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    where the Western ran and the Southern was tolerated !!
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    Western : Broad Gauge to FGW but modelling late 1950's to mid 1960's
    Southern : L.S.W.R. to SouthWest Trains but modelling late 1950's to mid 1960's
    Somerset & Dorset : modelling the last few years.
    Britains other railways : whatever takes my fancy - rule 1 applies!!

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  1. Hi, Another example of how these idiots fail to do their research. The loco is clearly in green livery. This sort of rubbish churned out by fools looking for profit is just what brings our hobby into disrepute. Regards
  2. Hi All, Could this be an example of the same 'trader' having two accounts and bidding with one to raise the 'bids' on the other. Or perhaps is he getting a mate to put these bids in. Seems very odd that almost every item from this seller has attracted a 'bid' from the same 'buyer'. And what happens if the 'bidder' wins all of the auctions - he's going to need very deep pockets. Regards
  3. Hi All May I just add that although i've not visited the shop (yet) i've had the pleasure of dealing with Leigh at the Newton Abbott toyfair (Ray Heard's) where Colletts Models regularly takes a stand. Prices to compete with anyone and a very nice person to deal with. Looking forward to visiting the shop and am very happy to reccommend his excelent service. Regards
  4. Hi, The old Triang factory at Westwood occupies a particular place in the social history of the country as it was home to one of the major toy ranges that did much to shape the future of many people. As its not listed perhaps the time has come to start a campaign to get it so - or at the very least the iconic frontage if nothing else. Regards
  5. Hi Paul, No problem at all and no appology needed. You would be trying to contact an exhibition demonstrator from the south coast i'm guessing -name of Tom. Depending on what you are after I might be able to offer some info in private -please PM if it might help you. Regards
  6. Hi Paul, I've just had a look right through my PM list and cannot see anything either under your name or unanswered at all. Please PM me again asap to check that all messages are getting through and to repeat whatever was in them. Many thanks, Regards Edit to correct typo.
  7. Hi All, Whilst the comments on this story are interesting there is one thing above all else that should be mentioned. Should this turn out to be true then this really will be the end of an era. I'm sure that many Members of RMWeb will, like me, have started out in this hobby with red boxes proclaming 'Westwood, Margate, Kent' and to think that this is now to come to an end really does seem like nothing will ever be the same again. Yes our friends of the red box have gone through many changes of fortune over the last sixty years or so but 'Westwood' has remained constant. Lets raise a glass to the old place - it served us well did it not. The end of an era indeed. Regards
  8. Hi 298, You have hit the nail on the head here about a governing body for OO. Over the years there have been attempts made to do just this but they have not suceeded. Although its remit was more than just OO the best attempt was the old META (Model Engineering Trade Association) but this fell by the wayside in the early 1970's. The 'Double O Association (or Society, I cant remember) is a good effort but being a paid Membership group will never acheive universal coverage. I think that perhaps the biggest problem with such a governing body for OO gauge is the very large number of and very diverse nature of, the manufacturers that are involved - a disadvantage to the forming of a governing body but something we are very thankful for as modellers I think we'd all agree. Regards
  9. Hi Reading General, Have to agree with you there - its a wonderful way of saying something that makes what is being said very clear to listeners and yet is totally wrong in fact !!. When I was traincrew with BR there would occasionally be a problem with vacuum brakes that hadnt released fully and the guard or driver would often say 'we havnt got enough vacuum'. Not enough of nothing to be pedantic !. As above totally wrong in actual fact yet totally clear to the parties involved. I wonder if there are many other examples from any walk of life where this happens in the same way. Thanks for your post RG - nice to have old memories brought back. Regards
  10. Hi again, They could of course be tail lamps if by any chance the coach has had additional tail lamp lampirons fitted for some unknown reason - but why this might have been done is a bit of a mystery. Regards
  11. Hi Nick, Its a pretty good bet they are actually side lamps. They are the 'standard' BR type housing and only have the 'loop' handle - not having the long narrow extension that I mentioned earlier that was provided on a tail lamp handle. Also if they are mounted on original side light lampirons and were tail lamps the lenses would face sideways in relationship to the coach due to the fixing bracket position on a tail lamp. They could of course just be Western style loco lamps as these would 'sit' correctly on sidelight lamp irons. My bet is that they are side lamps though. Regards
  12. Hi, Not quite - the last vehicle of the main train when conveying a 'slip' coach carried a special tail lamp to remind signalmen that (whilst one or more 'slip' coaches were still attached) that more than one tail lamp would correctly be present ie, the special one on the last vehicle of the main train plus any others carried by individual 'slip' coaches, which again were special lamps with coloured disks roind the lense. Each 'slip' coach had its own individual lamp code within that train. This was a very rare example of a train carrying multiple tail lamps within the rules. Another interesting point is that 'slip' coach working also broke the cardinal rule of absolute block signalling in that once the 'slip' was 'away' from the main train it became a train in its own right and thus constituted a second train within the same section !. Regards
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