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  1. The thread that refuses to die! Something I now notice is how there are now people talking about layouts I have no knowledge of, as it was that period of my life when marriage took me if not out of the hobby, certainly to the edges of it. No money, wild career changes, too busy etc the old story. Now I'm in the trade, semi retired, and still like looking at what inspired me - Jenkinson, Pryke, Naylor, Denny, the Gravetts (still at it!) and of course Ricey etc. We all have our 'salad days' I think, in the hobby. Keep the posts coming guys!
  2. Slightly off topic, but thinking about that tractor.....how about this? Not sure what it scales out to, can't be far off 2mm? Oh, one thing - it's live steam. Yes. Really. Not my work but that of a dear friend who doesn't populate these pages.
  3. I see the N5 is there to take the train back......
  4. Apollo - Hudson Road. Jon Grant. Nice feller, I met him through USA layouts though! He's from Sunderland, hence his NER interest.
  5. There was also at least one Jinty that received its crest and number in NE style on the tank, not the bunker, IIRC after repair at Darlington. I have a copy of one photo but can't post it for copyright reasons. There's a few around the place though.
  6. BBishop has beaten me to it about the design of the 'Schools' class. 'Repton' at the NYMR was a diffident performer until close attention was given to the valve settings, after which she became a 'really useful engine'. She makes a fair old job of forging up the 1 in 49 with 6 on, far away from what she was designed for, but making a damn good job of it.
  7. Ah, 'twas I that incorrectly named a tractor after a beast, my apologies. A friend has both! A Super Dexta, no less, but it is pale-ish blue with a silver radiator, and he insists it is correct as his family have owned it from new. Tractor spotters are as bad as rivet counters, perhaps. The Schools class are a conundrum for me, a good looking loco spoilt entirely by the inward sloping upper cab sidesheets needed to get them through tight Southern tunnels. A fine mechanical design though, that punched above their weight. Lovely models both, posted above, with real presence.
  8. Scones, but upside down. (NHN gets dig in ribs from Cornish wife).
  9. Are they not Super Dexters in the lighter blue? Distant memory.....
  10. I'm pleased to be able to report all our IT issues from yesterday are now resolved, business as usual this morning!
  11. Apologies to anyone trying to contact us this morning, our internet is down and as the phones are IP they are off too. Mondays!
  12. As opposed to muttering about the language, may we please make the difference between washout plugs and fusible plugs open for correction? The fusible plug is in the firebox crown, inside of the firebox above the fire - you can't see it on a model. Oh look a double space too, which is demanded by the Isle of Man Government Corporate Image instructions!
  13. Ooooh, the B12 and N5 in one post! That B12 is almost as nice as the Claude, Gilbert.
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