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  1. Suggest you post a question in the DCC forum. You'll need to say what decoder is fitted as default CV's vary between manufacturer's and even sometimes between chips from the same brand. I haven't got the latest Bachmann 24 (yet) and my two old version models are both sound fitted so their CV's are unlikely to help you. Good news is that it does sound like a settings issue rather than a problem with the loco.
  2. In my experience the Bachmann Jubilee is at least the equal of the Hornby Black 5 in haulage capacity. Lower geared tho (so lower top end) and not as inherently smooth running (that 3 pole motor and lack of tender power pick up can't match the Hornby 5 pole). I do find Bachmann wheels get dirty quicker than Hornby and this can affect haulage capacity as well as running quality - might be worth checking this on your example.
  3. When you say jerky do you mean it stops and won't start again without a prod (in which case Phil's answer above would be my first port) or does it run but poorly in which case I would look at my decoder instructions and consider whether it is optimised for the mechanism in your model. In my experience Bachmann chips can be very pernickety in this respect but are corrected by the changing of one CV as per the instruction leaflet.
  4. Thanks Ian. I knew it would be ok as soon as I 'won' a Comet conversion kit for an Ivatt Duchess on Ebay yesterday
  5. Photo on Hereford Model Centres site now and you can (just) make out that the black line is indeed present on the boiler bands.
  6. I think its almost inevitable that there will be a model of 6256 in LMS black - maybe as part of ltd edition?
  7. Kernow have pictures - http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/p/66896/R3856-Hornby-Princess-Coronation-Class-4-6-2-Steam-Locomotive
  8. Maybe I have been lucky but I have 2x20's, one from the first batch of 8 pin and the other a later 21 pin. Both fitted with Hornby TTS and both happily run coupled together.
  9. The plywood option has grabbed my attention now - I've got my layout set up but there are a couple of distinctly dodgy boards that took my an age to build - all time I would rather have spent on locos and trains! I may well buy a few packs to replace and upgrade at the same time. I can justify the cost on the grounds my hobby is railway modelling, not woodwork
  10. Both the previous and current versions of the Duchess easily haul 8 coach trains of rtr stock (including the heavy and draggy Bachmann Mk1's) around my tightest (hidden) 30 inch curve. I can't see the full Coronation set of light and free running Hornby coaches is going to present a problem
  11. Be interesting to see if it is finished in the same shades as 46211.
  12. Brilliant - thankyou. I love this forum
  13. I found a clip of the Irish compound 'Merlin' going like the clappers and it roared very like a Scot or a Jubilee but it was shifting so fast there was no chance of counting the beats! I would have thought I'd be able to find a decent clip of MR 1000 that could prove the point but haven't found anything definitive so far. I suppose its last steaming (1981 I believe) just predates the common use of video recording by enthusiasts
  14. Sorry to bounce this thread again. Being forced to work from home in the middle of the railway room (the attic) I am letting a train circle the layout as 'white noise' - its certainly less distracting than the radio! Anyway, I've got 41157 running today and I'm trying to imagine its sound (imagination is far cheaper than DCC Sound!). My question is, the Compounds being 3 cylinder, are they 6 beats per revolution like a conventional 3 cylinder loco or does the sound of the outside cylinders dominate so they sound as if they 4 beats per revolution? I haven't found a decent clip of o
  15. I think you are complaining about the inevitable differences between a display model and a working layout model. It isnt unusual to have to trim or omit some or all of a detailing pack in order to operate a loco. On the positive side the Deltic is a superb runner on DCC - I have sounded fitted mine with Legomans project and an iphone speaker and its plenty loud enough for the attic
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