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  1. Picked it up in Newcastle this morning
  2. I've a video of them double heading a freight on the Waverley route.
  3. Apologies if this is the wrong area, of if it's the sort of thing that shouldn't be in RMweb. The art supply company I use for my hobby of drypoint printing has just e-mailed me details of an aerosol can that you can fill with any medium and you can re pressurise. Maybe useful for those of you that don't like airbrushes. https://www.lawrence.co.uk/jacquard-youcan-refillable-air-powered-spray-can.html
  4. Arrived at Newcastle WH Smiths this morning
  5. There was a book produced, Backworth, An illustrated history of the mines and railways by Chilton Iron Works which has everything you need. Superb volume, loads of maps, plans and photographs. My grandad and a couple of my uncles worked at Eccles pit, and my dad was born at the terrace of houses at C pit.
  6. Not seen it in any shops on Tyneside yet
  7. Is the Ideas for layouts magazine a new one or is it a previously published one
  8. In the Newcastle Smiths this morning. More than the three that arrived last month as well
  9. we received two, only two, at 55 deg North (Newcastle Smiths) over a fortnight ago.
  10. Read the first eleven, got them all through the library. Can I also suggest the Jim Stringer novels by Andrew Martin, set in edwardian times.
  11. Three 170's sat in Heaton this morning presumably waiting for a move south
  12. What version of studio are you using. In Studio 2 I had a similar problem with dxf files from Autocad. If you goto the drop down menu 'Edit', select Preferences, goto the import tab and in the 'Open' option select centered or as-is rather than fit to page. Hope this helps.
  13. Reduced live and dynamic loads result in lighter structures resulting in cost savings. There are little to no cost savings in the tunnelling of the tubes but the station costs are considerably smaller as the cavern for the station is considerably smaller. Some sample figures in the public domain: Standard rail budget cost $10m/mile, High Speed $100m/mile, Hyperloop $70m/mile.
  14. Due to the low air pressure (it's not a total vacuum) there is low aerodynamic drag, therefore the process is highly energy efficient, more energy efficient than traditional modes of transport per passenger mile. Least that's what they told us at the lunchtime meeting. For my two penneth I think it will replace long distance routes, but not in this country in my lifetime. Do I think heavy rail is dead, no, I've worked on four different proposals to reopen lines (and one brand new one) for passenger use in interurban areas in this country but the pace is glacial compared to the work we've done in the middle east (for lots of reasons and not necessarily bad ones). I don't think it will be cheap to travel on (business class) but I do think it will be cheaper to build than HS2/mile above ground. Everything will be pre-fabricated off site so all you've got to construct on site is the pier type footing, quick erection with low labour costs. Operationally much cheaper, less energy, less moving parts, little interaction with leaves, snow etc. In the cities start a TBM at one end and off you go, same as HS2. I'm guessing the first publicly operational one to will between Abu Dhabi and Dubai: when - it could be years rather than decades if the test one goes well this year, and the technology isn't revolutionary it's just new combined application of currently existing elements.
  15. Love the 103 at Shiplake. Arrr look at it with its frowny little face.
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