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  1. The Ivatt diesels have the 'indirect' pick up method also used on the Class 40 with wipers running on top of the wheel bearings rather than directly against the back of the wheel. I found that soldering on additional wipers to contact the wheel conventionally improved the running of mine considerably, especially over point work.
  2. It has been said umpteen times before but a manufacturer needs and will make most of their profit from the first release. I looked at the list and thought the J72 and the 24/1 were 'must haves' and looked 'reasonably priced' then almost in the same instant thought '£106 for an 03 and £170 for a D11 - you must be having a laugh!' - Earlier renditions of both of these models were in bargain sales for ages at less than half of these prices - In fact I saw a D11 at Warley last weekend for £69.50.
  3. As with the Duchess I believe the gap between representation of the frames and the bogie is larger than scale to allow for the less than billiard table level track that most of us end up with! That said, with the front steps and the drain cocks fitted the opportunities to see the gap will be more restricted and from most normal viewing angles this isn't an issue. Incidentally the Duchess front bogie, whilst crude in form is dimensionally very similar to the Comet etched version of the same.
  4. Doesn’t really come across in the photos but this model had a real finesse about it, some very fine moulding including commendably thin edges and to the cab sides and tender and top. Finish was first class. I’d say they are at least comparable to the best of Bachmann with no obvious ‘train set’ compromises.
  5. Not posh enough for the ‘members only’ viewing but I thought the BR version looked very fine
  6. To be honest I can't help feeling the market for these is limited and probably 80% already satiated. Lovely model as it is, its a pretty niche prototype both in interest and geographical scope built in very small numbers. Hornby at the moment (and perhaps for the forseeble) need guaranteed big hits - I'm not sure the Clan fits into this category. Put it this way - a Clan fits in with my collection, I already have one and I wouldnt be tempted by a second unless it was at a bargain price
  7. Wouldnt be a show stopper for me - if dominoes are supplied I will happily imagine they are 'glass' In the same way I imagine most of the scenery and structures on my layout that I have yet to make or build!
  8. I have been swithering over the Deltic and still am as its a 'special' loco and my motive power department already has an inbalance towards the 'glamorous'. This on the other hand is a cast iron definite purchase and I can well imagine more than one over time!
  9. Using it as the bus on a layout that goes around all 4 walls of my attic. No significant problems but you do need to run a sliver of solder over all joints as the adhesive seems a pretty effective insulator! Once I've settled on the track plan I paint over it with my base colour and ultimately will add the scenerary on top. Having it on the top surface certainly beats working upside down in wires under the layout. Cheap too if you look on e-bay
  10. Available from Kidderminster Railway Museum shop - 3 or 4 copies there on Sunday
  11. I just started applying the BrassMasters kit to one of mine so yes - almost guaranteed lol
  12. I haven't got a YouTube platform as far as I know so you aren't following me (I hope lol). Both my 60532 (purchased new) and A1 60157 (Ebay bargain) are super smooth runners though I doubt 60532 has clocked up anything like 15 hours yet. The retailer I bought it from is long out of business in any case. I've never seen a stated 'life expectancy ' for a Bachmann mechanism or motor but Hornby cite 100 hours as the design life for their motors. Whilst we do hear of failures do you have experience of motors or chassis actually wearing out (to the point of being unusable)?_
  13. I do wonder how much benefit separate bearings really have in everyday use. The longest continuous running any of my models get is the 30 minutes each 'running in' when new. After that I very rarely leave anything on a continuous run for more than about 10-15 minutes at a time. I prefer to run an operating session so change loco's frequently - its going to be a very long time before anything has run far or long enough to have incurred any serious wear I think.
  14. Absolutely incredible set of books - I'm happily going through a page at a time in pauses between 'modelling activities' - I constantly turn a page and am blown away by the power of the image. If there ever were a 'Desert Island books' this would be my choice!
  15. Impressive but I think this vindicates Bachmanns decision to make a non working (albeit pose able) model both on price grounds but also on realism.
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