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  1. Morning all, Decided to crack on with fashioning the pipes. I've used 3.3mm nickel silver wire bent to shape. I also used a bit of plastic tube to bend the pipes so they looked more realistic rather than angular. A bit of soldering was requires for the pipe that sticks out from under the nose. First driving car completed and ready for the paint shop! Quite pleased so far and really starting to add to the overall appearance. Just the other driving car to do now. Best regards, Jeremy
  2. Good evening, While I'm still slowly beavering away on the trackwork, I've got several side projects going on. One of these is the super detailing of the front ends of my RABe Eurocity set. I've been wanting to paint the "nose" ends red (which I think they all were in the early 1990's till withdrawal) for sometime now and add the pipes, just to give, what is already a nicely detailed model (and one of my favourite items of rolling stock!), a real edge. So I've made a start tonight by gently and carefully sanding the "noses" down just to take the gloss effect off ready for painting. Humbrol satin 132 was used which is the closest match to SBB red. A couple of before and after shots. I think it's already looking quite good... Here is a close up of the pipes I hope to re-create. They will be pretty small on the model! Best regards, Jeremy
  3. Love these locos in this "Connecting Europe" branding!
  4. Hi Keith, Many thanks for the info and apologies for my rather late reply. The SB Modelbau stuff looks like a good solution but like you say, its very pricey. I'm contemplating contacting Bachmann and seeing if I can get a repair or replacement for a reasonable price. Will keep you updated if I do. Best regards, Jeremy
  5. Hi, Received mine yesterday. Fantastic model and well worth all the wait. Has anyone managed to sort out the insanely bright headlights? Any way of changing this? Best regards, Jeremy
  6. Nice photos. However, what an awful colour scheme! Whoever came up with this livery should be fired immediately
  7. Hi everyone, I seem to be having some issues with my Lilipit FLIRT unit. The unit has one motor at each end in the driving cars, however it seems that on mine, only one of the motors now seems to be working. Is it a connection/pick up problem? Is the motor broken? The lights work each end and the interior lights too. Anyone experienced any similar problems with theirs? I don't want to start taking it apart but if there is a remedy, I'll give it a go. Any help most welcome and many thanks in advance. Best regards, Jeremy
  8. Nice bit of variety there! Did you notice if the new depot was finished yet?
  9. Hi Nick, Lovely layout mate and your stock runs really smoothly. Looking forward to the next update! Best regards, Jeremy
  10. Hi, Just checked out the range. There's a good selection for N gauge. Might have to invest for Konigsbrucke! Thanks for sharing, I had no idea these were around. Certainly echo your comments about DM Toys, a great shop with excellent service and prompt delivery. Best regards, Jeremy
  11. Looking good mate! You’ve got the atmosphere of Spiez there. Best regards, Jeremy
  12. Hi, My favoured shop, DM Toys, stocks the magazine and has some back issues. Worth checking out. Best regards, Jeremy
  13. Not at all mate. Only just received my invoice.
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