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  1. So how do you eat an elephant - simple, cut it up into smaller pieces and work your way through each one. The old Indian saying is true for the 8 wheel tender. Fitting pickups (for me) is a slightly challenging task. But by the time I had dismantled it all leaving the bare chassis once again, there was easier access, and work started. Firstly I took the pick ups from the 6 wheel tender and straightened them out a little - they got a tiny bit mangled when they were removed. After a session of dry fits and trials I opted to fit them from the underside, with
  2. So, the next "must finish" is 6951. Unnamed and built in black with no side windows, 6951 got a turn with the 8 wheel tender. There are so far no available photos of the 8 wheel tender in this period, and based on its visits for overhauls, there is an incredibly strong likelihood that whilst 6951 was black, the tender was unlined green with G**W logo. 6951 is almost finished (dusting, fall plate trim and a re-trim of a cabside plate), but the tender needs electrical pick ups adding......(top is completed incl coal) I got as far as digging out the boxes and z
  3. 4943 is almost finished. A couple of weekend sessions saw the lettering and numbering go on, final paint touch ups, and finishing up with Dullcote. I do like the finish that Dullcote gives - it takes away all of the toylike sheen of new paint. All that is left to do now is a clean of the windows with a cotton bud and some thinners, and it's complete. The rods will get airbrush weathered so they remain unpainted for now. With a 47XX on the roster, I need lots of vans. Lots! But with the price of new vans heading towards the £20 mark, my preferred option is to buy
  4. I have unloaded (and sometimes also loaded) all the bricks, blocks and tiles, and shifted most of them up the scaffolding. Something like 3000 bricks, 15 pallets of blocks (dense, medium dense and celcon ("breeze"). As well as 1914 roof tiles and 40 ridge tiles...........then theres the 120+ bags of cement hand loaded and unloaded........ Keeps me fit.
  5. 60 sheets of plasterboard went into the house yesterday morning so I had an hour with 4943 last night.
  6. they were usually known as "Erks" in those days. He's probably on another long weekend off, while the lads at the nearby Army camp blanco their webbing after another 10 miler on the Moor in hobnailed boots carrying their No 4 rifles and 2 inch mortar shells...........
  7. I felt a little guilty about not modelling after this morning's post. Despite the weather forecast saying that it was an ideal evening to move my newly delivered plasterboard into the house, at 4.30 the heavens opened. So the plasterboard remains shrink wrapped on its pallet and I opened up the workshop and then the model crates...... I am guilty as others are, of stopping on difficult projects and moving onto something easier or more fun. There can be a practical reason for this, such as needing a part to turn up, or learning a new skill before going back to it.
  8. I had a pleasant surprise when I went looking into the immediate projects box - running 4 jobs at the same time has at times made me forget about the hobbies. (I have a day job, I am the site labourer, project planner/coordinator, and I am also the procurement manager). Right at the bottom of the pile is a boxed British Monarch from Hornby. My British Monarch to fit my timeframe is a converted Knight of St Pat, because BM did not get outside pipes until almost BR days. This BR logo'd BM already has a new set of Modelmaster plates too - Princess Charlotte. A nice find.
  9. I served 6 months attached to the Australian Army back in '87. My SSM was a veteran. Some of the RAR and RAA LE officers were also there as Gunners and Diggers. Very humbling to hear their stories.
  10. I have been super busy labouring on the house so no modelling at all since beginning the paint work on Project "SHUT IT". Sweeney Hall will be completed before Christmas! I still get inspired by many layouts on here, a daily fix of RM Web keeps me enthused. I hope you are all happy and healthy.
  11. Some more excellent card modelling going on - thanks for taking the time to show "step by steps" for us to learn from.
  12. I'm going for one as a mess van, all over brown, S&T Dept decals, nice and grubby. There is a lovely example of one stood at a platform on the Glos&Warks photos site.
  13. Thanks for the explanations John. "Roof" is back on the greenhouse and new water collection and storage is working well. Much as I'm looking forward to the Prairies and the Manors, I would be happier to space out their arrivals. They are ordered, brass plates are already in the drawer......... stay safe
  14. Be careful with some of those "Atkins" editions - later versions are lower quality repros. Not sure what the technical term is, but they look like someone has taken photos of pages in order to reprint. Hence some of the less detailed photos end up being next to useless, and the text has a really annoying blur to it. In this case it's the one with the SIPHONs on the cover. Go for a different edition.
  15. Great to hear from you John. I take it that RR&Co requires extra programming above and beyond setting DCC addresses and CVs. I opted for the Dapol Prairies - are they due in soon? I only saw something about the Hornby equivalents. I'm trying hard to find an hour for some painting on Project SHUT IT tonight, but the Horticulture Manager wants a guttering/water-butt repair job on a greenhouse........
  16. It has been a busy time working on the house, and as a result the roof trusses are no longer flat stacked........ So not a lot of modelling has been done. Hattons dropped me (and quite a few others) a line to say that the Dapol Moguls are due in September. First to arrive is the green shirt-button logo one with outside steam pipes. I have one on order to become Southall's 6388. With re-logo of course. Then I have a BR black one to come, again with outside pipes, but this will become 9310, complete with side windows. I know this needs a screw reverser, b
  17. I have just picked up a copy of "The Power of the Castles" by RC Riley and Peter Waller. Along with some good photos of 5032 with the tender (lined and shirtbutton logo) , there is a write up which lists the Castles which ran with it. This list includes the disputed 4093, but unfortunately the engines are listed in numerical order and only the Castles. A picture or dates would help........ Later in the book are some lovely photos of Spitfire with the tender (lined & shirtbutton logo). The cab side windows are over plated.
  18. I ordered some name plates for Project SHUT IT two nights ago. The Modelmaster site asked for patience as they were busy. I guess with lots of folk stuck on lock-down there has been a surge in modelling and thus orders for them. The price of classic car and motor bike "fix-up" projects has gone up hugely due to lockdown. I always buy in advance, so no hurry and quite patient enough to wait. Then they arrived today! Phenomenal service from Jim Grindlay and the gang in Ayr. And with so much modelling going on, it's time to top up with the Dullcote, which I can almos
  19. The two brown stock in the foreground caught my eye. Long footboards. Mess vans? But looking at the charabanc behind the signal box, these coaches may be in service.
  20. Will - some good research there. W96 looks like a hybrid is possible using the Ratio 4 wheeler kit and a Toplight brake third sides. Looks like Slaters will be making these sides again soon. Don't be tempted to buy them from Coopercraft. CPL do a 4mm D45 Toplight brake "sides and ends" etch. I have their J12 and it is excellent. I have a Ratio 4 wheeler to support my PW train which has ballast hoppers and GANEs and a light crane. It's a great kit and not testing to make. With added weight and steel wheels it rolls well.
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