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  1. #Who? US? Nah, we wouldn't.....much...
  2. Baz, I've a friend lives at Station Town (Wingate) but it's been a while since it had track never mind platforms!
  3. Evening. Our Dyson is restored to health after a complete and utter dismantling to clean bits out that shouldn't need cleaning out - but it works afterwards! HH, funnily enough the population of sheeps was under discussion by the chief tree maker last night. I await developments. There is a bird in one of the trees I notice! I have a soft spot for electricery traction I think because of having being born within buffer-clanging distance from the Harton Electric Railway, a pioneer colliery in electric traction. Having the Manx Electric Railway handy nowadays help fulfil by needs.
  4. Oh, looks like the 'Hedgehog' device is about to be deployed. (See WW2 anti-submarine weapons).
  5. Morning. Good to hear from Warren. We're with you. Got our results from anti-body testing, both negative. A little surprised, as we were both quite ill in February, but realise it must have been standard flu (despite having had the jabs) not the CV19 variety. Also got my diabetes results - result! 5.5% again, that's a year now, Type 2 I have you under control. I'd love a cake though. Maybe Richard would share a crumb? I wonder, is this the time to mention to iD that my Board of Trade certification to be a qualified watch-keeping Marine Engineer officer applies to motor vessels, not steam? Having read Dave's books also, I enjoy both forms of transferring potential energy to motion.
  6. They wouldn't travel well Dave - they're very delicate. Not making a bad job though, she's a keeper! (36 years BTW!).
  7. Not currently iD, or certainly not until the 7mm scale Forest of Dean is indeed forested! Our coffee table is covered in the things! There are 18 in view.....
  8. Sneaking in, probably not under the radar though. One of Mrs NHN's trees, with an industrial loco in the background, which do not all look the same. Hunslet 16" in this case.
  9. MOrning. Wet n windy here - outside. Andy's innovative clutch/drive he and I have discussed before, an interesting concept. As for 'experts' - As a teenager and into my 20's I drove at a passenger carrying miniature railway, in a public park. Our larger loco is a 9 1/2" gauge Santa Fe pacific, rather scale bodged as she is a big engine, larger than many 10 1/4" jobs. She is a piston valve, Walschaerts valve gear loco, 150 psi and superheated. Bit of a beast. Anyway, this 'expert' comes along and describes to his son how it is a Vauclain Compound. So I inform him politely he is mistaken, and point out how the 'high pressure' cylinder is actually a piston valve and that it is not connected to the crosshead, but to the valve gear. He then proceeded to invent ways of describing how I was wrong...the look on his son's face revealed this was probably not a one off experience..... As you can see in this photo stolen off the interweb she is about to eat her driver. Told you she is a beast, but it is a good shot to see how big the cylinders are and the piston valves that caused the grief.
  10. It continues to precipitate profusely. More Slarty-scenic work, some building construction, tree making by the boss continues apace. it can't last. Going out for a curry with friend Jayne tonight, she's off this next week too so decided to go for a meal on a quiet night rather than Saturday. Pubs & restaurants all back to normal here now, and even the hospitals from Thursday past, PPE free unless you wish to wear it. One benefit of a small island, with control over its borders- 36 days CV free now.
  11. Morning. Just. Horrid day here, persisting down and blowing a hoolie. So I had no excuse not to dismantle the computer cupboard thing and re-hand the shelving to fit the new printer. Bah. Still, done now. iD, I was advised to avoid NSAIDs after my Lisfranc injury as they can inhibit bone healing? Tramadol did the job, I didn't have any issues stopping it afterwards. Stillhave to resort to it occasionally when I do too much walking on uneven ground and it registers more than the usual complaint for paracetamol to handle. Looks like the garage for some scenery work this afternoon, Mrs H still making a forest of trees.
  12. Turbinia was essential viewing for us young engineers in Tyneside - I presume she is still in the museum.
  13. Had some real howler crapbox Fords in the distant past, but in more recent times got good service from a Focus TDCi, and liked the B Max that replaced it as a car except it was a 1.4 and totally gutless. Mistake purchase. My foot injury intervened and now means I can't drive a manual car far as depressing the clutch is really painful so it got px'd for a Hyundai i30 auto. I would have had an auto B Max until I googled them - oh dear - the Getrag Powershift box is a nightmare. Look up John Cadogan's comments on Youtoob for a laugh.
  14. Out on the bikes yesterday, lady in a BMW convertible, roof down approaching a stop line on our left. She looks at Mrs NHN passing in front, and pulls out directly behind her. Right in front of me. Red bike, headlight on, sunny day. Of course if she had looked RIGHT it may have helped..... Managed to JUST miss her. She'd be dead if I had hit her and damaged the bike, it was actually Mrs NHN's BMW I was riding - best not to damage her baby.
  15. Mrs NHN doesn't do railway modelling as such, but likes to do little things to help occasionally. She's just got in to a bit of scenic work as I progress along the layout, and just made this tree - an order has been placed for a lot more! The lounge has been re-dedicated to foliage.
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