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  1. Love the scenic carry through beyond the backscene aperture...well done you. All the best Paul
  2. Don't apologise for the sketch, it's perfect for the job. You should have seen my first attempts, they get better the more you do. Kind regards Paul
  3. What a fab job, I noted nothing posted since early August, How you doing? Kind regards Paul
  4. Hi Folks, We're trying our best to help the Llangollen Railway, see Preservation section of RM Web, following administration they're in need of a massive cash injection. I've been a guest of the railway recently and met many of the hardworking volunteers, some on every day projects others on the grand, and almost finished, scheme for the new terminus station at Corwen. To all my friends in model railways, those who read my regular articles, private clients and the wider modelling public please give to their cause, however small, £1 will do but if you can give more, including time as a volunteer. There are full details in the Preservation section, please help me to help them. Thanks in anticipation and kind regards Paul
  5. Hi Folks, Please have a look at my comments on the Llangollen Railway in Preservation, RM Web. I need your help. Kind regards Paul
  6. Hi Folks, We've been trying to help the Llangollen Railway during their current difficulties. So far that's included a six page awareness raising spread in Model Rail, Issue 290, donations of new books to sell in their shop, together with a modest number of initial donations. Let me show you some of what we've said so far; WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER It was with great sadness that I recently read the plight of the Llangollen Railway, and was moved by the uphill struggle undoubtedly facing all those involved. The potential loss of such a beautiful line, a particular scenic favourite of mine, fired my thoughts into action. Real railways, whether preserved or part of the national network, and railway modelling go hand-in-hand, with each providing substantial benefit to the other, not only in terms of cash, but the resource they provide our modelling efforts. Imagine our loss if there was widespread collapse in either preservation or the modelling hobby! And yet, it doesn’t take much to turn things around; whether that’s when a modelling exhibition hall is trashed by a few idiots or a preserved railways’ future hangs in the balance, we are undoubtedly all in this together. So what can we do? Not just those of us at Model Rail, and our readership, but the wider modelling community too. Please help me to help them. If you can, please make a donation to llangollenrailway.enthuse.com, Full Steam Ahead Appeal, or pay by cheque (made payable to the Llangollen Railway Trust), addressed to; The Station, Abbey Road, Llangollen, LL20 8SN, or by bank transfer; Sort Code 538103, Account 23423455, £1 will do, but send more if you can. If everybody involved with the magazine and online forums donated, then it would run into tens of thousands. If you have time to give, the railway needs a number of volunteers, so please speak to the Llangollen team. Help me show the Llangollen Railway that we care about their terrible plight and that we can do something really tangible, to Make a Difference. Thanks, Paul. PS Please ask if you need to know more.
  7. Hi Bazzer 42, Good to see the Pwllheli plan inspiring you. At 62 you've got loads more layouts to build. I'm 70 and still going good!! Will watch this develop, looking forward to it. Kind regards Paul
  8. Thanks for all of that John, I love the books, their quality, and suspect the information contained within is pretty accurate. L Ashwell-Wood is also a favourite of mine, I have a fab copy of the 'World's Railway's.......' and would love to be able to repeat some relevant sections, for people who are too young to know the works, in Model Rail but cost and copyright, I think might be prohibitive. Kind regards Paul
  9. Cheers Andy, I wish I could illustrate that well, but I'm stuck with being a designer first and an artist second. Kind regards Paul
  10. Hi John, Fantastic, the books give a great insight into what was happening at the time and they look fab too. Just for my own interest, do you, or anyone else reading this post know who did the cover artwork? Kind regards Paul
  11. Hi Andy, Many thanks for that. They're a fab little book, packed with info and probably pretty accurate given the author. I have No. 5 and just ordered No. 3 The Cornish Riviera. No. 4 seems to be quite rare, given the lack of sales on eBay and the like. Fortunately, I'm only after the ones that affect the Western Region. Once again many thanks for your help. Kind regards Paul
  12. Hi Folks, I'm doing a bit of research on these booklets. They were published between 1955 and 1958, a series of 8, as follows; 1. Elizabethan 2. Royal Scot 3. Cornish Riviera 4. Does anyone know what this one was? I've looked on line but there's no info available. 5. The South Wales Pullman 6. The Queen of Scots 7. The Royal Wessex and The Bournemouth Belle 8. The Irish Mail Can anyone help with identifying No. 4? Regards Paul
  13. Hi Nile, many thanks for signposting weeduggie2. Hopefully my other post will help him. Kind regards Paul.
  14. Hi weeduggie2, I think there might have been some confusion! Reference on page 21 refers to the track plan top right of page 23, in that the footprint can be measured from the model track plan, together with an estimated height, as you said, from the 3D. Hope this helps. Kind regards Paul
  15. Hi Folks, I've always thought that Recent Retrospective Reviews would be helpful, garnering feedback from the first purchasers on what they found in real life. Then we'd really have a helpful idea of what we're going to get and avoid situations like the first Heljan Garratt. It would have to be fair, balanced and structured and would take a bit of effort on behalf of those collating and producing the results, but it would certainly enable all of us to make a more informed choice when we buy. All the best Paul
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