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  1. Morning all, The APT is in Hornbys new 2020 catalogue. 5 car and 7 car sets are on offer with two car add on sets. Looks like it will be resurrected after all! Exciting times ahead! Best regards, Jeremy
  2. Good morning, Here's another, this time from May 1981. DMU set class 117 L432 arrives at Par, Penzance bound. 37203 lurks in the background. Best regards, Jeremy
  3. Good evening, Not posted for a while so here is another from the vault! 37196 "Tre Pol and Pen" coasts through Par station mid 1980's. Best regards, Jeremy
  4. I would assume 1:160 being swiss. I'll need to go back and check that I think. Chap in the Swiss Railways forum section on this website replied to me.
  5. Hi, I've found out that the sleeper spacing is approximately 3.75mm in N scale. How do I set this up for plain track in templot? I've looked at the timbering data but not sure what to input here. Any further help would be greatly appreciated. Best regards, Jeremy
  6. Evening all, I subscribe to the excellent French YouTube channel called “Aiguillages”. It has loads of great content with their latest entry being of a new model railway shop for N gauge modellers based in Yverdon les Bains. It’s a husband and wife team, both work for the CFF with the shop being run in between their shift patterns, and it has predominantly Swiss items. There’s also some 3D stuff under development and also some nice rhb stuff which you probably can’t get anywhere else. Worth a look. https://www.lavitrinedun.ch/ Best regards, Jeremy
  7. Count me in for one of these when you have the final version ready!!!! Awesome!!! Best regards, Jeremy
  8. Evening all, I’m about to start designing a small Swiss layout on templot and was wondering if anyone knew the prototypical sleeper spacing for Swiss SBB standard gauge track. The layout will eventually be built in N gauge with hand made track but really want the sleeper spacing to look as close as possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Beat regards, Jeremy
  9. That’s an impressive fiddle yard! Best regards, Jeremy
  10. Thanks Jim! So that would make it around 3.9mm spacing if I were to go with the continental 1/160 then.
  11. Afternoon all, I was wondering if anyone could help please. I'm going to have a bash at hand building some track for a small SBB swiss layout using Templot and I was wondering if anyone knew what the prototypical spacing was for the sleepers. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks in advance. Best regards, Jeremy
  12. Looks great Simon. Have a great show! Best regards, Jeremy
  13. Morning all, I was just wondering if anyone could help me please with setting up correct sleeper spacing for swiss SBB practice in N scale on Templot. There is the FS160 setting for french practice (I think) but I wasn't sure if the sleeper spacing on that setting would be correct for swiss practice. I've done some research but can't find anything although there is one chap that has set it up for 1:87 3.5mm/ft. Hope some one can help. Many thanks in advance. Best regards, Jeremy
  14. Ahhhh, should have cropped the Azuma class 800 out. We only need to see the 90! Best regards, Jeremy
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