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  1. My half-remembered muse about the Formoway advert has been corrected above - Clive, I would have had no idea where it was though, not going to points so far south (of Newcastle) until some years after those adverts due to being a bit young then! Alas not now. i do recall operating 'Southallerton' by Phil English, who was in our club, when I was an early teenager. This had Formoway track and mechanical lever frame point operation, rather crude but it worked. This layout did feature in the Modeller way back then. It was fun to operate at shows, Phil unfortunately died very young. Phil was a great loco basher, with a V2 made from a Triang A3, and other clever plastic bashing. They wouldn't pass muster today, but at the time were quite good. I'm so pleased this thread has burst back into life, I have really enjoyed being reminded of the layouts I intended it to reflect. Keep it up folks!
  2. The old films are tremendous - I had never previously actually considered how it all worked - very ingenious. But....four Paxmans....aaagh! (From someone who once had to maintain some as generator engines on shops. Awful things.
  3. Wasn't that the Farish Formoway advert? Used to be on the back cover of the Modeller.
  4. I think John meant the inside of the cab roof!
  5. Ah, sorry about that - it is also the return address label of course. John's idea was for something that would be noticed- it certainly is that! The colours are kind of from the website header, but more than two colours was too expensive.
  6. The first were the bendy maroon ones with the funny couplings, 6"?? - then slightly longer 7" ones that came with my Princess Elizabeth set in creamish and red, then the longer again to the 9", yes, not 10 sorry, I blame age, ones, I have a restaurant car with interior somewhere, then the '62 proper ones. Must have a dig in the loft.
  7. Don't forget there were the real shorties, then the 10 inch sort of MK1's, before the 1962 ish full length ones.
  8. There's an easy answer to stopping them, presuming you're using R/C - use the reverser, ease it towards mid-gear and they stop. Pronto if needed.
  9. Catching up. The first, er, plonker picture on Tuesday is superb, Gilbert - very Colin Gifford.
  10. Actually applied by us when packing Steve, as the postie will return them if not marked with one unless addressed to an on-island address. Thousands of the little blighters around here!
  11. Thank you - that was me you spoke to! We have very good postal links from here, although our post flies (so we cannot send paint or aerosols) and is thus occasionally delayed due to weather or mechanical issues, generally we manage next working day with first class (there's no second class available from here) post.
  12. I had to go back 5 pages to find a reference to it being '48 trials being referred to rather than in general, but in that case, yes. The acid test would have been to put a 28 on the Tyne Dock iron ore trains, which killed several diesel classes also. We'll never know....
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