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  1. Hi Keith, I agree, the railings look fine to me. A couple of dabs of super glue would stick your figures down just fine and then you won’t need or see the tacky wax. Best regards, Jeremy
  2. Hi, Great selection of stock there! Look forward to seeing the layout progress. Best regards, Jeremy
  3. Evening all, Bit more progress on the canopy. Now finished and primed. The edge will be painted in to the same red as the rest of the building. The top will be weathered and the underside sprayed to a concrete colour (not that it will be seen very easily!). Few progress shots. Starting to really come together now! Best regards, Jeremy
  4. Thanks John for the update. I used to live in Saxilby in the 80's when I was a child and remember the oil trains powering across the level crossing into Lincoln Central. Best regards, Jeremy
  5. Hi John, Hope you are keeping well. Have you made any further progress on the layout? Best regards, Jeremy
  6. Cheers Cav! I'll be adding the window panes in with a smoked effect clear plastic behind. The only interior I'll be modelling will be just inside the entrance to the depot on the side as I've found a couple pictures on google earth which someone has taken...very fortunately! Best regards, Jeremy
  7. Evening all, Having spent the last couple weeks dipping in and out of the build of my second building, I decided to return to the postal depot and make a start in the canopy which runs right across the entire front of the building. This particular part of the building will be built in situ but not glued into place so that I can remove it for spray painting as it will be in the same red as the rest of the building. Once finished and painted, I will then glue into position. I’ve built up a set of joists which fit nicely in between the two sheets of plastic I used for the first floor base. These are 2mm square strip with the ends slightly shaved down so they fit snug into the gap. Photo below. I then removed them and added them to the pre-cut base of the canopy. I’m trying to make this a relatively strong part of the building in case it gets knocked while cleaning the track that will run alongside it. Here is the progress so far. I’m also using the 2mm strip to build up the inside structure of the canopy. On top of this will be some sheet more plasticard to represent the roof of the canopy. The front and sides will have the same plated effect like below the windows of the building. At the moment the canopy can be slid in and out so I can work on it. Still lots to do! Best regards, Jeremy
  8. Great news! Any estimated delivery dates yet?
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