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  1. Mike, I Never knew a great deal about pre-Robinson locos. When I did investigate the J9/10 I was quite surprised to read that there were at least three types of cab and who knows how many tenders. Seems to be a bit of a mine field!
  2. From RCTS it would appear that the 3" became extinct fairly early on, being further changed to the 6" version. From measurement I have concluded that SEF does not provided for the 6" cab modification.
  3. A type of N20 motor - similar dimensions and performance - I have about twenty. The problem is that the shaft is at the same end as the electrical connections, difficult but not impossible.
  4. I see from todays Times that the police will be given powers to detain virus victims - "Shaun of the dead" has come to pass.
  5. Why not give Hornby at Margate a Ring. If you find the right individual they will provide advice, and indeed some years ago they sent me a couple of crankpins for a 9F.
  6. On the basis that Michael has given the all clear, here is my home made riveter. Sorry about the rough welding.
  7. I'm far from happy about taking over Michael' s thread on discussing riveting tools. Daddyman as I'm sure you appreciate the head unit- to use your term- is a sandwich and it is the centre part of this sandwich that you should be concerned with. There are two bolts holding the sandwich together and it is possible that by slacking these off you may be able to slightly move the centre part and correct the problem you are experiencing. I hope that you find this suggestion helpful.
  8. I keep a piece of scrap about 15mm wide, that I know is fairly parallel over its length. The work piece is spot soldered to this. I have raised the issue as to why a depth spacing bar cannot be incorporated on the riveter so it can be used without the indexing facility. I had much the same response.
  9. It is possible that you have raise a slight burr between the commutator segments when cleaning them. Wrap a piece of P1200 fine wet and dry around the commutator and revolve the armature by hand without imposing undue pressure. You can finish off by using metal polish on a piece of fine cloth and cleaning with thinners.
  10. Poundland may possibly still sell "Sink Brite" which appears to be similar to shiny sinks.
  11. Not quite the case as Ron's Q1 lives on in the SE Finecast range.
  12. There are at least two sizes of these motors, are you using the 16mm square variety?
  13. Unimat use Left hand M8 Fine that has a 1mm pitch.
  14. For many Years McGowen produce both B12/1 and B12/2. The B12/3 was evolved from the t
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