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  1. Oh yeah, cats are blue too, Russian Blue in our case. I'm not sure about donkeys.....
  2. Surely the purpose of the island of Ireland is to save the western coast line of Fraggle Rock? Never mind the far eastern Welshness. Pah.
  3. Well as there is no SSGTSB (think I'm safe with that one) I'll go for Christ's Hospital. I missed the Arthurs, but does anyone recall the Steam Railway April Fool of Sir Laniru?
  4. Absolutely agree! (must fit those bunker steps).
  5. The inspiration for my current endeavours in O.
  6. It's the other way around, Dave - NHN turns into a little bear when adults aren't around.
  7. There was a series in South Shields in the late 70's that were 'STY'. TY being a local-ish suffix.
  8. Man, that is going to look fantastic when pained. Well it does already, but you get my drift, it simply oozes atmosphere.
  9. 5511 of course - Isle of Man - back to tribalism!
  10. I had one of those on my last US layout - bit crude (because I am) but worked! The power station did get more developed but this is the only shot i can find with the scenic break in it. I have a friend/previous employee (and still a friend!!) called Harry, and he had those issues of being called Henry or Harold. Also our not-god-daughter Katie is Katie, not Katherine etc.
  11. Oops, just too late, posts crossed. OK, Furious. Which is what I will be if I ever see the MIL again!
  12. New Zealand for me, as that is where the mother-in-law is, and it is as far away as you can get........
  13. Morning. Damp but not raining, inside just sore hip. Being for years a skinny and not sporty type in the slightest, oddly I always have had good lung capacity. Occ health used to test us when I worked in the NHS, and I could always get just about to the end of the scale. Never smoked though. GP discussion this morning was reasonably helpful, ongoing investigations which I don't suppose will tell me anything I don't already know. I suspect 'managing the situation conservatively' will be the outcome, aka it's knackered but not bad enough for a replacement yet. I'm OK
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