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  1. All that is required is an insulated bush for the uninsulated brush holder. A simple turning job; if I recall correctly the bush should be tapped 6BA.
  2. I haven't been following this topic, but surely Chris is an assembler of parts - etchings, turnings, gears and so forth - and not the manufacturer. In his case is it not the possible that component supplies is the root of the problem that prevents him from currently trading.
  3. My wife slightly dented her baby (MGTF) gentleman who came to look at the damage just got behind the dent and massaged it out. Use something solid but softer than the brass and take your time. You can still finish off with a filer of some type, but remember you will/may need to solder within the proximity of the damaged area.
  4. Many thanks for that info. Quite frankly I find the quoted price quite staggering.
  5. I have just checked on the DJH website and can't find gears or gearboxes.
  6. A West Country with 7'6" + 7'6" coupled wheelbase? Early Triang /Hornby B12s and A3s shared the same chassis block at 29mm + 29mm.
  7. The old Ks wheels will have been in place for a good few years. If you intend to re-gauge you would also look for new 1/8" axles. So as you don't need the old axles drill into the axle end gradually increasing the size of the hole. This should relieve the pressure enabling the axle to be knocked out. You have little to loose, and it should work.
  8. RIght from the very first, that is at least 1959, the then Wills Finecast had its own cast chassis designed to take an XO4 etc. If I remember correctly it was reviewed in MRN.
  9. I'm rather confused. The final drive shaft is of different diameters each side of the gear box. Am I correct in thinking that you have already removed this final drive shaft and replaced it, or that as you allude to in your last posting, this is your intention and that you are concerned about attempting to remove the D shaft?
  10. Your motor is almost certainly a "Zenith" I purchased the only one (in its original box complete with gears), I have ever seen from a model shop in Cheltenham in about 1990. They were advertised in model mags in the 1950s, so its almost antique! that said surperbly made.
  11. Not sure that Richard Wagner is anyone to make a song and dance about.
  12. I have just remembered, High and Over Seaford was all but impassable for about three days at the end of December 1970.
  13. There was a range way back in the 1920s. I think it may have been German. Also there was an article in either the Constructor or MRNs. I saw a small layout in the local church hall about 4 years ago. Any ideas?
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