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  1. Additional figures have been installed, again from PMM studio and with some cheaper Chinese sourced figures in background locations A young family talk excitedly about their first holiday abroad which they have just booked in AirSol's travel agents. Remember, AirSol never give you a bum deal.... Wednesford Station might just dodge closure now there are people waiting. t's the summer of love in the Civic Centre Peace Garden as Tracey and Bill from accounts have a lunchtime office romance. In the meantime Siobahn, Sandra and Kel
  2. I used outdoor multi-colour LED floodlights for the shed layout which, whilst giving the desired coloured effects, are a bit too "spotty" so if I was starting afresh I'd probably go for the LED strip on a roll to give a more uniform spread of light. Using LEDs with colour changing effects makes a great difference, I personally find the blue-white effect is best to simulate a nice sunny summers day, whilst the yellow-white gives a slightly overcast effect. Orange is brilliant for simulating a nice summer sunset and looks good with illuminated rolling stock. I've uploaded some photos take
  3. As usual, a complete lack of official info on the closure but thanks to a trawl through the official notices at the Caernarfon Kremlin's highways department, it seems the crossing is being upgraded, and is having a new power feed installed as we type. I have to say, the crossing is a bit unreliable and uneven and could do with a complete rebuild, although it had half barriers installed a few years back after a risk assessment, they were piggy-backed onto the existing open crossing system, and they have had a fair few reliability problems including a spectacular very early failure of the origi
  4. Access to the village will indeed be via Penrhyn Drive South which as you say isn't really built for two way traffic. Fortunately, our semi-detached Parliament in Caerdydd has introduced a 17 day circuit breaker lockdown so more by luck than judgement, I suspect the level crossing closure will have less impact than had normality been resumed, but there have been notices put up in the village asking people to be careful and considerate when using the lane. Not quite sure how our infrequent bus service is going to cope with the closure and diversion. A Lloyds Optare Solo is quite a lump t
  5. Had a bit of a running sesh today using 1986 stock. I had intended to film it but the idiot cameraman forgot to switch on the external mic to the main camera. Fortunately I had parked the phonecam in St Flo's churchyard but whilst it got the noise, it suffered some flaring and focus issues. However, it gives you a good impression of where things are at the moment. I'll probably do some more detailed vids outlining the thought process and products I've used in the hope it might inspire others. Hopefully with the mic switched on. I took some pics as well. Everythi
  6. Will these replace the current tooling, or be an "optional extra" version allowing the older tooling to continue to be used for other appropriate historical liveries? Nice though for those modelling their more contemporary colour schemes.
  7. It's been a while since I did an update, mainly because of a number of niggling changes I have had to make, mainly to make the fiddle yard Heljan 86 proof. Having tested the old fiddle yard successfully in the summer with Heljan 86s which are by far and away the most temperamental locos in the fleet (although the Hornby Class 153 gives it a good run), and both propelling and pulling a range of stock, to total satisfaction, last week the little ****ers started throwing themselves off on curves, which had clearly shifted in the cooler temperatures we are now getting. So, a complete relay of th
  8. Beware of Google mis-translate when it comes to Welsh. Some place names will be derived from Old Welsh which has no modern equivalent meaning in a literal translating tool like Google. Take the Welsh name for "Lichfield" (yes, it does have one). It is derived from the Latin name for Wall, the ancient nearby Roman settlement on the A5 which was "Letocetum", or "Grey Wood". The ancient Celts gave Lichfield the name "Luitcoyd" or "Greywood", and even today Lichfield is "Caer Lwytgoed", or the "defened place of the greywood" despite the modern Welsh word for grey being "Llwyd". If you put
  9. Make, and you shall sell... PS Class 323 EMU for us self loading cargo fans. After the Mk2b/c of course...
  10. Nice, although not for me as just outside my timeline. but they look cracking. At that price point they do represent good value, and are a good development for the hobby, plus proof that there must be a huge, largely untapped market for post steam modelling when companies are committing large sums of money to developments like this. Thank goodness for the likes of Accurascale, Cavalex, Revolution, the box-shifter commissioners and others who are prepared to commit serious cash into more modern items.
  11. 86/2s were rebuilt in 1973-5 (ish) with flexicoil suspension and SAB resilient wheels to reduce the track bashing tendencies of the class, so ran from that period with the "Zeberdee" springs. The 86/4 was a Flexicoil rebuild of the 86/3 from around 1986 onwards (and some 86/0) which had the multiple-working boxes fitted when rebuilt to allow multiple working on freight and liner services. Eventually, when the "TDM" multiple working facility was installed the multiple working boxes were removed as they were on the 87s, so superficially they looked like 86/2s except if you look closely, there
  12. I already commented on your Faceache posting that you have assembled a seriously challenging team to take on the competition. The expertise, especially in the D+E market, is really encouraging for those of us who prefer our trains without a large tea urn on the front or preferably with a coathanger strapped to the roof. I think it also shows a strong determination to take on the UK market and hopefully allow you guys to spend a bit more time on the Irish side of the business. Now on Faceache I mentioned the NIR Mk2b/c fleet and their BR counterparts, so I'll mention them again. Crosso
  13. Good luck to her, she'll probably pass through the village if successful. I'll have to give the trains a wave if I'm held up at the level crossing just in case!
  14. Definitely a Lodekka, the VR wouldn't have been in service at the time. The ECW body for the VR was an evolution of the Lodekka design, especially for the flat front Series 1 types, but even as late as the Series 3 variants which became the standard NBC double decker, there was a remarkable family similarity with only the front being visibly different. More than thirty years of broadly the same body design even though the engine had moved from the front to the back is surely a design classic.
  15. I must admit I too like modern architecture and when I worked at Centro in the 1990s was involved in some interesting projects where we were trying to improve the appeal of public transport infrastructure. In the case of Perry Barr, it normally wouldn't justify a landmark building, especially since the Poly/Uni has moved, I doubt passenger flows through the station are that great although the rather naff One Stop shopping centre might drag in a few punters, but given it's temporary role as an important station for the Alexander stadium which will house a lot of the Commonwealth Games traffic
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