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  1. That basically sums up why Trackshack has ceased to exist - the UK modeller just won't pay a fair price for stuff. If you sell for little margin you can pile it high.... but not eat.
  2. Theft of the diesel shunter bring a memory, of an incident in, um, 'a port in another country' along time ago,'79 at a guess, with a bulldozer and a couple of drunk officers returning from rather too many bevvies up the road. They got it going, along the quayside, but stopping it proved more problematic. So they jumped off. In the morning the po-lice (clue to location) came on board, asking if anyone had seen a big bulldozer.....which was later recovered from the water further along the quay. And no, it wasn't me. Still in touch with the guy it was though!
  3. I use them for O gauge points with varying lengths of brass wire, some in tubes where needed - and generally in the closest hole in the horn. I then adjust the travel to suit.
  4. I need a major lottery win for the last great project - which would be Newcastle Central. I would have to go back to OO for that one! Or maybe that's a wishlist not a practical project, I'd love to do it though. I suspect it would make Retford look like a 6x4. I should imagine I may only make one more layout after the current O gauge Forest of Dean-y build gets a bit threadbare, probably back to OO and BR(S) 3rd rail. I like change!
  5. Morpeth for me too. Feeling a little flat here too, Gilbert, but for obvious reasons! It'll pass.
  6. Thanks Gordon, your (and everyone else's!) kind comments are gratefully received. You have to remember we started with Garden railways and live steam, so were perhaps not on your radar back then before we moved in to also doing smaller scales.
  7. Thank you Gordon - but we were in business for 14 years! Not sure that counts as a short time. Thank you one and all for your support over the years. Nothing remains the same and we move on to new circumstances, to retirement for John and I, and pastures new for some staff, back into retirement for others! John is coping well with his loss but there is a long way to go yet. I get to finish my O gauge hopefully.....in between the household duties I have suddenly inherited. Ahh, the downside of retirement.....
  8. Yeah, Bish was in my mind, but I spent too many hours on the end of platform 10 at Newcastle not to vote for it!
  9. Posts crossed! The new one- Newcastle not a major junction - really, Gilbert.....
  10. Another (late) Riccarton vote from me, and a vote for Peter Handford's recordings too! I have most of them, and some are just so incredibly atmospheric. It was his profession of course, he was a 'sound man' in movies.
  11. Those electric locos float my boat - comes with being born next to the Harton Electric Railway I suppose!
  12. The symmetry of the Vintage Motorcycle Club and the GoG is stunning - same issues, same hierarchy of 'elders', same freeloading trips to meetings that could be done on line, same stuck in the mud attitudes to change, and failure to recognise that the year changes each year....you can't stand still. I have left the GoG, I'm still in the VMCC because the local group is good, but the organisation IMHO is in effect verging on corrupt. 'SNAP'.
  13. See! Thanks due to NHY581 for the inspiration, BTW!
  14. Loved the first WD photo, Gilbert. Carlisle for me too, but mainly because I have never stood on Preston to make a comparison.
  15. Crewe for me too, if I'm not too late! We had a great evening/night there on an all-line Railrover in '76.
  16. Chinley for me too, spent a holiday there when I was ickle.
  17. Prototype HST at Carlisle, while boiler suited 'boffin' in attendance?
  18. It was well before you joined us Douglas, and, er, over your age level clearance!
  19. Evening. Saw a train today, it was lush. There, I'm out! The ER in question upthread will not be missed - I was beaten to it previously about one of his frankly offensive posts.
  20. I'm with the Cross, iconic for so many reasons, the starting point for so many famous trains, compact design, photos of A4's line up at the buffers....oh yes.
  21. The weather today has been mostly Manx. In that this morning you couldn't even see the top of Peel power station chimney the cloud base was so low, and it was persisting down. Now it's dry, bright and warm. Probably snow this evening..... Not sure about this 'New Clap', it was a log-able offence at sea. Only person I know caught it was the Captain on one ship, so I doubt he logged himself. That was the old clap of course.
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