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  1. Well I have bought it at £120 plus postage as though I orginally pre-ordered at £110. I want to fully support Realtracks and am happy with the price increase to support a small business and a very nice looking model. Bachmann's Class 150/1 in plain FGW blue set me back £127 plus postage and it is one colour, shows how good RT 143 is
  2. Looking excellent, upon that information I have pre-ordered my 143618 with you Charlie and Arran! Now do let me know when I can buy another 143 off you in Wessex Trains "Visit Bristol" livery
  3. Hopefully the tooling shall allow the 73/9s too. Looking at the new Rail and Railways Illustrated the GBRf 73/9s now have high density headlights on the front and modified pipes.
  4. Talking to Neil McNicolas last Friday at a talk, I enquired about the Class 68 model. He immediately emailed away to get an answer. He later confirmed Dapol are to produce the Class 68 under exclusive rights and were due to visit on-site this week to take photos and measurements (I dont know did this actually happen). A slight tangent he also mentioned due to EU regulation of engine emissions, only 41 Class 68s can ever be produced. He also confirmed that the Class 68 shall not be in Northern Belle livery, but he expects more Class 47s to be placed in that livery to live out their days. I thin
  5. Sneeked through Southampton last night, this little gem of a site has photos (all be it wrapped): http://www.47soton.co.uk/
  6. Thats containers to my ears (well wagons)! CMA-CGM has never been done in a high cube... New Hapag Lloyd? Have not seen that, but I do like the new NYK Logisitics: http://ukrailwaypics.smugmug.com/The-Humble-Box/TheHumbleBox-Operator/N/NYKU/i-fd2tGNW
  7. Fantastic, even more colour for my intermodals. Any plans for new High Cubes?
  8. Interesting photo there, the flats look like Freighliners Shortliner/VTG EcoFret? Have GBRf taken on some, as they look like they are in 3 wagon formation. Frieghtliner has 2 wagon formation. Of course my eyes might be playing tricks! Any pics of the wagons up-close?
  9. I dont know if anyone is aware, Modern Railways have commissioned 66745 "Modern Railways The First 50 Years" Available early December at: http://shop.keypublishing.com/product/View/productCode/LOCO7
  10. smg201

    Hornby Class 67

    Ive spoken to the club, apprently 67026 is caught up in customs and shall be through and dispatched in the "next couple of weeks". The shall be calling all 500 customers to get payment detail once they physically have the stock. A little more of a wait But by looking at the Arriva 67, seems the quality issues have been over come, paint job/build quality looks top.
  11. I bet you have done this, but Plasser UK themselves are epically friendly! I arranged a trip around their Ealing plant for the Uni Club, brilliant tour and machinery. I know they have detailed diagrams of their units, and could be willing to share. I did have a full architectural design plan of the 08-16 but have misplaced it over the years. I might have a photo still! The MD is Herbert Pilgerstorfer, his PA is Maike Scherer they are very friendly and no doubt they would love models themselves. I can privately email you with their contacts and the design photo if youd like? I cannot contai
  12. I have found the Greater Anglia 153 now on the Hornby Shop, no mention of it being a concession exclusive anymore, nor can it be pre-ordered (not that I would till Hornby confirm Greater Anglia is grey/red not blue/red as seen in the image) Still interesting development: http://www.Hornby.com/shop/locomotives/r3214-greater-anglia-class-153/
  13. smg201

    FGW HST& MK3's

    Soon as i heard that Modelzone would not honour my order, Hornby pointed me to other concession stores (Beales, Conways/Toymaster). Beales have been very helpful and have ordered me in the TSO and TF, honouring the club 10% discount. Thus if anyone had these on order with MZ, give Beales an email: http://www.beales.co.uk/store-finder Hornby told me 2 months ago that the coaches are expected in August, so maybe anytime soon!
  14. Fantastic product Jonathan! I would be interested in two kits, I cannot PM, would you have a contact email so we can discuss? Will you be offering a pre-built kit ready to paint? If not, just how much kit building is there to do. My skills go as far as glueing together S-Kits RHTTs. I have been wanting a OO Tamper for years, even toured the Plasser UK factory last year. Brilliant machines, plans for the 09-3X Dynamic Tamper and USP 5000 RT? Fantastic!
  15. I have read this months Rail Express Modeller and came accross the upcoming Plasser 08-16 4x4 C100 Tamper in OO scale by Jonathan Buckie of Clockwork Ideas. Having googled I cannot find any information about the company or its products, thus anyone else know anything about the upcoming Tamper? Thanks in advance
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