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  1. Same way ive done all my RHTT wagons they look great Simon...
  2. Always nice to see some "dutch" locos on banks road... class 31 and class 47..
  3. Great set of pictures here Marcus..
  4. Network rail 97301 leaving banks road freight yard light engine...
  5. Looks very nice layout build so far Im now following this.. cheers neil.
  6. Class 97301 leaving banks road freight yard light engine this evening...
  7. Fer few more different shades of trees tonight.... ile split these between the home and Banks road exhibition layout..
  8. Been making more scratch built trees this evening...
  9. Been busy over last few days making "home made trees" from old bits of house wiring... Few update pictures...
  10. Thanks Peter!! im well pleased with this colas 60..
  11. Started adding flock to my wire built trees, stil have bit more scatter to add to these..
  12. Very nice Rhtt set you have here!! cheers neil.
  13. Spotted this waiting little way down from Mostyn on the North wales coast last weekend...
  14. Another "wire" tree update.... Ive used polly filler "mixed with sand" to make the rough bark like finish. Now painted up in brown, and ready for the greenery...
  15. New visitor to the layout this evening Colas 60087...
  16. New visitor to Banks road this week!! Colas Rail Freight class 60 thanks to Leigh Collet Models... Colas 60087..
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