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  1. Yes, another corker. I wish I had a fraction of the skills on display!
  2. Yes, of course; if it works full-size it will indeed work on the model - except that you can't scale down either tolerances or physics, and our usual model tolerances, using commercial products, are way, way over scale. Sid Stubbs of blessed memory could do it, and many others have done it as well, so it's not impossible, and I never said it was; but in my bodging experience, it can be tricky, and I like to keep things easy because I get more done that way.
  3. Agreed - but the tolerances on the prototype are probably quite a bit tighter than the inevitably sloppy fit of model coupling rods, where we have such factors as not-quite-identical crankpins, slight wheel wobble and so on to deal with. I suspect it's no accident that so many RTR 0-6-0 locos have the motor driving the centre axle. Actually I'd guess that even on a CSB chassis, solid rods won't actually impede the springing too much. After all, we're only talking of fractions of a mm displacement, surely?
  4. The GWR added a bay (on the other side of the level crossing to the south of the existing station) at Barmouth to relieve the summer pressure on platform space, and it was regularly used by the Dolgelley (incorrect GWR spelling, so apologies) shuttles. It was also the only passenger platform I know of with a loading gauge just beyond the platform!
  5. I agree with you about the boiler. I have no absolute objections to the Milky Bar type - indeed, I used the one in the London Road Jinty with no trouble at all - but this one just didn't cut the mustard, so like you I replaced it. Being inherently lazy I just knocked up a quick replacement design in Sketchup and let Shapeways do the rest, giving me more room for the motor and gearbox as well as for a little more weight, though those big side tanks do help.
  6. The washers are presumably to stop the wheels shorting against the frame on curves? I tried that route myself but found that when the loco was reversing, the pony truck tended to drift to one side or the other, and it just didn't look right. I suppose that's why the instructions suggest adding a spring to centre it, but the hornblocks seemed less of a faff, and the resulting chassis will even cope with the Peco small radius points on my shunting plank, which came as a pleasant surprise. Did you use the fold-up buffer-beams as supplied? I ended up making new ones out of wood and using the etch just for the face.
  7. I think I just need to run a file along the top of the brake linkage; the contact between it and the coupling rods is minimal anyway, just a few thou; it certainly doesn't affect the running, which is excellent. Can I ask how you handled the rear carrying axle? I ended up mounting it in Gibson's sprung hornblocks rather than as a pony truck, but John now makes a proper radial arrangement, and I had wondered about trying that. In the end it seemed too much trouble!
  8. Very nice! On my own I can just hear the coupling rods barely touching the brake linkage when they're at the bottom, but I imagine you managed to avoid that trap!
  9. Like most other things in Norway, sadly.
  10. Subscription copy arrived 10 minutes ago, looks good!
  11. Decals (not available from anyone else) ordered in the middle of last week, card charged instantly, no sign of the product yet. I suspect that it's shambolic rather than evil, though still not really the way things ought to be done. But then the proprietor seems to have his hands too full to get properly organised, and can't afford to bring in help.
  12. Well, if it's any use to you, this is what a panel's worth of sleepers for Hudson-style track looks like - just add rails and some sort of ballast to complete. I can get them 3D printed for you if you wish, but a single panel does cost a bit ;-)
  13. It may be red now, but 'back in the day' it was green, as was No. 1 Talyllyn also.
  14. Being stupid (and totally mentally locked into what I do to earn money) I actually saw Decauville and understood Hudson, probably because that's what I have the drawings for. Is that still any use? Sorry to be so off-topic!
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