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  1. Hi All, I'm finally working my way through a Craftsman BR class 02 diesel shunter (0-4-0). The instructions recommend a D11 - which I understand are now unavailable. There is a motor mounting piece, fabricated in brass in the kit and it looks like the hole pattern in it marries up with the mounting screw holes in a D11 (I've got hold of a copy of Monty Well's article in Model Railway Journal, #1 Spring 1985 (!). There is a very clear photo showing that the motor and chassis). I have a Mashima 1024 open frame motor and Branchlines 8RC gearbox (parts cannabalised from another unfinished kit). My question is, how does one fix a motor such as this to the chassis?
  2. So is the consensus that the parts are on the axle in the right order and just need to be fixed and then the crankpin trimmed? What needs to be fixed and what and with what? I guess the coupling rod doesn't get fixed to anything, but the other items? How best to fix the 'washer' on the end of the crankpin?
  3. Yes, I've got the bearings covered - they are soldered into the chassis already.
  4. So I'm finally got around to building the Knightwing Sentinel plastic kit that I bought I don't know how many years ago. I've got the Branchlines kit to convert from the original 0-6-0 to the 0-4-0 and those are the parts that I've become stuck with. Being a total novice to kit building and loco building, and having been out of modelling circulation since I was a kid I've got (what I think) is a basic question. What order should the parts in the photo be attached? I have: Extended axles; Romford wheels; Coupling rods; Crank pins(?) the pin and disk with a threaded hole - that will thread on to the axles; Tiny washers that fit onto the crank pins (if that's what they are). In the constructed wheelset; is everything in the right order? I know that they need 'quartering', but I don't want to glue/solder anything until I know it's in the right order and right place!
  5. So after much reading and consideration I'm planning to plump for the 4mm Judith Edge Hunslet 230 hp 0-4-0DH, as Michael Edge recommended. Has anyone here tried one? DC Kits seem to have a good offer price for the bundle of kit, wheels, etc. As to tools: I was given an unwanted 15W Antex iron on the weekend, but had been planning on a 25W version of the same. Any thoughts? What else should go in a beginners toolkit? Files, Xuron etch cutting snips, vice, tweezers/forceps, drills, ... - a visit to Squires or Eileens Emporium I guess!
  6. The LSSE - BR 07 seems to have a longer rear bonnet and no rear walkway. I also see that there are differences to the bonnet sides (number of grilles) between the two. Besides the hydraulic vs. electric transmission. Craftsman also do a BR Class 07 model. Anyone any ideas on a good match for Chiltern Railways blue?
  7. Chiltern Railways now (as of last year) have a couple of shunters, one at Aylesbury the other at Wembley. They are sister locos: Ruston & Hornsby LSSH, see picture here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chris_adams/4944925833/. Having done a bit of reading around they seem to be ex. MoD locos, one of which then worked in Eastleigh. Something for a 4mm kit manufacturer to consider? Rob
  8. Adam, Do you have any pictures/blog of the Sentinel in EM that you built? Whose kit/motor did you use? What sort of experience was it for you? Rob
  9. Thanks for all of the replys - most encouraging. A Judith Edge kit (well more than one really!) is what I aspire to, and I thought was out of reach as a first kit. But the Sentinel 0-4-0 is designed for a Tenshodo unit - right? (As an aside I think that I'd prefer a Black Beetle unit because I think they run better, but am not confident in adapting as necessary - see what James Hilton did here: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php/blog/482-meadow-lane-msc-railway-in-p4/). The Sentinel also has the advantage of less complicated handrails - something else that worries me for the look of the end result of a first exploration in brass kits. Does anyone bundle the kit and Tenshodo together like DC Kits do with the Black Beetle, since the cost saving seems significant. Halfwit - I've been reading your blog and posts and am really encouraged by your work. I see this project as very much the stepping stone on to the more complex (in my mind) Judith Edge kits: Steelman and Vanguard - ultimately to work on a small layout - industrial/MOD depot? What is a jackshaft drive? Wish I'd done of of this research before Warley last weekend then I no doubt could have come and said hello!
  10. So, I'm back to railway modeling after a 20-year break. Back then it was all Lima locos and kit built plastic wagon kits from the likes of Cambrian (are they still around?). For the last 5-years or so I've been wanting to get started again and made a few purchases: Craftsman BR Class 02 brass kit; Knightwing Sentinel 0-6-0 plastic kit and Branchlines 0-4-0 conversion and motorising kit. The plastic bags inside the Craftsman kit haven't even been opened. I had started the Sentinel but got stuck in two places: The body needed shortening and I didn;t have the tools; The basic 4 pieces of chassis were soldered (my first ever soldering) and the top hat bearings soldered in, but the axels were a really tight fit - is that right. So they went on the shelf for 3-years. I was at Wareley at the weekend and I'm keen to go again. My requirements are: I want to make a diesel loco; It has to run really smoothly - better than the Lima and Hornby stuff of my childhood. My thoughts are threefold: Go with the Sentinel but maintain the 0-6-0 version and either upgrade the Brachlines kit to the appropriate version or purchase a Black Beetle chassis for it; Opt for the Knightwing Loco1 kit and motorise with a Black Beetle; Try the A1 Models/Old Time Workshop Ruston 48DS with BullAnt/Gandy Dancer/Tenshodo; Something else. Some more thoughts: Given I want great running I'm nervous of kit chassis construction (and the Gandy Dancer); How easy will the bonnet and cab roof brass rolling be on the Ruston & Hornsby 48DS?; Will the Knightwing plastic kits look any good? I also have the most minimal tools - ok, so I have a scalpel, forceps, tweezers and cutting mat. Does anyone know of a 'starter modellers tool kit'. Will also need soldering iron etc. Painting may need to be outsourced at this stage... What I'd really like to work up to is the Judith Edge Sentinel and Hunslet 0-4-0s. Oh, and I have no layout to run these on - other than the 20x10 shed in my parents garden with the trainset of my childhood. I think that I'm going to be working to 00 finescale (code 75) standards as a compromise between EM (what I aspire to) and 00 (what I may be able to get the locos to run on - ie friends layouts). I'm thinking an industrial depot with a continuous loop - but again that's a developing idea and subject to 'planning permission'. I'd love some thoughts or ideas on the above.
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