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  1. Hi Graham I believe the code 75 SL110 joiners can be used to connect code 75 to bullhead. I may need a curved point and one Y also, so I'm looking at maybe cutting the webbing and increasing the gap between some of the sleepers. Les
  2. Hi Graham Always good to see a full size plan, it does show just how much space the large radius points take up! I have used code 75 before and it looks OK, especially side on, but the sleeper spacing is too small. I am currently planning Bishopscombe's replacement, and will be using Peco 00 bullhead track which looks much better. The only drawback with this at the moment is that only large radius turnouts are available, although I believe more options are on the way. The bullhead turnouts are more expensive, but I think they're a big improvement on the flat bottom 75
  3. Crikey! Would many of the planes usually be stored below the deck? Les
  4. Thank you Barry for your comment. The kit was a 'bargain' on a well known auction site. A fair bit of boiling water was involved in trying to straighten up the bigger parts! Also many of the bodywork part are supplied as clear plastic - which involves two lots of masking when painting. I should know better but I'm now tempted to get another Heller kit of a late '20s Renualt van to keep it company. Les
  5. Finally got round to finishing my 1:24 Renault TN6. Made from an early Heller kit it had a few missing parts - and some very interestingly shaped large sections of rather brittle plastic! The trickiest part was making a completely new windscreen, along with trying to straighten out the floor and platform. Any way I looked at it the other day an thought I must finish it, so here it is. Les
  6. Very sorry to hear this. Speaking from the 'non railway modelling' side, my main knowledge of Adrian was through his London bus kits. At shows I would always stock up on those things that no one else could provide - radiators, wheels etc as well as full kits. On one occasion- I think it was Scalefourum (Leatherhead?) - I took along some photos of some recently completed kits, I told him that they had been painted by my good friend Bob Fridd; 'I've heard of him' he said. 'Would you like to meet him, he's here with Road Transport Images'. Introductions were made and I went off to
  7. RHDR No6 Samson - putting on a show just at the right moment. 1st August 2009.
  8. Ah, 3 car CEPs. As a regular commuter I remember these on the South Eastern - we had quite a lot (did the open seconds replace buffet cars on the S Western BEPs?) Funny, I never thought I would have quite the affection I do now for the old units - but seeing a single three CEP coming into view on the daily commute was no fun, nor was Conex's habit of putting one on the first off-peak Ramsgate to Charing Cross every morning (including Saturdays) which was standing room only after Minster! (I would attempt to board at Canterbury West). Anyway, great pictures of a railway we took so muc
  9. I have ordered glue and some other modelling items online, the items can be safely left in our porch or outside. I personally think that if a shop is offering a mail order service then I am doing my 'bit' by buying something to keep them going. I know I'll have to wait a bit longer for it to arrive- I can live with that. We haven't had any post here since the 24th March, but I know my glue is out there somewhere, along with Boris' letter etc, and will eventually arrive. (As will the hose I ordered to unblock a drain which has meant we can't use the kitchen sink / washing machine etc!) I
  10. Hi Jules Well done on ten years! it was eight years ago that seeing your layout encouraged me to start my own thread! Nice to see the latest additions to the wagon fleet as ever, that Mink looks lovely. Best wishes Les
  11. Collett Full Brake? Guess who voted for one Could be Gigantic though. Les
  12. The 'Combe has finally received some more appropriate road traffic. This little Dennis Ace is seen heading along Station Road - it's lucky to have made it onto the layout at all - It was a real pain to build, and nearly ended up being thrown out of the window a few times! Now I've built dozens of white metal kits and they all have their quirks, but I've never been so close to giving up on one before. It's best viewed side on from a distance! Another bus / coach is this Royal Blue Bristol. Seen here on a bridge (where else!). Still needs transfers and the p
  13. Not Another OO WR BLT layout??? The more the merrier I say. Looking forward to seeing this progressing. Les
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