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    Southern Region, South Western Section - Autumn 1962

    With a great deal of help from an esteemed and award winning RMWeb Member have started to build my version of Exmouth including double track through platform lines from London and terminal lines from Exeter. Track is mixture of PECO Code 75 and SMP. PECO points powered/switched by ZTC combined DCC decoder/point motor.

    Experimenting with JMRI route setting.

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  1. Excellent coaches Tony. I look forward to seeing the new,y work on the Bournemouth set. Cheers, Eddie
  2. All looks great but.... I appreciate that that you might not be interested in building a 4-6-2 Bulleid. Not your normal Southern stuff but different to the small LMS? A big loco as well of course.
  3. A very good friend of mine lived at Four Marks with his garden facing the railway line close to the station. He built a model of the Medstead and Four Marks station. He was a very skilled man, amongst many other things, a draughtsman and he measured up and drew drawings of the buildings. He built most of the buildings etc. from those drawings. If you can, please look at the December 2012 Model Rail Magazine that includes a 7-page article. I believe that his wife might still have his scale drawings, if of interest, I would ask if he could copy for you. I look forward to following your layout.
  4. Received today, extremely well packed and no problems. A good approach from Hornby.
  5. Had a similar request a few days ago (different sheds). According to the book "The Story of the Q1!s" the Gillingham sheds had 26, 27 and 28. All were there in 1950 and or 1951. The book is by John Scott Morgan with with KRB Publications. Hope this helps. Eddie
  6. I managed to underline all of the Q1 locos when I lived in London. There is a soft back book entitled The Story of the Q1s, John Scott Morgan and published by KRB Publications. There is a whole page on 33021, the book states that the loco was at Eastleigh from September 1947. It was repaired at Ashford on the 26 Jan 1960 and again in 5 May 1960. Then Eastleigh 9 March 1962 and Guildford or Eastleigh 11 June 1962. Withdrawn 24 Aug 1963 and scrapped 26 Oct 1962. Hope this helps and is accurate. Eddie
  7. Peter, Excellent work and the Bulleid's will be very welcome on Redbridge. Eddie
  8. Rich, Was the carriage siding walkway modelled on the Exmouth Junction concrete works ? It looks very good. Ed
  9. As a recipient of coaches I am sure that Tony's coaches will look better than the Hornby/Bachmann newcomers. Several reasons including the specific research detail and that his coaches have a paint finish! Eddie
  10. The interior people and body paintwork are superb. Excellent work. Eddie
  11. An interesting project. I always enjoy layouts based on real lines/stations. Being a Southern man I trust a Bulleid will be seen on rail tours. I'm sure you would enjoy the odd loco with sound. Have you decided on the control system ? Good luck, Eddie
  12. Tony, Excellent work, I am sure that Members would be interested in other coaches you have built. Eddie
  13. Just a tad off topic, but a question to Phil. Did you prefer to drive the originals or the rebuilds ? Eddie
  14. I lived in Andover for several years, look forward to progress. Must have some photos somewhere. I also know of a man living in Andover that sends photos and reports. I hope you manage to get the progress moving. Eddie
  15. Excellent model of a real station. Very well done. Platforms looking great. Brings back memories of steam in the Bournemouth stations. Eddie
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