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  1. This is not a subject I know too much about and apologies if it has already been posted, but was used to seeing the Wrexham & Shropshire with a Class 67 at both ends. Travelled up to London today on the Chiltern Line and noticed there were 2 trains in the silver W&S livery sitting in the Chilterns Wembley depot with a 67 at one end and HST? car at the other. There was also another with an EWS class 47/56 one end and a blue HST. Passing the Ruislip Underground depot there was a pair of class 20’s. I understand the background to the W&S, but does anybody have any further information as to why they are where they are? Many thanks.
  2. Great news to hear that everything is back where it rightfully belongs. It would be hard to imagine an excellent layout like Harford Street without its stock. I remember the original post of the theft, quite heart felt, with little expectation that your possessions would be returned. Good that the police obviously took the theft of ‘toy trains’ seriously and should be thanked. As Andy says RMweb at its best.
  3. Have just viewed the video (did not hear the broadcast) and to me it comes across as a good bit of banter between old mates. Not exactly fine scale or prototypical, but sure it hits the spot for Peter Snow without requiring the time he most probably does not have. My guess is that this item would meet 99.9% of the general public’s perception of toy trains/railway modelling, probably based on a childhood exposure many decades ago. I just wonder what it might do for the hobby if ‘Joe Public’ was exposed to a cavalcade of railway modelling to the quality seen here on a daily basis? Richard
  4. A truly evocative post mikemeg and a great video arpster. It may never be the best location, but for me the pedestrian over bridge between Southall station and the shed. Earliest memories are as a young boy standing with my father above the steam operated mainlines and getting blasted by what I now suppose were Kings and Halls on full chat and in their (unbeknown to me) last days. Later days saw Westerns, double headed NBLs and Warships, although my current understanding is that the Warships were not designed for double heading, so assume one was a failed engine. Grew up in a house backing on to the mainline and can vividly remember the sound of a light engine Pannier, with little steam, returning to shed each evening around 8pm. Spent most of the summer holidays with mates from the road on the top of the embankment watching trains. There were a number of long sidings that had become disused until the early sixties when they became full of rows of steam engines, wooden wagons and toads – all marked ‘Cond’ in white paint. The embankment was full of all the smells Mike lists. Happy days, but really too young to understand what was really going on. As a result hated most diesels thereafter, but spent plenty of time spotting them. Must say that the sound of the 37 in the video is helping me to revisit that opinion! Also need to visit Didcot 2-3 times a year with my boys. Truly find that after all these years the smell, sight and sound of steam still uplifts the spirits. Southall
  5. Hi After the initial dearth of pictures (that resembled cash flow into my bank account) some great shots are appearing. Thanks to all who have taken the time to post and I am sure that there will be more to follow. Southall
  6. Thanks Penrhos, As the process goes on, this has also been nagging at me. I think that there was an initial shock at the real size of even a small prototypical layout. If I have to summarise my approach it would be from an engineering background ie relational numbers. Having worked with a couple of very talented designers over the past 8 years there is a realisation that I do not have anything like the same gift to visualise in 3-D as they instinctually have. As you say I am sure that the answer lies in compressing some parts and not others so that the unequal reduction of length vs width does not become apparent. Yes it is very difficult. However, the replies are helping me to build a minds view of what would look right in the available space. Many thanks, Southall
  7. Thanks all. The responses, as usual, were all very useful and have helped crystallise my thoughts. Signature features such as signal box, bridge and colliery will remain in as close to prototype relationship as possible. Sidings will be reduced in length to accommodate the space available. I am starting to 'doubt' the stated size of siding lengths. The latter two track plans I have are 1921 & 1950 which both agree roughly. The period I intend to model is 1960 - 62 when the colliery approaches its last decade of operation. Photos I have seen in 1962 show the shunting of between 3 & 16, 21T slopped side & BR 16T wagons. Interestingly, there is a picture of the empties siding looking over full with what I can count as being 20 wagons. It is on a slope and gated. Two 16T wagons are past the gate and almost impinging on the siding pointwork. Working on a dimension of 19' 6'' over buffers this would give a length of 390' not the 552' in the track plan. Either way, the siding could be sized for a maximum of 20 wagons, so starting to reduce overall length. By luck there is a passing goods train of 15 wagons which also tends to confirm the length. Will continue on the suggested approach of scaling to train length. Pointwork is intended to be handbuilt, so hopefully will not be constrained by the dimensional limitations of ready made track - would be very interested in what solutions you employ to get 280' into your available space (other than a mega house extension). Have viewed Waverley West's layout on RM web and very stunning it is. Not knowing the area in detail I had always assumed that it was a faithfull reproduction of the original! Need to do some more research. Thanks for taking the time for all the input. Hopefully, will be back tomorrow with further questions on PW and pointwork - seems to be that the more you learn, the more questions it generates! Southall
  8. Hi 10800, Thank you for your input. I know that there is an amount of 'vagueness in my post' but this is early on in my planning process to understand if it is viable. Very luckily, there is space available to accommodate a 'small' layout of this size, so there are no real constraints other than the time involved in construction & building which I think would kill the project The largest of the sidings, I believe was to reverse goods/local trains into to allow expresses to pass, but as you suggest, long sidings and headshunts seem the targets. It would be sensible to understand what the size of these trains are likely to be, in order to to decide what could can be the minimum for the longest siding. Once I am closer to committing, I will post a track plan for review which I am sure will generate plenty of comment and options, most of which I had never considered! Thanks, Southall
  9. Hi All. Despite being a long time consumer of RMweb, I am newly joined. The reason being is that I have now committed myself to a project which, as currently planned, will be 4mm. I finally selected a prototype to copy. It consists of twin passing lines and 4 colliery sidings, a simple starting point without too complex pointwork and something that could be completed within a reasonable period of time. However, I have started scaling from the various books I have and this simple layout will come in at 7.6M (25ft)!!! My question is - is there a general rule for compression ie 50% or 70% - or do you go for the 'look and feel' without accurate reproduction - or do you keep the centre faithful and compress at the ends? Or do I just go N scale? Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks, Southall
  10. Lee, Many thanks for getting this onto our radar. Have just snapped up the Colin Maggs: Life on the Bath to Bournemouth Line which was already on my shopping list. Then looking back and reading a couple of reviews, thought that the Westerns (Diesels in Depth) and Diesels around London were also too good to miss at a delivered price less than a packet of cigarettes each! Thanks, Southall
  11. Hi Mumbles, It is not good news, but I hope that your items are recovered very shortly. Baby Deltics advice from his recent experience is very valid. The items have either been stolen for commercial gain or for 'own use'. Without divulging too much information was this a general burglary or purely targeted at your railway items? Did they also take boxes? If the burglary was for commercial gain it is likely that the items will pop up somewhere/sometime, but with a very short window to react. By posting the crime number and contact details it allows any member or browser spotting the stock to initiate first steps. Remember that there is inertia in all large organisations and if items are listed as Buy it Now at a lower than normal market price or on a short bid listing they will disappear in a short period of time. Not trying to be negative, but this is the reality of the situation. Hoping that you and your stock are reunited in the not to distant future. Southall
  12. Many thanks all, Sure that there are a 'few' of us still about. Hope that I was not one of the 'smellies' commented on by a number of exhibitiors - otherwise a stunning and very envoyable exhibition; many thanks to all the organisers, exhibitors and cake makers! Southall
  13. Hi All, After too long intently browsing the site I have happily decided to join. Why so long? - intimidated by the quality of all the aspects of modelling seen and the genuine knowledge of the members (which I hope that I can eventually tap!) Not sure what I can contribute in return, but will try and share any knowledge I have. Finally have hit the 'GO' button on some kind of project/layout, so might be back in 12 months!! Regards, Southall
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