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  1. Ahhhh, should have cropped the Azuma class 800 out. We only need to see the 90! Best regards, Jeremy
  2. Morning all! Not really Kernow today but a bit of nostalgic "Kernow yesterday". I stumbled across these fabulous videos this week and thought I would share. So pop the kettle on, make yourselves a cup of tea, and soak up the nostalgia. Class 37's and 50's galore! None of that Hitachi nonsense! (and not a 66 in sight!) Best regards, Jeremy
  3. Morning chaps! Excellent announcemennt and very exciting. I'll be ordering a set or two. Also, they would look great with a MK3 rake and my Intercity liveried HST DVT. For those of you who are talking about alternative rakes. Here is a selection of videos of them on test in and around Grantham. Incidentally, this guys channel is well worth watching as he has loads of videos of the ECML in and around Grantham mid 80's onwards. Good luck with the project! Best regards, Jeremy
  4. Blimey Simon, you are all over this weathering lark at the moment! Wagons and locos looking awesome and really fitting into the landscape well. Hope to see the layout in the flesh sometime soon. Best regards, Jeremy
  5. Hi Grahame, Really enjoying he thread. This popped up on my youtube feed this morning and thought it may be of interest. Show some of the surrounding buildings which may be of help. Best regards, Jeremy
  6. Hi David, Haven't checked in for a while but love how the scenery is coming together. With the OHLE down, could even be the Great Western mainline! The 47 looks great in its worn condition, cracking but of weathering! Keep up the good work. Best regards, Jeremy
  7. Great to see you again at the show Pete, and nice to finally see the brilliant Kyle in the flesh. Loving the sound chipped 37, really was atmospheric seeing it creeping in to the station. best regards, Jeremy
  8. Website completely gone off the web now. Wonder how John is doing and if he is still building his layout. Does anyone have any news? Best regards, Jeremy
  9. Hi Ben, Many thanks for updating us all and its nice to know that the model is still progressing. Look forward to seeing the first tooling! Best regards, Jeremy
  10. So has the tooling started then Stu? Best regards, Jeremy
  11. Hi Simon, I like the idea of wagons being shunted in and out of the warehouse which will add some additional interest. You can never have too many fiddle yard roads! Best regards, Jeremy
  12. Morning! Any news updates on this one and the tooling? Best regards, Jeremy
  13. Hi Simon, The phoenix super strip works really well on Farish paintwork. 20 minutes in the stuff and then some brushing with a good toothbrush (don't put it back in your bathroom after use!) will do the trick. Best regards, Jeremy
  14. Very nice! Look forward to seeing your stock on it. Best regards, Jeremy
  15. Hi, No further updates at the moment unfortunately. Best regards, Jeremy
  16. Why are the corridor connections like a mile long on these new units?!
  17. Cracking stuff Simon! Have to say, and I know it's been mentioned before, adding the overhead wires would really complete the look, especially with that gantry. Brilliant! Keep up the good work. Best regards, Jeremy
  18. Wasn't the class 93 supposed to be the Intercity 250 project several decades back? http://collection.sciencemuseum.org.uk/objects/co8357002/concept-model-british-rail-intercity-250-class-93-locomotive-concept-model
  19. What about measuring the lengths on google earth??
  20. Quality modelling! How do you get those stone coarses so straight and level?? Best regards, Jeremy
  21. Hi Pete, Lovely sets of photos there. Keep them coming if you have anymore. I’ve just found some scans of slides I have so will be uploading them at some point this week. Best regards, Jeremy
  22. What about the weedkilling trains? Although not freight, they’d be an interesting train to model. Think I have a dvd somewhere with 37196 hauling the chipmans weedkilling train. Two or three TTA style tank wagons, some modified Maunsell coaches and an ex-SR bogie storage van. Best regards, Jeremy
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