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  1. Nicely turned out too. No underframe cracks to be found on these
  2. Plenty of LNER 91's and MK4 sets sitting around doing nothing which could be drafted back into service. No cracks on those trains - built properly that's why!
  3. These models do look good, and while I will not be buying one, the level of detail and mechanisms are superb. I have some of Kato's TGV's and they are superb. Even the ones produced twenty years ago still look as good as todays offerings and also good value for money. Now I wonder if they will producing the GWR class 800 with cracks in the underframes as per the prototype which hit the headlines this morning?!? Best regards, Jeremy
  4. Good evening, Cheers again for all the suggestions. There’s quite a few detailing bits on the roof and I think Swisspeat’s idea of filling the seams and covering with fine sand could work well. Then maybe prime and spray paint with some weathering. Lots more to think about. This and hand built turnouts in code 55 is going to keep me busy, but more updates and hopefully a video on that to follow soon. Best regards, Jeremy
  5. Hi, Thanks for the suggestions guys. Certainly food for thought. The model is over two feet in width so I would need to find a source of large sheets of card, but this could work. Best regards, Jeremy
  6. Morning all, With work being flat out, I haven't had much time to make a good amount of progress, but I have, over the last few weeks, been busy on cutting out the roof sections. As there are lots of angles, I have decided to cut out the whole roof in sections using 1.5mm thick card which I thought might give me a good textured base to work from when painting and weathering. Any tips on how to hide the joins would be greatly appreciated. Currently just posed into position, the roof sections are sitting nice and snug together....so far so good!!!
  7. That's looking really good David and very effective scenic break. Best regards, Jeremy
  8. Nice selection! The Dark Star Hop Head is a favourite of mine, which is generally available on tap at the pub a few doors up from my office....when it's open of course! Best regards, Jeremy
  9. I had some stuff delivered from shapeways the other day and got clobbered with the duty tax which I had to pay before they would deliver it from their depot in the UK.
  10. Hi Dave, Been watching this one progress and that embankment wall looks superb. Track is looking great too and looking forward to seeing some WCML trains whizzing by. Keep up the good work! Best regards, Jeremy
  11. Here are the latest progress shots of the depot building. I've now completed the road side loading bay entrance side. Having looked at the close up, I have a little bit of filling to do on the side of the door way on the right. There will be a canopy covering the right hand side so all the detail will pretty much not be seen. There a few bits out of line so will hide them nicely! Best regards, Jeremy
  12. Hi, Thanks for looking in. I won't be doing the steamers behind sadly as I don't have enough space. The building will be pretty much up against the backscene. Best regards, Jeremy
  13. Afternoon all, Having had a few comments about the name of my layout from various sources, and also having done some research, it turns out there is a "konigsbruck" in Germany (!), I have decided to rename the layout "Gelternau". (with a little bit of help on selecting and coming up with the new name - thanks Gordon!) More updates to come on the post depot building soon! Best regards, Jeremy
  14. Thanks Gordon. Since researching and building this one I have noticed that there are a few of similar designed post office buildings dotted across Switzerland.
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