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  1. I'm sure the show organisers would love to see this layout with an 80's twist!
  2. Morning all! winding back the clock a little at Banbury. Enjoy! best regards, Jeremy
  3. A little side project I have for the layout in terms of rolling stock is this little 3D printed beauty in the form of the RABDe 500 ICN 7 car unit. It's an absolute must have model for me as I travelled on one back in 2008 from Geneva to Yverdon les Bains. Needs a little sanding and smoothing but its a great model. A chap on this forum is producing them along with some other tasty swiss units! His thread is here - Best regards, Jeremy
  4. Thanks Ian. As mentioned above, Euston will make a come back one day but it's a layout that requires a huge amount of time and space, both of which I don't have at present. I will certainly be adding the overhead knitting, which will be a combination of off the shelf stuff with some scratch built parts added for additional detailing. Look forward to seeing the german layout as and when you start it. Best regards, Jeremy
  5. Hi, Euston will re-appear one day in the future but for time being, this layout will be my modelling priority. Unfortunately, I don't have the space at present for such a large layout. Not sure on the "kings" bit but I chose the name based on a direct translation/play of words to where we have moved to. Best regards, Jeremy
  6. Hi, Further to Roberts post earlier re: the sidings being close together, I've just checked the google earth image and the sidings are quite a bit too close together on my layout so I'll need to make an adjustment. Shouldn't be too much trouble though as I haven't laid the sidings yet. Best regards, Jeremy
  7. Cheers. There are not many swiss layouts around but there are some great ones on this forum which I'm following with interest and I can get some ideas for my own layout. Best regards, Jeremy
  8. Thanks Robert. Glad you like my project. I'm excited about this one as it's not too large for me to cope with with the spare time I have available but should be interesting enough to operate. And I'd rather have something that I can watch the trains go by and hopefully my children, being 6 and 2, can get involved too in operating it. I'll take a look at the sidings as, like you say, they are fairly close. I can still make adjustments as I haven't laid the track for them yet. Best regards, Jeremy
  9. Thank you. I wanted something that was also large enough to act a bit as a scenic break so this factory should do the trick. I'm going to try and mock up the other buildings over the coming weeks. so Ill be able to post a photo of what it will look like with most of the buildings in situ. Track building isn't for everyone but can be very satisfying. Best regards, Jeremy
  10. Good evening all, Its been a while since I built my first swiss layout so it was time to build a new one. This all came about with a relocation house move to the West Country, having less space and having to abandon my large project based on Euston station. I decided to have a change for this next project and return to my love of swiss railways. Progress will be slow as I work away during the week and I'll be sharing my weekends with family time and a little bit of modelling time. So enter "Konigsbrucke"! There are quite a few swiss layouts out there, mainly depicting the Gotthard or other similar routes so I decided on something a bit different. The layout is set somewhere in the Pratteln area, a little more industrial and flatter terrain, and loosely based around the Kaiseraugst and Wichtrach stations. I was looking for somewhere that would (with a bit of modellers licence!) allow me to run anything from the SBB to BLS with some SNCF, DB, SNCB, FS and OBB trains thrown in for good measure....basically anything! The main era will be 2000 - 2007 but I wanted to extend it to the present day so I can include as much variety as possibel. Again wanting to be a little different, I've decided to go for hand built track, with components from the 2mm scale society, mainly easitrac sections with copper clad turnouts. These will have the gauge narrowed to N gauge through the frogs so I don't have to re-wheel any stock. To the naked eye, you cannot really see the lines narrowing through the turnouts so I think I'll be able to get away with it. The result will be great looking trackwork which I feel is a good basis for the layout. I'm also gong to use this layout as a test bed to improve my scratch building skills, as all the buildings will be scratchbuilt based on prototypical structures (thank you google earth 3D!), and N track catenary with some scratch built parts using photos of the real thing. Why the name "Konigsbrucke"...well I now live in Kingsbridge in Devon, so a quick translation of the town name gave a rather credible swiss name in the german speaking area of the country. Here are a few photos of the baseboards and the trackplan which I created using Templot. The layout will have a scenic section of 1.62m by 40-45cm with return curves to each end which will be 43cm x 85cm deep. This will give smoother curved track which will allow some of the stock to be closer coupled. To the rear will be a fiddle yard with 10 roads (5 in each direction). I've kept the plan basic with two main running lines through an island platform, a goods loop and two Industrial sidings for additional interest. I've decided to mock up the buildings to a basic design just to get an idea of how it might look and if it looks right more importantly. The Industrial building is the first that I have started and here it is posed on the layout. It does look a bit big and maybe out of place. I may have to go for something a little less tall! Comments and ideas welcome! This is the prototype I'm basing it on, taken from Google Earth 3D image. The measuring device on this is really good so I have been able to get some measurements in order to create the building. (I assume I can paste google earth images, if not I'll take them down.) And finally, here is some of the track going down and my first turnout soldered. A bit messy but can be easily cleaned up ready for priming and painting/weathering. Best regards, Jeremy
  11. Hi, juat been reading through your thread. Very nice layout! I really like the traverser fiddle yard. Looking forward to the next update. Best regards, Jeremy
  12. Any recommendations on suitable chassis for the ICN and the above BLS 515 and Stadler double deck flirt?
  13. Bit of a stupid question (probably!) but the ad says N gauge and then 1:150, does this mean that the wheel sets are to the Nm gauge? I thought continental N was 1:160?? Best regards, Jeremy
  14. Lovely weathering job Dave. You have a nice fleet of stock matey. Best regards, Jeremy
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