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  1. I have been otherwise engaged for most of the year so book releases have passed me by......... Have there been any recommended GWR ( or 50s UK steam) book releases this year - I need to get M.I.B Snr something as a gift...........
  2. I have two (late GWR branded and BR black) on order. I can live with the chimney. Plates have been sat in the work-box for years along withthe plates for the manors on order and the Moguls which are packed away yet to be opened up - been busy on other projects. (turned a 2 bed bungalow into a huge house.........) Glad to see everyone is alive and well (ish). Greetings from Somaliland (where there are no pirates and no pasties)
  3. @NickBaxter What year is that photo please Nick? Any idea? The white roof on the van is throwing my thoughts one way, but with it looking very clean and refurbished, it could be pre WW2 if this had just been convered/re-designated as a Stores Van. Now that I have read that the fourth word may be "Didcot" I can't "un-see it" If someone had a list of the routes where the different stores vans ran in what years...........but then again it was more likely to be designated with a route than a single destingaiton as these vans went to a lot of places on their 5 day round trips.
  4. On an end loaded van/CCT such as an ASMO, or SIPHON C or F, how were vac hoses mounted? Did they pivot down, or were they connected at the solebar so as to be below the drop down lower portion of the end door system?
  5. Sorry to be late in reply, but been otherwise engaged... As said you have a few options: All over brown "jaded" chocolate and cream "Austerity" brown is also plausible, however also doubtful. and even Lake - but only on a summer season "special" or holiday relief: not for branch line regular traffic. There have been a few mentions of lake stock in the late 40s on this site, and M.I.B Snr remembers clearly seeing Lake stock moving into and out of Swindon carriage sidings, reserved for use at extremely busy times. I agree with previous posters too - footboards removed, lots of over plating. Certainly realistic to see these vehicles around in some scenarios, but you'll need to do some modelling and adapting. I have one or two in each of those each colour schemes for just such summer mainline workings in the 1947 period.
  6. Brian, I would buy 1 or two any of 1-6 but not them all. Any two would do. and either one 8 or one 9 7 and 11 are too late for me, and I have a J12. That's why they don't get my vote. Thanks,
  7. Marmite time again......3d printing. Love it or loath it I am a convert, with reservations....... From AmandaLee of this parish........actually of "DownUnder" some more GWR rarities to join the supersized wagons in the POLLEN and CROCODILE classes. Some of these are available as a brass kit, but I don't have the skill.... some of these are just not available at all. 3d printing has nicely filled that that gap in the RTR inventory. These arrived as "RTR" needing some modelling: wheels couplings and "small" items not attached. Especially with the Dyson milk tanker trailer, this meant that access to paint the tank was so easy because ladder and walkway were added after. I still have some (tiny) lettering to do on these but last night these took a dive off the mantle piece in the office after the black furry beast became "interested" in them. Repairs done and packed away - they will come out for final lettering and weathering. Detail is incredible, but there are also "downsides" - small micro "spiders web" is found in gaps and cracks - it is the 3d print version of "flash" that bad Airfix mouldings had. This is easily removed with tweezers. Look at the ladder on the Dyson trailer and you will see a black bit I missed. Also the texture of 3d is a little "grainy"- the tanker got a rubdown with wet-n-dry and a healthy coat of Halfords spray primer and that cleared it up. I'm no 3d expert, but from experience I think 3d is probably great for panels with texture , but items that have to be faultlessly smooth, like a tender side, or cylindrical tank - these need sanding and filling and heavy primer-ing the AERO (above) and the PARROT ( below) come with crates pre coloured - all I did was treat them to some Dullcote and they were good enough to fit. The PARROT crate was tied down with saddler's thread. That took patience....... These come in great boxes with bubble wrap/sponge paper etc inside - and the boxes will fit the finished article too - incredibly well thought out. The MOREL came with a flywheel which is removable. Some of these have a limited lifespan on NC - carriage gas was seldom used in my period - CORDONs were on the way out in the late 40s, and hence no running boards any more on mine - much like my clerestories. AEROs were about to go back to being OPENs...... Hornby/Dapol/Bachmann/Oxford are not likely to ever make wagons with limited appeal , due to limited running life or geographic restriction etc, but 3 D printing makes running these possible. On the day that the West formally left Afghanistan to the un-elected Taliban, I hope that you are happy and healthy. I have spent at least 1000 nights in many parts of Afghanistan and met so many wonderful people - I hope things can be sorted out for them somehow. There is no easy solution sadly.
  8. Love the treatment on the 94XX John. Rule 1 applies.......extremely hard to stretch Rule 1 for a 97XX........... Glad to hear that it has haulage capacity too - the real ones did.
  9. By the mid 50s a Mk XIX would be a rare beast in the RAF's operational inventory. That one could be on the way to somewhere to become a "gate guardian". Anyone's guess for a very used aircraft being moved by train. Still has it's engine in, and the third wagon could well be another PARROT with the wings on it........
  10. Many thanks TMc A ton of relevant details. I shall get the tiny tiny HMRS numbers and letters out.......... Every day is a schoolday on RMWeb
  11. In such a light colour and with a 5 blade prop, I'm thinking it's a PR variant and quite high up in the numbers - 14+....
  12. Probably is one of those Michael. Thanks Oxford was a site to three of the "Big 4"
  13. These were built for a specific shipment of US made Buffalo aircraft which came "CKD" from the US. So they would have come in at a West coast port anywhere from Brizzle to Glasgow. Not LNER turf. GW ones and LMS ones differed - one lot were welded and the others were rivetted. By the time these were built and running the Buffalo were sent out to the Far East and these wagons were redundant. They then became the rail equivalent of the RAF's Queen Mary trailers - used for moving large repairable aircraft parts to RAF MUs. That's when they spread out to LNER and no doubt SR turf, although none are thought to have got to run in SR or LNER colours until some were converted and ran as LNER stock. BUT as with most things on RM Web, I stand by to be educated and corrected - you never know what people dredge up - which is what makes this a great place.
  14. wondered how long that would take..........
  15. Whilst looking for something else in Russell "Pictorial Record of GW Wagons" (the thin first one not the Appendix.) I found an interesting Full Brake. It is 50' long or longer. With top-lights but a ducket just off centre. Page 98 figures 187 and 188. One shot shows perhaps the end of the roof which seems to curve down to the corridor connector. LNER Gresley full brake or ??
  16. I've avoided calling this "PARROT markings" for obvious reasons....... Does anyone have details on what markings went where on the GW PARROT bogie wagons? Lots of Ex LNER pics of them as cable drum carriers, a few pics from their LMS service, but so far none found for GW service. I have looked online, in two Russell books, and also "Atkins, Beard and Tourret"...... Thank you.
  17. Is this the beginning of the end of steam on ANTB? ): It's bad enough when the dark red carriages appear, but diesels............
  18. Has to be on the list really BUT with a half finished one needing interior and paint, I'm rather hoping that something else ends up being put out in RTR... on the subject of railway furniture raised earlier - I have the roll fronted cabinet from the "Train Officer's Quarters" of the British Military Train (Berlin) and some shelving too. I had the pleasure of being "Train Officer" on a couple of occasions. Tales of the "metre high club" will have to wait...
  19. Excellent painting John. Has really brought that outstanding building to life.
  20. Rob I put Worsely Works brass sides onto a Mainline 57' coach. If you aren't super fussy about chassis and running gear, Mainline did a 57' in GWR and BR(W) livery and also one in LMS which will take the sides. Roof will need work in terms of ribs and vents adding. It was one that worked out well and stuck properly. The ones I did with Araldite went quite Pete Tong. Advise you use Evostick to join sides to RTR.
  21. It would seem that these vehicles ran to a set timetable/route and were dropped off, perhaps taken to a bay or nearby goods shed, dropped deliveries, picked up "returns" and went on their way on a set following service. From the details I have seen they left on a given day and were always at the same stations on the same day of the week. A day or two at Swindon to load and unload, and away they went again. There were a few routes, but not every station on the network was visited, so one assumes that branchline/minor stations and outposts had their stores delivered to the nearest collection/drop point and the local goods or passenger brake took them onwards out into the sticks.
  22. Option 1 for me on the poll please HOWEVER The K22 would be the last item purchased - there are still plenty of K22 kits out there either ready to make or well made and cheap on Ebay. Both brass and plastic. I have enough K22s to suit my needs for now, built to an acceptable standard.
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