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  1. This example uses 50mm track centres... I am still waiting for castings to return to me, I spoke to the caster yesterday, he should be casting on Thursday/Friday so I should get them next week. After testing and if all goes well I will make up batch of kits just before releasing these next month. Note it will be the EM Gauge kit first, as I the castings are 1mm flangeway castings. I will work on the wider 00 Gauge castings after i confirm all is well with the EM Gauge kit.
  2. Hi Guys, 00 Gauge Standard Crossover base is looking pretty yummy The Crossover kits will come in two identical parts that fit together with clips as shown: I'm about to send this kit over to a guy doing an article in Hornby magazine.
  3. I'll try and get that fixed soon. In the meantime, as Martin suggested print a Templot template.
  4. Nice work! I tried using the black eSun tough and it does seem to work well. I find if they are printed directly on the base plate, there is more chance of warping over a week or so. So I keep them on a raft with supports. Need wheel rims, but they run fairly true:
  5. I believe it's possible but to be honest I am so busy with all the other gauges I don't think I have the time, at least not at the moment...
  6. Thanks Nick, I've actually also made the rubber mould and waxes for the slips, they are also waiting to be cast. I really want to crack on with these this month, I lost a lot of time in August going away with family and visiting old friends Now time to knuckle down. P.S - Your 00-SF crossover looks great!
  7. Hi Guys, Quick preview on the EM Gauge diamond kit so far. I've made the rubber moulds for the K crossings and waxes are now with the caster to be cast in Nickel Silver. I've taken some pictures of the waxes in situ on the base: It looks like the rails don't align in the above image, but it's just because the base isn't sitting flat on the surface
  8. Hi Guys, Currently working in CAD for a 00 Gauge B7 crossover @ 50mm spacing (ready for an upcoming Hornby Magazine Article ) It's difficult to cater for every single formation, but as Martin says, these are only kits!
  9. Hi Bob, I am making the rubber moulds for the K crossing castings this week, then sending waxes off to be cast. hoping to get the kit done by the end of this month...
  10. They will be available from both, but members will get a little extra discount from the 2mmSA. No timeframe just yet, sorry.
  11. They will be available from both, but members will get a little extra discount from the 3mm society. Here are a few images, one showing it with one of the society sleeper bases:
  12. I went with everybody's recommendation of 16.2mm through the entire turnout
  13. Hi Guys, I have spent all morning doing product photography and website work, and have finally released the 00-SF version of the B7: https://www.britishfinescale.com/product-p/finetrax-00sf-b7.htm EDIT: I am still working on the downloadable template, so this link doesn't work just yet...
  14. Hi Patrick, I was comparing to the kits that the 2mmSA currently sell, which are similar to my current N Gauge kits (plug 'n' hole system). I'm hoping that the new format can transfer to the N Gauge kits, waiting on feedback on the 2mmFS kits first.
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