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  1. I have one of each, but the double fitted one is the right one............ Always a favourite of mine along with the 47XXs but not too favoured in the layout world in either GW or BR(W) guises.
  2. Or a large County double chimney........ Many GW logo'd County models erroneously came with one.............
  3. By the time NC gets the full scenic treatment I won't be travelling any more. Regards from a chilly Baghdad.
  4. How do you cope with general dust John? Stock is not so bad as it can be lifted up for leaning with the pink 5 branch crane, but building roofs etc? I did have ideas about dust covers or thin boards to lay over the layout, propped up with suitable stands which were inserted into pockets. These pockets would be covered by removable buildings like a plate layer hut or lamp hut, placed at strategic points.
  5. And to double check ( without having to go to Kew) take Miss Prism's list above and input each of them into the BR Database: http://www.brdatabase.info/locoqry.php?action=locodata&id=4707&type=S&loco=4707 it's a bit hit and miss: not all tender allocation records are on there, and some stop at Nationalization. Some only start at Nationalization. Worth a try tho.
  6. This is coming along very well Rich. Thank you for sharing.
  7. The black roof and dirt looks excellent . I am still very envious of the corner warehouse, and your ability to get some many excellent buildings onto the layout without it being crowded.
  8. I will let you know immediately Phil. Regards.
  9. Its a castle body - beware. See my post 2 up.
  10. The Dartmoor Railway in Oke closed its doors this week. (most of them - the Supporters Shop and Museum is still open) A complicated story involving an American company, something called Polar Express (but not involving Tom Hanks), and in the cross fire are lots of old codgers who repaired old rolling stock in a shed at Meldon. This tin shed in Meldon kept them out of the way of the wife, and for many who no longer had a SWMBO, gave them a meeting point for tea, cake, tall tales and paint scraping. I hope something can be done to correct this sad situation. Even only to keep the codgers codgering.
  11. It can be a minefield. I did more research and the statement above from Wiki sums it up. If you want a Hornby Hall and the one for sale is maroon, you either have to buy a very recent one with a headlight (which is a Hall shell) or the Olton Hall "as preserved" with "GREAT WESTERN" on the tender.
  12. M.I.B

    North Cranford

    Calcutta Cup was a wet and windy disappointing affair, but at least we got to see it here: closer to Calcutta than Murrayfield. And we had some real beer to add cheer. On the hunt for a recent Hornby Hall - confession time - over the Christmas break, whilst under the influence of flu, I managed to melt the body to Adderley Hall which was in the process of becoming Pyrland Hall. I have given up with searching via Ebay and tried RM Web, and quickly to be offered a "Hogwarts Express" This is a minefield because the early Hornby offering was indeed a castle not Olton Hall, which itself is another variation on the same theme. Only the newest Hornby Hogwarts Express locos are actually Halls. So what Have I been offered I wonder. We will see. I will be putting the spare Bachmann Hall body on Ebay when I get home: making a Baccy Hall fit a late Hornby Chassis is not super simple. Wherever you are in he world tonight, Stay happy and healthy.
  13. From Wikipaedia: The Hornby Railways model of the locomotive is actually a model of a Castle class locomotive, not a Hall. Tri-ang Hornby did release a model of the Hall class in 1966; however, this model was last offered in 1983 as 4930 Hagley Hall, In 2015 Hornby introduced their model "RailRoad GWR 4-6-0 'Olton Hall' 4900 Hall Class - R3169", originally announced in 2012.[13] In 2019, Hornby announced a new Harry Potter range, ..............2 separate Hogwarts Castle locomotives with headlight, one being TTS Sound fitted. This is the first Hogwarts Castle model they have released being correctly of a Hall class. So do you have an "Olton Hall" or a "Hogwarts Castle" on the nameplate?
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