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  1. That is indeed a shock, Ian. Condolences to his family. Crikey, where did those 4 years go?
  2. Oh how I would love to - but they're not ours, they are over the property line to the derelict orchard and farmhouse over the back.
  3. Trains are getting routed there though, reading the chat. Is it just for re-marshalling? There are switch jobs that pull out and block the diamond for ages shuffling back and forwards until the train is made up and then depart EB. Great webcam though, really enjoying it.
  4. We have a petrol (Stihl) blower/vacuum that is just the job for the task, but have found it quicker to use it to marshal the leaves into manageable piles, and then just bag them. As for where they come from....whichever way we look - bl**dy sycamores! (And one ash).
  5. OOohhhh 13 in 7mm - temptation get thee behind me.
  6. I amuse myself (easily!) watching railway webcams, and the US has them sown up of course. This one is new, in Rochelle, Illinois and is mighty busy by US standards (not Rick's!). A new game when watching Union Pacific trains at night, is the streetlight on the right (when cam is pointing west along the UP tracks - the others are BNSF) by the signal gantry goes out when a train approaches, the headlights triggering the sensor into thinking it is daylight. Little things..... Seen 5 trains this morning already.
  7. There's already a Brian the Snail on the forum - but he's really called Matt!
  8. Just plonked in place for now, have to sort the backscene first before any other work, but....I am MIGHTY pleased with this, thanks to Stubby47.
  9. I did mention a while ago how good the SLW 24's are, their running is top class, as good as any of my US locos, and the sound is way out the best I have heard. They are indeed a bechmark.
  10. Oh what a memory jerker. 'Somewhere'....ahem.....I have the Porter and a Gamecock, which I built to run on our club 009 layout in, ummm, 198....3? I have seen them since we moved here 19 years ago, but i have no idea where they are now. Crikey, were they that much!
  11. In a mahoosive cardboard box, padded with 82,324 scrunched up copies of the Truro Times. No, make that 82,325. Sent Royal Mail as couriers charge a kings ransom as we're in Outer Mongolia. Allegedly. It arrived as promised by RM in 48 hours, in perfect condition.
  12. He is indeed the new owner of it, and is very, very pleased with it! Even better, Mrs NHN, who does not give praise easily, thinks it is fantastic. I can't thank Stu enough for the efforts he put in to making my vague and wooly ideas and a handful of photos of 'this sort of thing but different' into this fantastic building. Made to fit into one of those awkward corners on my layout I was completely stuck with, mojo was on hold. Thank you so much Stu.
  13. I have never managed the 200k, but did 164k in an old Mk2 Astra. It was spotted still on the road a year later, so i wonder what it managed! It was....worn. In contrast I had a Citroen ZX that was in the low 100k's and drove like new, but the rot got into the inner wings. As for Paneers - they come in a nice dirty black too.
  14. A friend in the UK has something called a 'Denali'. I have lived in smaller houses. No, that's not her....googled picture.
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