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  1. Dublo has been packed away after a good noisy session. With hard floors and plasterboard walls, the not inconsiderable noise generated when running Dublo was accentuated. Instead, and in between Zoom calls I have managed a sort out of kits and work in the projects boxes, and then got stuck into chip fitting and programming. I have one more "plug and play" engine left to chip - 3031. After that the soldering iron needs to come out. There are about 15 to do. Some have plenty of space inside (Parcels Railcar) and some are incredibly tight on space (panniers and Air
  2. Worsley can adapt the etch for the K15 to make this diagram. I have been corresponding with Allen. It would seem that it had two distinctly different appearances after what could be estimated as a "major" shop in 57 when it seems the sides (might) have been heavily plated. So who would be interested in an "early" (1944 - 1957) semi-plated version, and who would like a "late" post 57 heavily plated version? PM me please - I need fairly firm "yes" numbers before anything further gets done. Obviously if we get to critical mass and the etch (es) go (es) into p
  3. Thank you - I may have to subscribe.
  4. This seems to be one of a very small pool of long parcels vans which had a weekly route. But what were they delivering on such a routine basis; (taken with full credit to the Penrhos site): Stores Van No.2 - West of England 1946/7 route - Monday: Swindon, Didcot, Reading, Slough, Paddington (Old Oak Common overnight). Tuesday: Paddington, Plymouth, Penzance, Truro. Wednesday: Truro, Plymouth, Exeter, Taunton. Thursday: Taunton, Weston-super-Mare, Yatton, Bristol, Westbury, Weymouth. Friday: Weymouth, Westbury, Chippenham, Swindon. Saturday: Loading at Swind
  5. I have the Roxey Mouldings K15 etch in front of me. It would take some serious modelling to turn it into that later van - all the panelling would have to be covered in with filler and smoothed, then a number of doors filled with louvre vents. That would also make for quite a weighty van - a brass kit with sides full of filler. Even the earlier version of it with less panelling would be a challenging model to make. But not impossible. The louvre doors are challenging me at the moment....... Or I might just build the K29 I was planning...........
  6. I take back my words - 7.5 KVA is not very big at all. Add a fuel tank and some space for a radiator unit of sorts, and you would still have 2/3 of that van free. Steam generator unit has been suggested, so I go along with the ALIVE train proposal.
  7. There won't be a small site generator in there, so I'm thinking it would be big enough to power up a medium sized station or a large signal box, or a goods shed while major repair works or builds were ongoing.
  8. When I type "I hope that you are all happy and healthy" I do genuinely mean it. Sorry to hear that one of our bretheren in Canada has not been well. I wish John Dew a speedy recovery - his building making skills are very much envied here in Nth Cranford at the opposite diagonal to Granby.
  9. The LMS coach behind the two pre-war teak ones, is a brake compo from the same period. Its a bit of a "friday afternoon job" because it has two identical sides on it - the Guard's compartment is always on the right hand side whichever way you see it. I have bought a couple of items over the years - mainly in the early days of car boot sales, when people didn't ask a fortune for everything they sold. I definitely bought 2 more NE Brick bogie opens, and a WELTROL I think. I'm sure I picked up a Dublo Mail coach as well, but it doesn't seem to be here. Not to worry - my local mo
  10. I still don't understand frogs and point reversing polarity etc........ but I worked out by the age of 8 that you can't put in an odd number of diamonds in a Dublo layout. Something goes wrong with the current. There is a set of motor points to be fitted and some light signals. Might get round to that this week. I have put a board over that doorway so the stuff can be left out all week. The pair of motorized points were a good way to change running lines on the far side of the room or under a bed........
  11. I promised to do this, and now that ceilings are up upstairs, and floors are reasonably clear........... This is where NC and I got started on the inevitable hobby: MIB Snr like most lads of his generation has trains, spotted trains, visited sheds, and he continued modelling right up until we brats spoiled and absorbed all of his free time. So it was a certainty that I too would become interested... After a little dabble with a 4th hand and very broken Triang trainset of sorts, the loft was opened and some brown boxes came down.. I got the use of Bristol
  12. Rich Loving the O13 work. Mine is sat in the box waiting...... Someone does lettering for the O13 in GW branding. I have a set. I have a feeling it is the same people who do the J12 sleeping car etches............ If it comes to me I'll let you know.
  13. Shivering Sands (this one above) was home to the very famous and quite good Radio City - and previously home of Screaming Lord Sutch when he DJ'd, and a famous shoot out involving a retired Major and a disgruntled alleged owner of a transmitter.....this is believed to have been the last straw and the Marine Offenses Act was brought in and pirate radio (by then based on ships) became illegal.
  14. Dealing with a dead dobbin, especially one in a stable or stable block complex is not a pleasant task. Due to the sheer size and rigor-mortis, removal in many cases would only be possible if the animal was made into manageable sized pieces. There would be a larger "market" for raw horse flesh in those days than now. Many more hunts about each with dog packs, zoos would take such meat, as well as police dog kennels, and dubious meat pie makers........
  15. Stunning modelling and writing as usual Mikkel. A few "pointers" and responses to queries: Horses usually repeat their location for dropping manure: whether it be the same place in a stable, field or even a regular route. Seeing/smelling another horse droppings can sometimes cause a horse to produce, but of course only when it's ready - but that explains the postcard of the mews with the long line. Having the horse "produce" in the mews would be preferable to doing it en-route. You are correct on colour caused by input, and it does darken off quite quickl
  16. Hope you are all well - it's been a while.......... I'm digging wooden fence posts in (20 of them to do this weekend - 6 foot x 4"....) so I need distractions to get a break. There are another 60 posts to do over the next few years..... So I headed off to my "local" modelling shop: John Dutfield in Chelmsford. There is a Hornby re-seller much closer to me, but it is literally a toy shop. It was so good to go into a model shop, have a social interaction with the great staff (Ken and Heather) and as usual walk out with something which wasn't on my list.
  17. M.I.B


    I have no idea how I ever missed this wonderful layout! I am only halfway through the posts and totally in awe of the buildings, weathering and figures. Did you hand make the cleaners' platforms and steps for the shed?
  18. I never planned on living in Essex either John, but it sort of "happened" (: I hope your man sorts it - sadly we can't get to North America at the moment. Stay safe and thanks again for the inspiration. Posts on here and on Robin's ANTB definitely keep the spirits and hope up. Regards,
  19. The little scenarios and vignettes are wonderful John. Is the turntable to be replaced with something from Heljan? Thank you for continuing to inspire. Regards,
  20. For those of you watching in black and white, the grey is behind the black..........
  21. The final black and white photo really has tons of atmosphere. Lovely buildings John. Thank you for inspiring.
  22. Thanks Rich. CCT only cover BR(W) transfers sadly. Good tip on Eileens though - might add a couple of ballast tippers to the PW train....
  23. Following on from my comment about how nice it is to build Cambrian kits, I thought I would see what their latest offerings are....... just about all of their kits are listed as sold out. So keep hold of your crane - even half built there is a market for it!! As well as miscreants stealing dogs, puppies and kittens, there may soon be break-ins with herberts looking for Cambrian kits.
  24. Last post for this evening, and maybe for a few weeks - house work mojo is back. I have a digger and dumper in tomorrow to dig some deep drainage pits in the field: drains the rainwater coming off the stables, hides lots of brick and tile off cuts, and gives me a few tons of topsoil to complete a protective bank. I will barely lift a glass by Sunday night let alone a scalpel..... I have made a start on the "central" part of the weedkilling train.... Three Mainline tenders. Two were definitely from 2251s and one I'm not sure about - the coal rails/fender a
  25. As I was putting Project "Shut It" away, I chanced upon an iphone box which I had not noticed in the rummage around the other day. It contained the PW crane made from the Cambrian kit. I made and painted this in Dubai a few years ago, but somehow had missed a few spots during painting. A note in the box listed them, and so this was rectified. This was a very fiddly buy very enjoyable kit to make. And it looks stunning in the flesh. So I didn't need much of an excuse to post these. And like all the Cambrian kits I have built ( sleeper carriers, and b
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