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  1. Some nice New stuff I see Andy!!
  2. Yer ive started collecting few of the oxford range now my mate..
  3. Cracking video that Phil Hows things going my frend.. cheers neil.
  4. Nice pair of railfreight grey 37s waiting outside Banks road tunnel...
  5. Ive stil got few old cones and oil lamps from around 1984/86.. they have red bottems with sand bags inside them stil..
  6. Ive now started adding my "scratch built" trees in and around the layout..
  7. I use mixs of burnt yellow and light green grass shades through out Banks road layout.
  8. My latest "37" to arrive on the workbench!! wasn't happy with the standard Bachmann "weathering" so ive wiped the loco clean,and started again..
  9. More nice pictures of 37s along with videos too
  10. Ive been busy again on Banks road!! changing bits & bobs,plus new locos too ews 37174 and now mainline 37242...
  11. Not been on here for while myself, hope layout is going well Marcus.. cheers neil.
  12. Layout and videos look awesome Andy!!!! cheers neil.
  13. Thanks Peter for your kindness.. Here is my new update this evening... Ive been adding more trucks and fire engines to the village scene..
  14. Great set of pictures here Trev.. cheers neil.
  15. Been busy adding more scenic to this corner part of the layout this evening..
  16. Any new updates on this fab little layout.. cheers neil.
  17. Stared adding few trees in and around the layout early on tonight...
  18. Nice busy freight yard with classic freight wagons....
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