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  1. You should always look out for them when swimming. Should you see one you must immediately shout 'Look out, there are llamas!' Les
  2. In addition to 'brewing up' on the grass verges of various A roads , here's a few other things that I remember that have definitely changed since the 'sixties; Living not far from London Airport (as everyone called it then) a regular treat was for dad to take us there and park next to the North runway. Here, for a modest fee, collected by a man in a white coat, we could watch the aircraft take off and land. I seem to remember a small picket fence on the grass between us and the runway. (Also then many bus routes ran 'through' the airport - very close to the planes). Feeding buns to elephants at London Zoo. Buying small metal tubs of corn in Trafalgar Square to feed pigeons, everyone being mobbed by pigeons - the mess! Having to stand on odd items of furniture - and contorting ones self - whilst holding the television aerial in order to obtain a satisfactory picture. A reasonable picture having been achieved one was told simply to 'stay there!' Cigarette coupons. My mother smoked Embassy cigarettes, and a packet of twenty contained a coupon for six points - never buy a packet of ten because you only got two points. My mother still had things in her house 'bought' with Embassy coupons at the turn of the last century. There was the Embassy Catalogue, which offered such delights as foreign holidays - if one managed to smoke enough! Cheers for now Les
  3. How about a nice cup of tea at this point. Dad brewing up - probably on the A3 - in about 1965. We seemed to do this on every journey that was more than an hour or so- and at the destination the whole kit would reappear, with tins of new potatoes etc. Note the proper tea pot - and there were no tea bags! Les Scanned from an old print.
  4. RHDR No6 Samson - putting on a show just at the right moment. 1st August 2009.
  5. Ah, 3 car CEPs. As a regular commuter I remember these on the South Eastern - we had quite a lot (did the open seconds replace buffet cars on the S Western BEPs?) Funny, I never thought I would have quite the affection I do now for the old units - but seeing a single three CEP coming into view on the daily commute was no fun, nor was Conex's habit of putting one on the first off-peak Ramsgate to Charing Cross every morning (including Saturdays) which was standing room only after Minster! (I would attempt to board at Canterbury West). Anyway, great pictures of a railway we took so much for granted, and thought would hardly ever change. Regards Les
  6. I have ordered glue and some other modelling items online, the items can be safely left in our porch or outside. I personally think that if a shop is offering a mail order service then I am doing my 'bit' by buying something to keep them going. I know I'll have to wait a bit longer for it to arrive- I can live with that. We haven't had any post here since the 24th March, but I know my glue is out there somewhere, along with Boris' letter etc, and will eventually arrive. (As will the hose I ordered to unblock a drain which has meant we can't use the kitchen sink / washing machine etc!) If we can, and I believe we are being encouraged to, I think we should support model shops using mail order. (And any other 'reasonable' purchases). Les
  7. I'll certainly be doing some extra modelling over the next week or so - not self isolating, but informed at 5pm yesterday that our two week holiday in India has been cancelled because the Government there have suspended all visas. We were due to fly out tomorrow. Now the battle for compensation starts.... I have plenty of ideas for modelling projects to take my mind of things! Les
  8. Rugd1022 That one of RM7 is one of mine - taken on NYE 1978 at Haven Green, Ealing. That's my trusty Hillman Imp parked across the road. Posted on my Flickr account. I could have put it up in this thread myself, only all my scans of old slides went west when my hard drive packed up! Les
  9. Hi Jules Well done on ten years! it was eight years ago that seeing your layout encouraged me to start my own thread! Nice to see the latest additions to the wagon fleet as ever, that Mink looks lovely. Best wishes Les
  10. Collett Full Brake? Guess who voted for one Could be Gigantic though. Les
  11. The 'Combe has finally received some more appropriate road traffic. This little Dennis Ace is seen heading along Station Road - it's lucky to have made it onto the layout at all - It was a real pain to build, and nearly ended up being thrown out of the window a few times! Now I've built dozens of white metal kits and they all have their quirks, but I've never been so close to giving up on one before. It's best viewed side on from a distance! Another bus / coach is this Royal Blue Bristol. Seen here on a bridge (where else!). Still needs transfers and the paint tidying - but after the Dennis build I wanted something to get on the layout quickly. A different view taken using a mirror. On the rolling stock side a Lowmac has been completed. Here it is seen from the other side of shed. A little while later 9015 does some leisurely shunting. I'm toying with the idea of some video of the layout, we'll see if I can get my head round how to do it! Les
  12. Not Another OO WR BLT layout??? The more the merrier I say. Looking forward to seeing this progressing. Les
  13. Another photo from last Sunday at Cobham Brooklands. Also in service on the day was RM613. An interesting Routemaster in that it carries an early body which was built with non-opening front windows. The air scoops for the original ventilation system remain, but quarter drop windows have been added later. This actual body s No 198 acquired on its last overhaul in November 1983, so that explains the presence of the air scoops. Next to 613 is RF491 belonging to Timebus Travel Les (There are bus rivet-counters too you know!)
  14. An unexpected treat today was a trip aboard FRM 1. This was the first time I'd actually managed some mileage with this unique vehicle. I sat at the back to make sure there was the sound of an AEC 570!
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