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  1. It's 8783, right loco for this thread, Karhedron has transposed the last two digits is all. As for what colour it is...
  2. Not a large enough car park judging by the chaos on Box Road during the day... I'm not sure it really counts as a Parkway type station though, although most people drive to it it's not (currently) within a large catchment area nor is it particularly accessible by major roads. It's just not quite close enough to the town it ostensibly serves to be practical for most to walk there- although being towards the Draycott end of Cam it's an easy walk for me and if they ever reopen Stonehouse Bristol Road it'll be extremely handy for work! I admit it probably is closer to the concept than a lot of other stations though.
  3. Very late to the party- I've driven on it many years ago. As said it is (was, as it's been taken up now) 5" gauge, the owner had a couple of steam engines and a couple of electrics, I suspect the latter had more use although his Polly 2-6-0T was in steam on my visit. It was basically a dog bone shape with one half around the "smart" side of the garden behind the house- around the neatly manicured lawn and passing near the swimming pool. The other half of the garden away from the house was more wild with mature trees and you did actually disappear into the woods briefly. The station area and (carriage/ electrics) shed was at the back on the edge of the wooded bit. The flat crossing was the end of a spur leading across to the driveway where an access ramp had been build to ease unloading from visiting cars. Some of the curves were reasonably tight, I visited with a friend and his 1500 Pannier was fine but his Bulleid pacific less so! There's a video on The Steam Workshop's youtube channel, I think they bought some of the kit when the line was taken up- seem to remember they took a little saddle tank around it.
  4. Hokey dokey, Flickr has uploaded the photos- if there's anything anyone wants to see just shout. Photos here
  5. I've missed your posts on both the full size and miniature versions of the Forest of Dean railways this last year or so. Do let us know where it ends up on display as I'd like to see it (and visit the railway that I ought to visit more often, it's very close as the crow flies but rather further to actually get to, something to do with an inconveniently large river in the way...).
  6. It's more that the Pannier is the only one of my 0 gauge locos that I've not horribly devalued by painting yellow! I do actually have a modern (ish) car at the moment, I can confirm that it's both expensive and dull and I'm looking to replace it with another heap of a van in the near future (well, probably spring actually). I have the itch to go back outdoors- I may look at getting a 5" loco to replace BT&S at some point in the future. I will attempt to find one modelled on a Yorkshire manufactured prototype...
  7. No, the Triumph 2500PI estate that turned out to be a complete wreck, that I spent all summer getting to a halfway driveable state but still needs all the bodywork doing! Not quite a Jaaaaag granted, have you still got that?
  8. Crikey, this must be the furthest this thread has ever dropped down the rankings in this sub- forum... Which is rather telling really. The layout has barely been touched in the past year and a half, other than a couple of operating sessions at home. I've inadvertently saddled myself with another classic car project + ended up on the committee of a car club, the steam roller is still rather time consuming (although that too I have sadly neglected this past year, fortunately some of the other members of the crew have been rather more proactive and the unplanned "top end" rebuild is going well!) and along with a couple of other things in the pipeline means I'm considering rehoming BT&S. By no means a certainty, it's not doing any harm where it is, but I can't help but feel it would be better with someone with the time to enjoy it and ideally take it on the road more than I have been able to. If anyone would be interested let me know. If I were to sell it I'd like the 4 BT&S locos + a significant quantity of the stock to go with it plus of course the control systems etc., although I'd want to keep a few of the non- BT&S specific wagons to go with my pannier tank.
  9. Until they extended (or more accurately unshortened!) the platforms in the last year or so, Stonehouse was regularly served by the 2 carriages of an HST set that would fit in the platform.
  10. Lovely work as ever PGH and your loco histories are always of interest.
  11. As is becoming traditional I also had to wait for Father Christmas to deliver a copy to me. Echo the above comments, another brilliant book- already looking forward to the next one!
  12. The inlaws are from Cheltenham, and I'm not too far away down here...
  13. I found a 4mm drawing of Hawarden and sat one on top of it- from memory the wheelbase and wheel diameter are near enough for a bash and the tank is almost spot on- I did start hacking one about but got distracted by BT&S...
  14. The Bachmann US "twins" are really quite close dimensionally (cab ignored) to Hawarden- much too big for a 4mm Alfred or Judy but definite industrial bashing potential nonetheless.
  15. Looks good to me for a "quick and easy", they've got that "chewed" look that wood gets when it's had heavy things dumped on/ dragged over it. As for Berkeleys, some complete and utter loon took one to Mongolia last year on the Mongol charity rally- was fitted with a 400cc superdream engine if I remember rightly but still an utterly daft choice for overland adventuring. It made it, albeit the last few hundred miles strapped to the roof of a Lada!
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