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  1. Yes I think Hamburg was at the East Lancs, not sure if it still is, they also had another of the same class there IIRC? I'd say the Brussels photo is 1982 or 3, yes. They're scans of poor slides so no dating data to go on. One photo has a young Mrs NHN in it on the 4F that may be around the same time, I think it around the time just before we married (early 84) so maybe 83. Ugly 62 was bought by my mate John and taken to the East Lands, then to the NYMR briefly. He sold it to buy a share in Taw Valley. I didn't know him then unfortunately! Some other ran
  2. I have some rather grim photos from 'a while back'......sorry about the quality. Big Jim erupting from Keighley 5775 running around at Keighley Brussels passing Howarth shed 'Mighty Mouse' Hamburg at Haworth Makes me realise how old I am!
  3. Due to having much less money, we have this....and a garden railway of course!
  4. The dodgiest set of reviews I have ever seen!
  5. Snap. There had to be some advantage in this horrid condition!
  6. Indeed. For this. Main issue turned out to be a carb float that didn't - but not sink enough to overflow, just make too rich.
  7. Oh that I could bring myself to be so ruthless - actually finding space to stand in my cave is getting difficult. I did begin to clear a shelf or two a few weeks ago, and binned my collection of old bike spark plugs. two weeks later, I needed a particular plug to swap (DR8ES-L if you must know!) in a fault finding exercise....bah! Had to go all the way to the Big City to buy a new one. No it wasn't the problem (although it was worn to be fair) - bah again!
  8. Tea? Can't stand it, not even the smell of it! HH, this might be of interest: https://www.lakeshorerailroad.co.uk/rockclimber This railway is owned by a friend, I drove there for years when a (much) younger person.
  9. Mrs NHN would be naturally left handed, but was 'forced' to be right handed in terms of writing etc as a child - weird Cornish stuff....she's basically ambidextrous as a result, uses computer mice with either hand, etc. Shoots her bow right handed though, which she doesn't really understand. She tried a southpaw bow someone at at the club has but it didn't work for her. I'm just a clumsy carp.
  10. I'd just like a chair and a big mug of coffee, and watch the trains go by. This is going to be a fantastic layout!
  11. Even in the Merch at college we had the same sort of gentlemen, one in particular was Libyan, and had been there for years - he failed finals every time, and just did the year again. And again. ad infinitum. He had an X 1/9 when they were brand new and cool (in the six months before it turned in to cornflakes) and so on - money no object. The Iraqis weren't much better, but the Kuwaitis were quite diligent - most odd. One Kuwaiti became my 'oppo' for a while in the heavy workshop, he was a good lad.
  12. Bear's comment about backing a valve off a quarter of a turn is of course good engineering practice to stop them jamming up against the end of the thread. There is (as always!) an exception, and that is refrigeration and A/C system valves, which are double seated to prevent gas loss through the gland, and are therefore opened fully tight. Been a long time since I dealt with them! Cascade type cargo systems on LPG carriers were the biggest examples.
  13. I admit to having an early black 350, which I shouldn't have thought ever got to the Forest either, but I also don;t care!
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