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  1. Thank you all. Lots of good points as usual. I was aware that they would be difficult to model whilst deployed for the reason stated. I was going to model one rolled up, probably using cigarette paper. I am "post-war" GWR so no need for the full blackout kit. I guess that the Station pilot would do a lot of sitting around, hence he need for some crew protection. The remainder - aerodynamics and speed would blow water over and past the cab top, and it was hot, so there was hardly any need. I will have a go at one rolled up under the cab roof edge. If it looks any good I w
  2. I can remember seeing photos of engines with sheets from the rear edge of the cab roof, down to the tender top. Was this random sheet used by crews? Was it a set item cut and formed and stowed somewhere ( where?) when not required? If they were in common use, why have I never seen anyone model them? (model railways only ever run in the sunshine.......) That brings me onto another thought regarding modelling and weather - but perhaps for another part of RM web.
  3. Thanks for posting the link. Shame about the cations going out of kilter. Lovely photos.
  4. Lots of excellent points - UV degradation was something I hadn't considered in detail - black out curtains for non-running days methinks.
  5. If you are modelling GWR, don't forget that this type of coaling is totally alien. GW built something similar to the Hornby coaling stage - a long ramp to the height of an engine on to which coal wagons were shunted. They then decanted into little wooden trucks inside a shed, which in turn ran on rails perpendicular to the tracks and tipped directly onto/into the tender.
  6. Thanks Kris - that has given me a good fantastic idea - make a "roof" using cupboards and shelves all around the room at a suitable height. Room to store empty rolling stock boxes, tools, paints, unmade kits etc, whilst suitcases and claggage can live under the boards. I just get a jittery feeling when I see people with heaving bookshelves above a layout - imagining a copy of Bradwells landing in 4mm world would be like a couple of V2s landing!
  7. And a sand shed or sand van, perhaps a grounded coach body or some other form of canteen/changing room, and a few water cranes.
  8. For those with a dedicated rail room, or even a guest room with a layout in it - Once they layout is built and operational, is dust an issue? I know that shutting the widows and doors will keep a lot down/away, but is there anything else that can help? Keeping Rover and Puss out would help too I guess. I don't fancy dusting a nice big "roundy roundy" because dust is a git to get off matt painted surfaces. I've seen peoples photos of drop down covers for "planks" on here, but I'm old school "roundy roundy" focussed. Thanks for your thoughts.
  9. There is nothing wrong with TMDs SPs etc - it is a reflection on the lack of space people have nowadays. As for the comment about them being just as expensive to build - add in track and timber costs, throw in some more buildings and scenic stuff and the "roundy roundy" works out a fair bit more expensive than a "shelf / plank". The problem I have with "modern image" MPDs /SPs is the number of engines "on shed". Fair enough to have literally shed loads of engines in the steam era - their turnaround times were longer, and time between service was shorter, so you needed more to cover t
  10. Were they sold in the usual "red windowed boxes" or were they sold in the small white box that the give-aways came in?
  11. Only 19000? The Pugh wagon was not for purchase, and was intended to be given out with every new engine purchased - they made 120 000 of them. Did Hornby really expect to sell 120 000 engines in a year?
  12. Many thanks. Then I too will use whatever comes to hand - a mogul, a grange, a 57XX, prairie or Collett.
  13. M.I.B Senior thinks he remembers break-down trains of the early 50s BR(W) being hauled by panniers. I think that they would have been pulled by something a little more substantial such as a Collett 0-6-0, a 43XX Mogul or even a 28XX. Can anyone assist? Thanks
  14. Thanks John. Were there any others exclusive to WHSmith?
  15. I picked up a boxed 7 plank wagon recently for a couple of ££. 1980s style box. Hornby R012 "R BODELL" WHS it says on the end label. I have tried Googling and only come up with a couple on sale on Ebay. (Of course everything on Ebay is very rare and super collectable.) Is it some sort of promo item for WH Smiths? Or was it like the Pugh wagons where you got it free when you bought an engine? Anyone? Thanks
  16. Muz - I had thought the same having seen the photo attached above. Many thanks for confirming my thoughts.
  17. Thanks for the updates - I thought I had replied but who knows where the reply went! GWRrob tells me that Caradoc Grange was still black in the early 50s, so that's good enough for me. It must have had an "update" in the paint shop because the tender shows "G (arms) W" Yiewsley Grange was still around to the bitter end, but all I can find is "freshly out-shopped" photos in green, or line-side shots in green. I don't have any other "what ifs", one offs or prototypes in the traction department, (apart from my two industrial shunters) so unlined black Yiewsely Grange shall be.
  18. Many thanks. Thanks too for the reference to the colouring of the "GWR". Would it be too much to think that an unlined black Grange would still be rumbling around in 1947-ish?
  19. Before I go mad with the Halfords Matt black on my new Grange..... How were the tenders lettered - Any lettering? "GW" "GWR" "GREAT WESTERN" Shirtbutton? By what sort of date would this loco have been repainted into lined green? Thanks
  20. I have 2 carriage shed kits - the roof is indeed vac-formed. I will stick with the Slaters recommendation. TY
  21. I haven't had good results when trying to form the Wills stuff. It's too thick.
  22. I think that is what set off my "wonderings" - I have a Dapol boxed item that has a Mainline chassied wagon in it. I haven't popped the body off the chassis to see whether the underside is marked Dapol or mainline. I agree with the later statement that there has never been so much RTR - I was just enquiring about the names from my yoof and the "common" volume makers of today.
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