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  1. Hi Tony Have you tried The Hobby Shop, Faversham. My local model shop, and has a good website. https://hobb-e-mail.com/index.asp They have one of the best ranges of continental stuff I know of. (I model boring old BR WR - but I often have a browse in the shop at the other stuff). No connection etc, just a regular and happy customer. Regards Les
  2. Survey done, thanks. At least one long lived possibility in there! Les
  3. Through MarGATE, BroadSTAIRS, and RamsGATE, then stop for a SANDWICH. Les
  4. The Autocoach has now been paired with a 64xx, and is now a fixture on Bishopscombe. The pair leave bound for Bishopscombe Quarry with a workmans train - I doubt there were sufficient customers in reality! Crossing Canal Lane And the cliche arrives at the Quarry. I've lightly weathered the pannier, and renumbered her 6400 - a West Country loco during the layouts time frame - she now carries a Laira shed plate. The plates are from 247 Developments, great quality - and excellent service. (No connection etc...) I have some lamps and crew on order from Modelu to complete. Les
  5. It's early morning and the branch pannier emerges from the shed at Bishopscombe to start the days work. The signalman's cauliflowers are looking good this year, the beans are also sprouting - at least on one set of canes.
  6. Thanks for the comments. The beige is a little light, but I think the real thing would have faded by 1957-59 - I believe the crimson and cream livery for autotrailers was discontinued in 1952. The lining is actually Modelmaster's black and gold - the gold doesn't show up well in the photos. You're probably right about a 4575 being too much for one trailer - although there was an auto fitted one in the west country in the late fifties, (5511?). I think I will go for a 64xx, Les
  7. I've had an old Airfix autocoach for years, and I've finally got round to detailing it. I wanted to alter the coach, and decided a donor vehicle would be useful - mainly for the drivers doors. A repainted example was obtained from a well known auction site for a fiver, this turned out to have detailing fitted to the under frame and cab fittings! I have a spare pair of 7' bogies, but decided to keep the 9' ones to avoid damaging the detaining - so I've already compromised a lot! So the old body was stripped ready for repainting, and adding the flush doors. The interior details were fitted. The glazing is SE Finecast. And here she is - complete with very dodgy lining! And so, after sitting in a box of odds and ends for the best part of ten years, she has new life. To quote Jules of this parish - 'the cliche arrives' I'm quite pleased with it, the colours are Frod Rosso red and Ford Sierra beige. All I need now is something appropriate to haul it - a 64xx, or maybe an auto fitted 4575? Les
  8. Thanks for posting Roger. Fascinating read. I find these early tramways / railways captivating; I really must visit. I never knew so much of the course of the line survives. Les
  9. Hello Dave The S&KLR photos took me back to the time when I volunteered there in the early '70s. as a member of the LCGB . Summer Sundays would normally be taken up with sanding 'something'down. One day whilst helping out in the shed at Kemsley I was asked to fetch a bucket to drain some oil from 'Triumph', I duly came back, only to be told that what I had brought was a pail, so it was no good! Funny old game eh? Regards Les
  10. I think I'm getting the hang of things now. I may have panicked a bit earlier! I assume that the 'indexing' is still on going, as, if I go to my Profile and click on 'all activity, it says there is nothing there - yet. Likewise there is nothing in my activity streams yet. So I assume my content will appear at some time as the site updates. Les
  11. With the new buildings in Station Road completed I decided that the old Ratio goods shed at the 'Combe could be replaced with something a bit more GWR in character. The new shed is based on Watlington goods shed, although I have made the doors solid instead of slatted - it was easier! The structure is made from plasticard and cardboard for the loading platform and the roof. Here are the basic parts, The loading platform The crane is just made from some plastic square rod, with a hole drilled centrally for the chain to pass through, the large wheel is a sanded down shirt button - there is a winding handle of the other side. The first test placement for clearance. The old shed had some lighting - which ceased to work years ago - so this one has too, and hopefully more reliable! It will be used when visitors wish to view the interior. The new shed in situ - I still have to make the office chimney and the office steps. Overall I'm pleased with the way it looks, and being narrower than the old shed it frees up more space in the yard. Next job a new weigh bridge hut and a tidy of the yard entrance. Les
  12. Indeed, Stephens book 'Behind The Crumbling Edge' gives some very interesting insights into the management of BR. Another much older book is 'Man of The Rail' by (?) Pearson. Les
  13. Hi Jules Nice to see the new additions, I think I may 'borrow' your idea of using Railtec to do me some B set names... All the best for Christmas and the New Year, Les
  14. Well the new buildings have been placed in position, and the new back scene (complete with fewer creases than the old one!) has gone up. A sneak preview of the new scene as 9015 arrives with a short goods. A wider view. The less cluttered background seems to give the illusion of more space. Some new trees will help disguise the joins between the backscene and the low relief buildings. Hope to post more soon......... Les
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