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  1. Hi all and thanks for all your comments. After reading your comments, I realise now that my first choice of 740mm would be too low even though it would give me a slightly larger layout. I am now thinking that I should be looking at a height of around 900mm which would still give me a layout of over 15 feet long, plenty long enough create what I am wanting to build.
  2. Hiya, thanks for your reply. Yeah it is going to be a semi permanant setup as opposed to being taken to exhibitions etc. I am planning on building it in sections so that one day when we sell up and move, it can come with us lol. Just sitting on my computer chair, the computer desk seems a good height and measures 740mm off the floor so I think i'll go for that
  3. Hi all, now I have a loft at my disposal I've decided to have another go at designing and building a model railway. As the layout will be going in the loft, the first thing I need to know is, what is the optimum height for the layout. Ive done a quick drawing on CAD and found that if I put the layout between 900mm and 750mm, I can have between 14 1/2 feet and 16 feet. Can anyone give me an idea of how high their layout is and if they are happy with it, Thanks
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