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  1. Hi Jules Well done on ten years! it was eight years ago that seeing your layout encouraged me to start my own thread! Nice to see the latest additions to the wagon fleet as ever, that Mink looks lovely. Best wishes Les
  2. Collett Full Brake? Guess who voted for one Could be Gigantic though. Les
  3. The 'Combe has finally received some more appropriate road traffic. This little Dennis Ace is seen heading along Station Road - it's lucky to have made it onto the layout at all - It was a real pain to build, and nearly ended up being thrown out of the window a few times! Now I've built dozens of white metal kits and they all have their quirks, but I've never been so close to giving up on one before. It's best viewed side on from a distance! Another bus / coach is this Royal Blue Bristol. Seen here on a bridge (where else!). Still needs transfers and the paint tidying - but after the Dennis build I wanted something to get on the layout quickly. A different view taken using a mirror. On the rolling stock side a Lowmac has been completed. Here it is seen from the other side of shed. A little while later 9015 does some leisurely shunting. I'm toying with the idea of some video of the layout, we'll see if I can get my head round how to do it! Les
  4. Not Another OO WR BLT layout??? The more the merrier I say. Looking forward to seeing this progressing. Les
  5. Hi Jules Good to see another update. The vans look good, I wonder if many of the MR ones lasted until the late fifties? If so maybe I need to get one! Regards Les
  6. Another one from yesterday on the RHDR. No2 'Northern Chief' hurries across the shingle towards Dungeness station. The weather was warm - so no good steam effects unfortunately - but a nice day to out and about on the marshes.
  7. Thanks Ian. As a kid from London I stayed at a similar camp at St Mary's Bay - just up the road from Dymchurch, I believe it was a former Army barracks. It was 1970, and for an 11 year it was great fun, especially as on the first evening I saw one of these locos running past our playing field - the seed was sown! Romney Sands has it's own station on the RHDR. Les
  8. RHDR No1 'Green Goddess' shortly after leaving Dungeness with he 1.15 Dungeness to Hythe on 21st August 2019.
  9. I usually phone them up - check the transfers are in stock, order and pay - all in one call. Yes the discount offers can be a bit vague, and the transfers don't arrive instantly, but I've never had any not arrive. I had an email yesterday informing me that they were changing the service provider for the website, and it would be unavailable for a couple of days. I appreciate that's not much help if you're not on their mailing list. Just my own personal experience. Les
  10. Hi Tony Have you tried The Hobby Shop, Faversham. My local model shop, and has a good website. https://hobb-e-mail.com/index.asp They have one of the best ranges of continental stuff I know of. (I model boring old BR WR - but I often have a browse in the shop at the other stuff). No connection etc, just a regular and happy customer. Regards Les
  11. Survey done, thanks. At least one long lived possibility in there! Les
  12. Through MarGATE, BroadSTAIRS, and RamsGATE, then stop for a SANDWICH. Les
  13. The Autocoach has now been paired with a 64xx, and is now a fixture on Bishopscombe. The pair leave bound for Bishopscombe Quarry with a workmans train - I doubt there were sufficient customers in reality! Crossing Canal Lane And the cliche arrives at the Quarry. I've lightly weathered the pannier, and renumbered her 6400 - a West Country loco during the layouts time frame - she now carries a Laira shed plate. The plates are from 247 Developments, great quality - and excellent service. (No connection etc...) I have some lamps and crew on order from Modelu to complete. Les
  14. It's early morning and the branch pannier emerges from the shed at Bishopscombe to start the days work. The signalman's cauliflowers are looking good this year, the beans are also sprouting - at least on one set of canes.
  15. Thanks for the comments. The beige is a little light, but I think the real thing would have faded by 1957-59 - I believe the crimson and cream livery for autotrailers was discontinued in 1952. The lining is actually Modelmaster's black and gold - the gold doesn't show up well in the photos. You're probably right about a 4575 being too much for one trailer - although there was an auto fitted one in the west country in the late fifties, (5511?). I think I will go for a 64xx, Les
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