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  1. Here we go into the marvellous 80's and early 90's!!!!!!
  2. Looking forward to seeing those finished! Best regards and stay safe, Jeremy
  3. I’ve got this set and it’s great. My kids have certainly enjoyed running it around the oval of unitrack on the dining room table!
  4. It’s all the little details that make the difference! Very nice. Best regards and stay safe, Jeremy
  5. Hi Keith, The town scene is also coming along nicely. The wagon weathering is looking nice, I can’t stand the amount of graffiti on today’s Swiss rolling stock and I certainly wouldn’t want to “graffiti” my rolling stock. Rather just weather it like yours. Keep up the good work! Best regards and stay safe, Jeremy
  6. Cheers Ian. I’ll try and pick some up next time I’m near my local store and stash it away until I’m ready to prime. Best regards and stay safe, Jeremy
  7. Cheers. I was thinking of one of those primers from Halfords. I wonder if they have a suitable colour..??? Best regards, Jeremy
  8. Cheers mate. I'm getting through a fair amount of plastics on it! I was thinking yesterday about how I will go about painting and I will probably airbrush the burgandy/red on and then hand paint the rest. For the red, I may use BR maroon (seems to be a close-ish match) but any other suggestions welcome! Best regards and stay safe, Jeremy
  9. Morning all, Been a while since I posted on this thread so thought I would update with a couple of ongoing projects that I am slowly doing. First up, I have now painted the pipes on one of the driving cars of my Grey Mouse and here is a picture below showing the results which I think have really added to this already fine model. Just the other end to do now and then I'll get on to some subtle weathering to bring the whole model to life. Next up, I have been adding some more to the post depot. Its such a large building and its taking some
  10. Not sure how I missed this one. Nice layout and look forward to seeing more progress. Now following! Best regards, Jeremy
  11. Much better with the original grills. Perhaps they could offer the same treatment to their HST and put the lighting arrangement back to the original format. (Albeit with LED’s or whatever they use these days).
  12. Hi Will, Coming along really nicely. It’s frustrating when you run out of materials half way through a project. I’ve just ordered a load of plasticard in various formats. Ballasting looks nice. Will you be weathering it or going for the “freshly down” look? Keep up the good work! Best regards and stay safe, Jeremy
  13. Hi, There’s an article on the Cathcart Circle in the December 2011 Railway Modeller with some scale drawings of the station buildings at Maxwell Park. Might be worth checking out. Good luck with the project! Best regards and stay safe, Jeremy
  14. Morning, Just stumbled across these two fantastic videos. Nostalgia at Banbury!!! Enjoy!!! Best regards and stay safe, Jeremy
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