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    Classic cars (especially Land Rovers, but I drive a Morris Marina), motorbikes and heavy haulage vehicles- will be showing a Diamond T 980 and a Unipower Forester belonging to friends this year. Too many hobbies really.

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  1. Hi 


    I may be interested in the layout if it’s still for sale.

    What are all the dimensions of each board ?


    Are the boards manageable by one (70) year old person 


    As I would wish to exhibit the layout how easy is it to erect and take down for exhibitions ?

    Does the layout have legs or lighting ?






    1. brianthesnail96


      Hi Terry, 

      It's provisionally sold- waiting for the buyer to be able to come and view. I'll let you know if it doesn't work out, however the boards are not equally sized and the longest is something like 5' so not very manageable; I can just about move it myself but I'm relatively young with long arms and I struggle so I suspect it won't be suitable for what you want. With two it's fairly easy to set up. It has no overall lighting (although a few of the buildings have provision for interior lighting) and uses keyboard stands as legs which means they don't get in the way when it's on cupboards at home. 

      All the best, 


    2. ELTEL


      Hi Matt


      With one of the boards being 5ft long it’s unlikely it could travel in my car (depending on width & height) to and from exhibitions.


       I wish you well with it’s sale should fall through drop me a line.


      Keep Safe 



  2. Looks great Garry, beautiful finish. Look forward to seeing it when we're allowed back to the track. Reckon there's going to a bit of a queue for boiler tests!
  3. If anyone finds any of any of the early 1960s road- rail Land Rover that was there for a time in the early days the current owners would be very pleased to see them!
  4. Okey dokey. BT&S is definitely for sale. An unexpected turn of events means I could rather do with the space, as well as some money... I've put some better pictures on Flickr. Here is the full description from the advert on Faceache. Bury Thorn & Sons is an 0 gauge DCC Industrial shunting layout for sale. Representing a tar distillers set in the West Riding of Yorkshire in the early 1960s, the layout is complete with all locos and rolling stock, controllers etc. Built by Dave Hall and bought by me along with some of the rolling stock about 6 years ago, I've sourced the locos and added to the rolling stock, taken it to a couple of small exhibitions and enjoyed playing with it. However with some new projects in a different scale on the horizon I need the space so sadly it's time to move it on. I want to sell it complete so I won't be selling bits off separately unless there's no interest. The layout is approx. 12' 6" long and 19" wide, made up of 3 boards of differing lengths. Track is all Peco, the layout was built before the 0 gauge "set track" became available so is the larger radius points. Some clearances are very tight as are some of the curves however so the layout is restricted to small locos and shorter wheelbases. A Pannier Tank won't fit for example. All 6 points are electrically operated via a CDU and switch bank on a clip on control board. Locomotive control is set up for DCC and a Roco Multimaus system is included with 2 handsets. The fiddle yard is a 2 road traverser with room for a loco plus 3 wagons. Operationally there are 3 variants of tank wagons to place under the filler/ unloading area (class A, class B and tar) and at exhibitions one operator is responsible for cycling these. The other deals with general wagonload trains, vans of materials in and out, coal deliveries, drums in merchandise wagons etc- one brings in a train when the other has marshalled theirs (swapping 3 fresh wagons for 3 already on the layout) and repeat- so there's quite a lot to do and plenty of movement in a small space. Locos are all fitted with DCC sound and in most cases with Keep Alive. All are boxed but have obviously been modified from new, being repainted and weathered. - Ixion Fowler diesel mechanical, EDM models sound conversion, repainted, custom transfers. - Ixion Manning Wardle 0-4-0ST (brass), EDM sound again, repainted, custom nameplates. Slightly notchy runner, better when warmed up! - Minerva Peckett 0-4-0ST, pretty sure this is EDM sound again, details as the Fowler. - Dapol Terrier, chopped around a bit, poor quality DIY sound fitment, lettering faded on one side, weathering half finished, one buffer AWOL. No keep alive, needs one. Best used as scenery in the engine shed! 13 general traffic wagons plus a brake van, 9 finished tank wagons plus 4 spares awaiting tidying/ detailing (3x tar wagons so could make a 4th rake) and 3x Lionheart Air Ministry tankers, so 30 in total. Most are fully weathered and lettered. A couple have minor damage from exhibition use and one or two are only finished on one side. Boards are connected with VGA cables for point control, these aren't really durable enough for exhibition use, and was stood on keyboard stands (included, but two have doubled up as a paint stands. One length of track is currently dead (suspect microswitch) and some minor repairs to the scenery is needed, the most significant being the footbridge. Loads of pictures including a profile of every wagon on Flickr HERE. I would like £1350 for everything (which is probably less the value of the locos and stock if I was to split it) but happy to listen to sensible offers. I'm in Gloucestershire, I would deliver within 150 miles of my home for that- obviously nothing can happen until the travel restrictions are lifted.
  5. While we're talking battery boxes, does anyone happen to have a drawing or key dimensions of them? I need to make a set for a 14xx in 1 1/16" to the foot scale; probably not something that's available off the shelf!
  6. All 3 dual braked ones are still around somewhere I believe but I'm not sure where (other than 08 993 at the K&W). Suspect the Wikipedia list is a little out of date.
  7. That is absolutely perfect- exactly the condition I was hoping to try and replicate. Thank you. You are quite right, now I've looked at my saved photos on Flickr I can see 1453 was an early repaint into lined green, with the early crest. In most photos she's so grimy that you can't tell but the lining is clearly visible in a picture on Flickr at Sharpness apparently in '64. I may have got my wires crossed and instead of their being a Gloucester engine in unlined green I may well have been referring to 1453- I remembered there was one that was an oddity and I suspect that was it.
  8. Thanks folks- I had tried eBay, there's a lot of older preservation ones on there and a handful of "at work" ones but a lot taken from almost directly in front for some reason, or with the engine in shadow- less useful as a reference for modelling. There are a couple of good ones that I'd missed before though, including a cracking colour slide of 1462. I'd love to do 1453 as that was a regular locally and distinctive with the home made front numberplate it carried for years- but the donor unsuspecting target has a top feed and since it's 5" gauge and coal fired lopping it off is a bit more involved than a sharp craft knife and a bit of milliput! One of the other long standing Gloucester engines was actually in unlined green, although I can't remember what crest it had (or which one it was). Two brilliant reference photos there Miss Prism- exactly what I was hoping for. 1405 was a bit of an early withdrawal but 1435 fits perfectly for what I wanted. To try and explain the rather specific request- apart from being my favourite colour scheme for them, the loco is a commercially available one that was available in G W R green, BR early crest lined black and BR late crest lined green; mine is a GWR one (as are the majority) but a lot of the GL5 (scale modelling on 5" gauge) group rolling stock is BR era so I want to paint the loco to match. And being somewhat vain, it would be nice to have a livery that wasn't available ready to run.
  9. Hi folks, Sorry to ask such a "lazy" question, but as there are so many preservation era photos in internetland it's quite tricky to find working day (or very early preservation) ones. Basically I'm looking to model a 14xx that lasted into the early 60s and was withdrawn still wearing early crest plain black. It could also do with being one that had a top feed at this time. I've got a few options- 1462 appears to fit the bill, as does 1455 (which grew a top feed very late on). 1466 also fits the bill however- and I suspect there might be a few people out there with photos of this one, given her important role in Great Western preservation. Photos of any 14xx meeting this oddly specific request would be welcomed though. There's bonus points on offer (I'm afraid this won't take the form of loo roll, sausages, or pasta though) if it's on a freight or mixed train... Cheers! Matt
  10. It was discussed elsewhere on the forum (maybe even earlier in the thread actually). It's green except for the one door which was salvaged from a loco still in black as I recall.
  11. The lovely Kitson "Long Boiler" 0-6-0PT for the Consett Iron Company (2509 is preserved) and a handful of oddball Bagnalls with Walschaerts valve gear (originally intended to be metre gauge for export but altered to standard gauge and used in this country instead at the insistence of the Ministry of Supply, 2613 survives) are a couple of standard gauge industrial examples. No idea if any of the metre gauge ones survive elsewhere.
  12. It's 8783, right loco for this thread, Karhedron has transposed the last two digits is all. As for what colour it is...
  13. Not a large enough car park judging by the chaos on Box Road during the day... I'm not sure it really counts as a Parkway type station though, although most people drive to it it's not (currently) within a large catchment area nor is it particularly accessible by major roads. It's just not quite close enough to the town it ostensibly serves to be practical for most to walk there- although being towards the Draycott end of Cam it's an easy walk for me and if they ever reopen Stonehouse Bristol Road it'll be extremely handy for work! I admit it probably is closer to the concept than a lot of other stations though.
  14. Very late to the party- I've driven on it many years ago. As said it is (was, as it's been taken up now) 5" gauge, the owner had a couple of steam engines and a couple of electrics, I suspect the latter had more use although his Polly 2-6-0T was in steam on my visit. It was basically a dog bone shape with one half around the "smart" side of the garden behind the house- around the neatly manicured lawn and passing near the swimming pool. The other half of the garden away from the house was more wild with mature trees and you did actually disappear into the woods briefly. The station area and (carriage/ electrics) shed was at the back on the edge of the wooded bit. The flat crossing was the end of a spur leading across to the driveway where an access ramp had been build to ease unloading from visiting cars. Some of the curves were reasonably tight, I visited with a friend and his 1500 Pannier was fine but his Bulleid pacific less so! There's a video on The Steam Workshop's youtube channel, I think they bought some of the kit when the line was taken up- seem to remember they took a little saddle tank around it.
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