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  1. Amanda - your model is pretty awesome as it is, and kudos to you for being brave enough to put it into "production" for the rest of us less skilled out here.
  2. Sorry for the silence - work and house have kept me busy, but mainly it was all down to a failing very old Company laptop. Like a frail ill person it lost abilities day be day, including the ability to be switched off, and also to see photos. IT have sent me something new and whizzy and so I'm playing catch up. On the day that the Oldest President of the USA (so far) gets his feet under the table, I hope that you, unlike my former laptop, are happy and healthy.
  3. Hotel really is magnificent John. Thank you for inspiring. (Still prefer the giant warehouse in the corner tho - but that's how my mind works)
  4. They don't look substantial enough for a load, but perhaps a sheet rope.
  5. Happy New Year to all. Nothing late GWR in the Hornby offerings again......... was sort of hoping for a new Saint and dreaming of some Toplights......... They missed a trick here: Surely that "D" should be a "P"????? Here goes for some more lock-down in the UK. 7 weeks...... I feel for the smaller model shops again. Hope you are Happy and Healthy
  6. Cute, but way too old............If I need a space filling in a few years a grounded Brake/Baggage might be of interest...... Hattons must be seething. And to think Hornby could have put this effort into Toplights.........
  7. I managed to get home for Christmas - just! So please excuse the delayed note of thanks to all visitors regular and strangers - please do come again. I hope you all had as good a Christmas as was possible under the circumstances. There are some parcels in the workshop requiring unwrapping but I will get round to that this week. Moving out of the mobile home and into the House was priority #1......... Stay safe
  8. Thank you for the inspiration John. Hope you had as good a Christmas as possible. Regards, Tinker
  9. Another Calne veteran here - 80-83. Was Tanner by any chance "Scoop" Tanner the reporter and photographer for the the Gazette - probably! Would piggy pies head to Janner-land - not sure - them had their own paaaaaasties dinnum?
  10. I am out in the dirt - I will check Russell when I get home. On quick inspection it looks like something could be done with an LMS saloon kit to make a Hawksworth saloon, but then flexibility with dates is required to make those true GW I think - need to research more.
  11. Has anyone successfully cobbled together a 1940s inspection saloon in 00 and if so, how did you do it? Nobody makes a kit or sides any more in OO. Or do I cross my fingers in the hope that a kit comes up at some point? Regards,
  12. Great review - best engine review i have seen. Thanks for passing it on. Look forward to seeing it in the flesh when i get home.
  13. Vehicle loading - easiest summarized as "Make a cross - keep it straight, start low and end higher" You have three planes of movement (up/down, left/right and front/back") Crossing chains or ropes at either end gives control over "front/back, left/right". Un-crossed chains/ropes allow for a lot of sideways movement. Starting low and ending higher sorts the third problem. So crossed chains/ropes in a straight line from the floor to a shackle or suitable attachment point on the chassis of the load. Sudden braking on that load would
  14. Dullcote is such a great product. As you say it gets rid of "toy green" and ages paint with little effort. Not tried it with powders - I prefer paint weathering, but I'm guessing on top of powder it would seal it in place? Dull cote can also help hugely with those trouble some water slide transfers which sometimes evade the work of Microsol etc. But be careful if you have real coal in the bunker - make a mask of paper to cover it before you "Dullcote".
  15. Its long over due - some Red Box items have had a couple of re-tools since the early 80s era.
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