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  1. Disappointing and given some were earmarked for Q3 its a bit late in the day. Still we are buying because building is beyond us. I suspect the trick is to keep the delay short enough people don’t rush to the Hornbys.
  2. Its August, lets play cool for a few weeks. I could email my work contacts and half would be away. Sorry but every August we have people excited they have not had an instant reply from a small supplier.
  3. Well lets not explore that. Far from wasted as the museum stands on its own. There does need to be a sign urging people to go up the stairs as I confess I didn’t.
  4. Sorry, what is this? I was at the Middleton Railway on Saturday and saw no model railways. If I missed them, they were not well signposted. There were also no trains running on Saturday. Is this a Sunday only event? There is also no link.
  5. After reading the exhibitions thread at the weekend I was thinking how over-cautious we all are compared to society at large where much caution has been dropped. However, it only takes a small dropout of spending visitors, paying exhibitors or working volunteers to make the thing unworkable. Or, as mentioned above, by being the first, it could be overcrowded. The Warley club can not run the risk and so understand the cancellation. Leeds then Stafford for me.
  6. Well an interesting survey and discussion. I attended 10-15 exhibitions a year pre covid and look forward to returning. I worry though how many will be viable. We may see a rush back, as with pubs and gyms, or reflecting the demographic a demise accompanied by moans about price rises. As a multi show attender, I will be raising the bar. It needs to be good or special. I have visited most venues and have views. Masks are a no - spectacles steaming up I expect venue organisers will be broadcasting precautions on here but I will also read the reviews and be a day 2 visitor. I have avoided my local Tesco as mask wearing is poor, I try and shop on the way back to Birmingham from a weekend walk using better managed sites. I expect it will come, but the requirement to self isolate if vaccinated and merely in contact with someone must go. A number of my work colleagues were sentenced to 10 day solitary because they sat near some unvaccinated idiot who went to the pub to watch some silly football game. Just not a risk people will take in the holiday season.
  7. Its actually not too challenging to do. There was a drawing in March 2016 Railway Modeller. That article has all details but says there are no photos of the tender front. "the Stanier 4-6-0s of the LMS" (Rowledge & Reed) p70 has one. The tender is wonderfully angular so easy to do from plasticard. I scanned and printed the drawing, flipped and printed again. Then used 10 though transparent film and pressed the rivets through, glued to the sides and made a mould. I did the same for one of the hybrid 3500 slab sided tenders but less successfully . Right, I've never attached photos - but here goes. Iphone at night and i seem to have had some coal discolour... Tender, Master and QC fail..
  8. There is no information vacuum. Those on their mailing list have received 5 emails in 2021 already.
  9. Some people who spend too little time on Companies House are jumping to conclusions. Jim ain’t a happy bunny to judge from the mail he sent. The company struck off has always been dormant. That is obvious on Companies House. What it was set up for is his business. Nowhere on the MM website T&Cs etc is the word Ltd used for the business. Most partnerships don't have to file accounts only LImited Liability Partnerships. Companies House Records are poor at mapping multiple directorships. Jim’s comms skills are odd but give him a break.
  10. Well interesting developments. It will be interesting to see Hornby and Hatton coaches side by side. I worry the takes on the colour - eg LNWR plum might not align as these are not long established RTR colours. To me the glaring omission from product lines are pre-grouping brake vans. These open up a goods train of readily available private owners. Perhaps too company specific for the generic approach.
  11. Many thanks for the update. I appreciate that you are innovating and respect that you have tweaked your website model. The only query I have is that it is a bit confusing that the 4mm LMS wagons folder is illustrated with an LNWR van (great kits by the way) that is not then listed inside.
  12. Well its nearly 4 months in. We still can't see a way out. But COVID is really just accelerating the collapse of the model shop. There are other threads for shops remembered but stepping back the number that have closed within my range (from Birmingham) is massive. Of those that remain I struggle to see those that are described as an "Alladin's Cave" surviving. The cramped messes of yesteryear are history. There will be two clear changes. Things must be clearly displayed so they can be found. Rummage boxes are obsolete. Shoppers will change to "Ask" rather than "look". Quick in, quick out. Of the existing shops in my area I can see those like Footplate in Kidderminster & Cheltenham Model Centre surviving. However, not all is doom and the failure of many other high street retailers must open locations and reduce rents. Perhaps though the model needs to move closer to the European one where pricey products are displayed in quality shops. There can few other businesses where so little attention is given to display presentation for such a high price range item. I suspect manufacturers would welcome that.
  13. The shelfspace in Birmingham devoted to books and models has collapsed. On books one of 2 Waterstones has closed and the survivor seems to have lost much of at least one floor if not more. WH Smith is now a ground floor shop that shouts "short lease" and a large upper floor has gone. Ian Allan has gone. On models - Modelzone, Modelzone in WHS, Ian Allan, the Wonderful World of ......short leases, the wargamers hole under the library etc all gone. I will visit Tornado some time but they don't seem to have abandoned IAs short opening hours policy. Visited Parabellum on Vyse Street (military but some limited use for paints) but I need to lose weight before I next visit as its a bit tight. Exhibitions are the way forward for me.
  14. Yes but York there has been a 247 stand in the same place for years. York is also known for good trade. Good trade attracts those looking for trade attracts more trade. Its a virtuous circle but is currently working in reverse in many places. Specialist traders also get profile which drives internet sales. I attend a lot of shows and 247 had a change in ownership and, to me is a trader on the up. It is becoming an at show go-to place for Romford/Markit bits as well as the nameplates. If Cardiff was not too loss making you might consider revisiting, it might take 2 or 3 years of visiting before custom builds.
  15. An excellent exhibition. I am sure that when I first visited they were using 3 halls, though one had little in it. It seems to be both bigger in a smaller space. Exhibits were almost all of the best quality. One niggle, a bit under toileted for the number of visitors.
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