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  1. Agree with you Steven - good to see the Royal Mail coach but would much rather it was sold separately. Perhaps that will come in 2022. I think this is a good move by Hornby and if the sales support it perhaps they will look at other early era models given the various bi-centenaries that will be cropping up over the next 5-15 years. Regards, Dan
  2. All of the engineering fleet are air braked now, so a Class 20 or Sarah Siddons would be required to act as translator between vacuum and air systems. The idea of painting a battery loco maroon though is rather appealing. Regards, Dan
  3. Caught me in the Guard's compartment door A superb weekend - recovering from the problems on Saturday morning made it better I think. The team pulled off a small miracle to get No. 12 operational again and we were ultimately only 30 minutes late back on Ruislip Depot. Regards, Dan
  4. The 20's and their barrier TEA tank wagons are still quite regular sights at Ruislip Depot. I captured them minus S Stock in September 2012: If you're modelling more recent transfer moves then the new signalling system radio antennas will need to be added on either side of the destination box. Regards, Dan
  5. Some photos I took on Saturday 19th January at Alexandra Palace: Model of HMS Hood on the Surface Warship Association stand. 3D printer and model boats on the Eastleigh Young Engineers stand. Chelmsford Society of Model Engineers stand - best in show. Part of the Ministry of Steampunk display. 10 1/4" Gauge Society display with LMS 2F dock tank. Tom Parham's 5" gauge 'Jinty' model, winner of the Australian Association of Live Steamers (AALS) trophy at the Southern Federation's 2018 rally.
  6. No sections of the sub surface lines have been cut over to the new signalling system yet. I understand the first section at the end of the Hammersmith branch is likely to be done in late November (usual caveats apply). Yes, it would be nice to do and might be feasible over the sections of line that will retain Tripcocks for ATP on Chiltern Line trains. Regards, Dan
  7. I picked up my Beachy Head during the Bluebell's recent Giants of Steam Gala, and as Atlantic House was open to visitors... The model gives a good idea of what the full size reproduction will look like and Bachmann are to be congratulated for producing another fine version of a Brighton engine. Regards, Dan
  8. Some photos I took at the exhibition on Saturday 20th October: Fosse Way Steamers greeted visitors queuing up before the doors opened. Young Engineers competition models. National 2 1/2 Inch Gauge Association stand. Under construction 7 1/4" gauge Britannia on the 17D Miniatures stand. Some more of the competition models. Bromsgrove Society of Model Engineers stand. 'Little and large' Rob Roy's on the Erewash Valley Model Engineering Society stand. Kingsbury Water Park Model Boat Club stand. Guild of Model Wheelwrights display.
  9. The Metropolitan set is being given a bit of TLC including, I understand, conversion of the vacuum brake cylinders to the same type as on Mk 1 coaches. I think the plan is for 1 or 2 to be available for Branch Line Gala with the others following over the rest of 2018. Regards, Dan
  10. Actually the S Stock was purchased because Bombardier was a shareholder of Metronet. It's not a bad train by all accounts and the S8's will soon be needing their first heavy overhaul. As for the A Stock the last two units including the RAT car have been moved to Ealing Common Depot and begun being moved by road for scrap. I understand one Trailer car has been kept back temporarily to be robbed of parts for the Q Stock restoration project. Regards, Dan
  11. Bit of a blizzard at Blue Anchor by the look of things. Regards, Dan
  12. Thanks I wondered whether it was the points because the ride has got a bit rough over them, the crossing nose looks quite worn and on one crossover there are multiple sleepers that are pumping due to the trackbed condition. Given the Hayes line is shut this weekend I figured the Ladywell Loop was the focus of works as there are wacker packers and other P-Way equipment stored on the lineside by that junction. Regards, Dan
  13. Is NKE junction the spur that joins the Hayes line to the main line between Ladywell and Lewisham? There were a number of new P&C panels stacked up in that area when I went past this morning. Hopefully it will get rid of that TSR over the current junction. Regards, Dan
  14. Most of the signalling equipment appears to have been installed now between London Bridge and Blackfriars plus the conductor rails installed and connected up. Most mornings I see installation teams working on the Eastern approaches to London Bridge as far out as New Cross. With the big Christmas blockade coming up it does look like everything is coming together. Regards, Dan
  15. One has gone to Locomotive Services TOC at Crewe for use as a route learner and the other has gone to the Bodmin and Wenford Railway. Regards, Dan
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