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  1. I have just received 2 of these new Mark 2a coaches from Hattons, and they are nice models. I have a query about the ride height and roof profiles. They sit somewhat lower than both the old Poole Farish Mark 2 A/C coaches and the current Bachman/ Farish Mark 1s Not very familiar with them in the flesh as I live in New Zealand, but photos I have seen in the past of them in the same train as Mark 1s would have made me think the roof heights off the rail would have been about the same. Have Bachman got it wrong or have I not been observant enough?
  2. I have contacted BR Lines via their website fairly recently and had a rapid response from Mr Russell. I hope he is still operating as he has my Class 37 at present. He estimated an 8 week wait till he got through his preceding workload to get to it about 4 weeks ago.
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