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  1. Looking for a little help here please! A friend's little boy has been given some Marklin stock of varying ages by his German rellies - with AC wheels of course. He's a Hornby boy ! Some have parallel axles, some pinpoint. There seems to be a multitude of different DC wheelsets available, I have no idea what to get for him. Any guidance gratefully received! Does anything else fit into these, that we may have a chance of getting for him? He's a nice lad and his folk haven't got much brass, so I'm trying to help them out here as a favour. It's not a 'job' from work.
  2. Phwooar that B12 is nice! You have a PM, Gilbert ;-)
  3. My In-laws, but you don't want to meet them!
  4. Love the recreation shot, Gilbert. Getting better with those!
  5. Probably not helpful, but the forum has never been anything else but ranging from slow to dead slow to error here for months - yet every other forum I visit is fine, including some US ones larger than RMW. I'm no IT guy but this would seem point to the issue not being on Fraggle Rock, Manxnet, Win10 or Mr Hewlett-Packard's cheapo laptop. It is never any different, regardless of time, holiday periods or phase of the moon. Just....slow. This is an observation, not a criticism, I accept it for what it is, and am grateful for what we get, but it used to be faster (lots), and it would be nice if it was once more!
  6. Think MN's had three safety valves? Rebuilds did anyway!
  7. Dapol also do it in O, but the colour....my eyes...... Not sure yet if it well be weathered into oblivion or repainted first. Just keep inspiring me please, Mr Sheepbloke!
  8. Some decals added - must get started on weathering!
  9. I'm liking the plonk shot, with the vans in the distance, very big railwaylike.
  10. I do really like that last shot, it appears to be the most realistic of the lot to me.
  11. A tie with NZ, a DX (I think - must find it! Awful Brazilian made thing) bought in Nelson IIRC, or Kobe Japan, in the Motomachi.
  12. I once joined a ship on Christmas eve. Being all heart, sailing was delayed an hour until 1pm so we could have Christmas dinner before stand-by! Bl**dy shipowners.... Good luck up North at this time of year - very grey.
  13. Ruyton Road was a new one on me, but it is a welcome addition to the thread!
  14. Despite the UK being cut off due to the weather this week, MRJ has arrived on Fraggle Rock. Having read a lot of the comment on here I was a bit 'nothing for me here', but the truth is I think its a cracking issue, with a lot of inspirational modelling (way beyond my skill level, but it keeps me going). Now what's this about lamp posts in South Shields? Leant against a few in my formative years!
  15. You lot watch it, I'm keeping an eye on you. Dismantled indeed, Dudders! Knackered, yes! Too busy at work at this time of years to participate in a lot of the banter, trains to sell, track to pack, and try not to buy them all myself.....Mrs NHN needs to eat! Nice to see the old girl out and about though. The N5, that is.
  16. Hmm, WHS in the Isle of Man also has 274 still on sale - obviously we're not up there with Ealing..... I will enjoy it eventually, regardless of the brightness of the content!
  17. Again I have to disagree Tony, the radius rod is very close to the pivot of the expansion link. You can see the amount of the expansion link that is visible below the die block. I have tried to highlight that here but I'm no computer whizz!
  18. Indeed I do, sorry - brain wasn't engaged just then. But she is linked up!
  19. With respect Tony, 61071 is not in full forward gear - in fact she is well linked up, the eccentric rod is close to the centre of the expansion link. A driver wouldn't put her into full gear when running through like that, but maybe down to 45% or so.
  20. My half-remembered muse about the Formoway advert has been corrected above - Clive, I would have had no idea where it was though, not going to points so far south (of Newcastle) until some years after those adverts due to being a bit young then! Alas not now. i do recall operating 'Southallerton' by Phil English, who was in our club, when I was an early teenager. This had Formoway track and mechanical lever frame point operation, rather crude but it worked. This layout did feature in the Modeller way back then. It was fun to operate at shows, Phil unfortunately died very young. Phil was a great loco basher, with a V2 made from a Triang A3, and other clever plastic bashing. They wouldn't pass muster today, but at the time were quite good. I'm so pleased this thread has burst back into life, I have really enjoyed being reminded of the layouts I intended it to reflect. Keep it up folks!
  21. The old films are tremendous - I had never previously actually considered how it all worked - very ingenious. But....four Paxmans....aaagh! (From someone who once had to maintain some as generator engines on shops. Awful things.
  22. Wasn't that the Farish Formoway advert? Used to be on the back cover of the Modeller.
  23. I think John meant the inside of the cab roof!
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