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    I have no idea how I ever missed this wonderful layout! I am only halfway through the posts and totally in awe of the buildings, weathering and figures. Did you hand make the cleaners' platforms and steps for the shed?
  2. I never planned on living in Essex either John, but it sort of "happened" (: I hope your man sorts it - sadly we can't get to North America at the moment. Stay safe and thanks again for the inspiration. Posts on here and on Robin's ANTB definitely keep the spirits and hope up. Regards,
  3. The little scenarios and vignettes are wonderful John. Is the turntable to be replaced with something from Heljan? Thank you for continuing to inspire. Regards,
  4. For those of you watching in black and white, the grey is behind the black..........
  5. The final black and white photo really has tons of atmosphere. Lovely buildings John. Thank you for inspiring.
  6. Thanks Rich. CCT only cover BR(W) transfers sadly. Good tip on Eileens though - might add a couple of ballast tippers to the PW train....
  7. Following on from my comment about how nice it is to build Cambrian kits, I thought I would see what their latest offerings are....... just about all of their kits are listed as sold out. So keep hold of your crane - even half built there is a market for it!! As well as miscreants stealing dogs, puppies and kittens, there may soon be break-ins with herberts looking for Cambrian kits.
  8. Last post for this evening, and maybe for a few weeks - house work mojo is back. I have a digger and dumper in tomorrow to dig some deep drainage pits in the field: drains the rainwater coming off the stables, hides lots of brick and tile off cuts, and gives me a few tons of topsoil to complete a protective bank. I will barely lift a glass by Sunday night let alone a scalpel..... I have made a start on the "central" part of the weedkilling train.... Three Mainline tenders. Two were definitely from 2251s and one I'm not sure about - the coal rails/fender a
  9. As I was putting Project "Shut It" away, I chanced upon an iphone box which I had not noticed in the rummage around the other day. It contained the PW crane made from the Cambrian kit. I made and painted this in Dubai a few years ago, but somehow had missed a few spots during painting. A note in the box listed them, and so this was rectified. This was a very fiddly buy very enjoyable kit to make. And it looks stunning in the flesh. So I didn't need much of an excuse to post these. And like all the Cambrian kits I have built ( sleeper carriers, and b
  10. I spoke too soon: I thought I had made a start on Project "Shut It" but I hadn't done anything "constructive" other than source components - chip, painted crew, fall plate, and brass plates. So as it wasn't unfinished it has gone back into the crate. 6951 was finished after the successful chipping and soldering. The different blacks used are discernible but subtle. I am yet to see a photo of the 8 wheel tender with 6951, but I am extremely confident on this combination of liveries due to detective work on shop dates, allocations of the 8 wheeler etc.
  11. Thank you all for the "likes" especially on the Departmental FRUIT D. I put on the brave trousers yesterday and fired up my new soldering iron........ the test piece was/were two short wires from each bus under the 8 wheel tender, through a hole in the chassis to the "chip side" (inside the tender). This then allowed the connection of the "red and black wires" . It's not pretty, so no photos, but the test went so well that I decided to also do the "red and black wire" joins as well. Same thing - not pretty but it works. The loco performed on the programming track so
  12. There is an amount of BR logo'd stock in the work pile (!!!!!) including at least two castles, and a Dapol Mogul.............. but nothing so late as............... a blue BR two way arrow 1970s FRUIT D! But it's currently the cheapest way of buying a FRUIT D if you are going to modify it. and then add one of these at each end: Drill a hole in the roof and add Evergreen rod for an exhaust - for an internal combustion engined pump.........and get the grey paint out: The Weedkilling train requires a "l
  13. This was more of a morale job the other night - I really had lost my mojo for working on the house so I got stuck into this and felt a whole lot better afterwards: coupling removed Hook and Instanter fitted (Smiths) Tail lamp (Springside?) New allocation logo - (RailTec) Roof (Halfords) Dull (Testors) Then pop it into the box - and noticed the original pricetag: (!!!!!)
  14. In the meantime a couple of purchases that caught my eye whilst looking for building materials...... The red UD milk was a Buffers limited edition run a while ago, and another 6 wheeler for my collection. The green liveried UD SR 6 wheeler is a current Hornby(!!!!!!) and I couldn't resist. I have over the winter parted company with a couple of the BDMRC Dapol milk tankers whose livery I never liked, despite trying. So I think I have space for these two. the PARTO for the same treatment as the milks - blackened wheels and that will be it. I liked this PAR
  15. I have finished putting up all of the plasterboard partition walls, and decided that my shoulders needed a break before tackling putting boards up as ceilings........... As promised, (Impney Hall unnamed) with the 8 wheel tender will be finished......... The engine is complete and chipped. Sadly the tender has got a little damaged through living an extended period on the work tea tray. I have sorted out the pickups underneath, and testing on a live test track with a bulb has been a success, despite it not looking super sexy under the chassis.....Next is soldering on
  16. Lovely film Keith - thank you for sharing. Not a Hi Viz vest in sight. (:
  17. I have an identical section to run from time to time, however, Rule 1 may have to apply because of my proximity to Paddington not Paignton.
  18. Rich - same here on all those counts - I tend to do my engineering work in mm, woodwork in imperial and refuse to deal in F for anything. I do work for US customers so US Gallons is normal for me as a UOM.
  19. I do get angry when Fahrenheit is used in the UK. I'm all for keeping pints and miles, but we should have put a date on Fahrenheit usage - then we would have all been talking in the same terms by 1985 (etc) I wasn't very old in 1971.......... perhaps that's why I have a different attitude to non conformers.
  20. I've just had a delivery from a well known small supplier. It was a while coming, but the website at the time of order said it would be. No problem with that. In the packing was a note apologising for the delay, and explaining that this delay caused more delays because customers called and emailed the small supplier demanding to know where their orders were...........so the supplier had to spend time talking to customers and replying to emails. I genuinely felt for the supplier - they do a great service, and were very open on their website about the original delay in
  21. How did you remove them - mine is still boxed because it looks to be a daunting task because of the way they are moulded, and every thing around them just waiting to get carved off by accident........
  22. Dark blue headwear - not black "grease-top" hats like you see now on every preserve railway. Overalls of various shades of blue depending how many times they had been boil washed. Black boots.
  23. Pardon.................. Love the moguls - especially the insides of the tenders. An the crews look really great too. More work on the rugby predictions tho.......
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