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  1. Picked up my 026 and 012 yesterday. Pleased with both.
  2. Mine arrived today, cracking models.
  3. Looking forward to the show on Saturday, big shopping list at the ready!
  4. Some of the layouts during Saturday’s show.
  5. Really enjoyed the show today, I arrived at 09.30 and parked easily enough, the long pre purchase queue seemed to get inside very quick due to the wrist band system. Agree about the lighting being poor, it did seem dark in places. Standard and mix of layouts was great, trade and demo’s were good. Can’t comment on the food and drink experience as I was able to eat my sandwiches in my car outside thanks to the wristband in and out convenience and parking close to the front door. A few of the layouts from Saturday here.....
  6. - 4D-009-008 Dapol Class 121 Single Car DMU number 55033 in Midline livery. Hmmm, Will Dapol model the different headcode box’s on each end that it had in midline livery?
  7. Any more updates on 37114? Really looking forward to this model!
  8. I had an email today from Kernow saying the 97204’s are at the shop but they are waiting for the certificates to arrive before dispatching them, hopefully in 2-3 days.
  9. Another excellent demu show this year, well done to all involved. Some of the layouts can be seen here....
  10. The Cross country HST I’m currently on between Sheffield and Burton is empty enough. Looking forward to the show.
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