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  1. Amongst other things today, it has been the mini-transport festival, so of course the handy to us MER was in fine form, with 8 different car sets in constant action on the 17 mile line. We were in our fave little trackside cafe for an hour so saw a few grind by, including numbers 1 and 2, from 1893. Car 14 is a rare cop too, doesn't often run as she is hand braked only.
  2. IIRC Brazil is 5 foot too? Not too big a job to re-gauge inwards for standard though, just axles really on a job like that, plenty space in the US loading gauge!
  3. Nice photos Douglas - I do like an electric railway/railroad.
  4. @polybear I's a tram loco, battery powered, double ended. Its purpose was to move building materials and detritus along a garden that must be getting on for 300 yards long. He also has a little single cylinder diesel, Lister engine, but we didn't have that out on that day. Nick is a clever lad, holds several engineering patents, and builds everything himself. Stupidly, he lets the NHN's play with his toys!
  5. This one's dead flat but does have the old Great Central line at the bottom of the (enormous) garden! There's also a 45mm garden railway....
  6. We bought a bungalow in our mid-40's when we moved here as Mrs NHN has a knee injury which we knew was going to cause her issues later in life. Little did we know my hips would fall apart first, and then I would have a nasty foot injury, so we are very thankful we did so. Moving from a rambling large end terrace in the north-east to a 2 bed (small) bungalow with a decent garden on Fraggle Rock was shocking, it cost 50% more than the old house brought - back to having a mortgage again, now thankfully paid off. No regrets though.
  7. Hi Tom, that's looking really good mate! Needs the third rail though for sure. Ian's mention of Hilda sidings - I have just started a 7mm Harton E10, Judith Edge job - oh-oh, looks like a mini layout appearing....
  8. Oh Gilbert, I have sinned - I have not been paying attention, and thus missed the mini-poll and of course my vote would have been an N5 - thus taking it up to 9 and 'high polling' score.....so we're just waiting for it to be produced now! Sorry to hear you have given up the golf, but if your back agrees then perhaps no bad thing. Ageing is out of our control, just ask my foot.
  9. Best wishes, Keith - any nice new LGB for the day?
  10. Ol NHN was never seasick physically back in my seadog days, but the first couple of days away usually felt a bit queasy. (we did 4 month trips). I was close though on the ferry here a couple of years ago, up forrard was a mistake,. Also once flying, on a Saab twin turboprop job in New Zealand, which had an autopilot fault and was cycling a roll every few seconds - I think the crew thought it was funny, I nearly chucked.
  11. Usually diesels were never an problem - only steam locos - tight spots being the usual issue. And detail bits dropping off Hornby ones. Oh how I don't miss dealing with their returns system!
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