been around and yes those 43s do look good but alas may have to stick to my 42s. Richard
  11. Good to see this model getting a long overdue make over and looking good.
  12. Superb latest video Phil sorry to hear about the water damage and not been on much. More hydraulics please. Richard
  13. It must be said again that its good to see photos others are sharing and some great reading nights to what I believe the most talked about British traction for the wrong reasons or right reasons the hydraulics had style and the westerns being the most handsome of all locomotives . Happy days and thank all for your work and information. Richard.
  14. One machine I sadly missed but a western in sound although some say she sounded like a hymek. Richard.
  15. Very pleased that shots like these are still appearing and bring it all back although I only caught 3 warships and handful of hymeks and most westerns in service. Thanks for sharing. Richard
  16. Happy xmas from old oak and thanks go to Phil Bullock for the free latest addition in the form of D1067. Richard
  17. In not yet knowing the future of this layout I am still messing about with what stock I have. One fault not noticed by others was with my westerns. This being I had fitted them all with the dual brake pipe but to my era these did not start being fitted to the class until late 1968 with D1066 being the 1st and in fact the last D1023 was not fitted until 1973. I now have gone through all 16 and removed the pipe silly me. Richard.
  18. Hi Phil Sad to say that unloaded has been the blue Pullman/ class 40/37/25 1 class 47 an 08 and the complete set of Pullman cars but at the moment all the hydraulic fleet is still intact. Richard.
  19. Here are some late lamented photos taken early this year in happier times. Richard.
  20. Westerns will look good on any model railway. Richard.
  21. Just another update now I have finally been able to login. Due to finanacial pressure some stock has at to go to raise funds but the layout at this time remains but watch this space. Richard.
  22. Yes this was me what a better picture thou and nice knowing that a member was there and as stated had just had haulage by campaigner up from London. Richard.
  23. I to as mentioned have kept faith in the Heljan model due to the amount of running issues with the Dapol one. Heljan need to upgrade there moulding version but as a performer excellant and then we will see. Richard
  24. Good to see the latest update Dave looking good. Richard.
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