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  1. Maybe it was too expensive to produce because it filled a proper city car hole in the market. Range was always a bit tight being 60ish miles and must be the only EV to get a smaller battery than when it was introduced. The original 16kWh pack being replaced IIRC by a 14kWh one albeit with the same range. If they'd increased the range it would have been a much more useable car.
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    <checks available tools>
  3. Because an idiot made a YouTube video of him being an idiot? The I-Pace has a range of over 200 miles so quite how many chargers he must have driven past to get to a broken 7kW on 6% I don't know. People do like to add some fake drama to things. 60,000 miles in a car with a range of 80 miles on a good day and I have never had any of that nonsense.
  4. I think the launch price was something like £30k Citroen were selling their version for £12k at one point. The Citroen one was more basic and lacked the Mitsubishi's extra-regen B mode. It did this by physically restricting the gear lever's travel. You could take off the plastic moulding, file the slot a bit longer and gain an extra gear which must be the most Citroen thing ever.
  5. You are also programming them, indirectly. One of the things the Tesla autopilot does is look at the telemetry from what the humans did for a particular stretch of road when deciding how to drive it.
  6. That's the approach Google are doing with their self driving cars. All or nothing. The problem with assistive autopilots is that in tricky situations they give up and return control to the human who suddenly has to wake up and deal with a tricky situation.
  7. No technical reason. Tesla have a very hostile attitude to their cars being repaired by anyone else. They can and do remotely disable features from cars they deem to be no longer kosher. Have a look at Rich Rebuilds on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfV0_wbjG8KJADuZT2ct4SA
  8. The new Zoe is Type 2 only unless you pay extra for CCS. Foregoing CCS would be very foolish but having 22kW Type 2 as a backup makes the CCS Zoe best at charging. The charger in the article is a Tesla destination charger open to all vehicles and has a tethered Type 2. I'd be astonished if that Mercedes doesn't have a Type 2.
  9. I am constantly impressed by the high quality coverage of electric vehicles in the mainstream media. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8134325/Lizzie-Cundy-attempts-plug-Tesla-charger-250k-electric-Mercedes-Surrey.html
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    Panic buying

    Looking on Amazon right now those survival water filter things that let you safely drink muddy ditch water are all sold out. Maybe people know something I don't.
  11. Battery temp is certainly a thing if your car doesn't have active thermal management.
  12. Re Tesla Vs the Germans. Their trump card is the supercharger network. Sure your Audi has tighter shut lines but it does not have the ability to rock up to a charging site with a dozen high capacity rapids. It's going to take some time for that playing field to level.
  13. Mine's about 300kW shy of that. The bigger the battery, the faster the charge rate especially with actively cooled ones. Couldn't tell you off hand any cars that might get anywhere near that rate though.
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    Panic buying

    Got an eight pack of Dove so I'll have lovely skin.
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