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  1. I started the luggage barrow last night. Need to get some brass rod for the axles Saturday, I don't have the right diameter in my supply cabinet. Goes together quickly, on the next one I might add a real wood deck over the brass. I'll post some pics this weekend
  2. A nice package of goodies from Southwark Bridge Models arrived last week. Some various platform barrows and seats. Looks like I've got a nice little project this weekend
  3. Not sure, Adrian did a real nice 5 car set for me in Olive, so that will be the longest no doubt. I've got a number of plastic coaches as well as a few Comet's I've built. I'm trying to stay Pre-war as much as possible. Just ordered a few seats and hand barrows from Ivan at Southwark today. always love to see pics of what others have and are doing
  4. Once I get to wiring them, they will be live. After all, dead frogs don't jump ! (much)
  5. Here are some pics of the progress (slow) of the North Yard (in blur o' vision) Here is an overall view of the fleet of Northstar coaches
  6. Over the weekend I turned the layout around so I can start working on what I'm calling the North side of the yard. Picked up some more turnouts and pressing on. I'll post some pics later tonight, once the camera is re-charged.
  7. I went to look at your blog and layout thread. You do really nice work
  8. I've also got some LNER equipment. I was going to do a small (2x6 foot) layout od a coal mine. Perhaps I'll work onthat when the "big" project needs a break John
  9. Hi Shaun, t Thanks for your interest in my project. There are only a handful of on this side of the world. I'll take another look at the Wills kits. thanks. Your pic looks like how I feel some days John
  10. I didn't get much done these past few days, but I've taken some happy snappies of my Nothstar fleet of cars[.attachment=249927:IMG_6415.JPG]
  11. Hi Ray, Love what you are building! Your work is inspiring me to get busy on my own project. John
  12. The coaches have screw links attached. Freight cars will have KD's. Always interested in the work of fellow modelers, how else can we learn new things?. I'll take the platform built so far outside and get a better picture of it. The side that is away from the normal viewing angle has the paper bricks that are supplied and the viewers side will have embossed plastic brick sheets.
  13. Adrian built a very nice rake for me. I'll get the rest on the track for a "family" photo. thanks for your interest Need to figure out a station nect. Was thinking about one from the Townstreet range. Thoughts or ideas from the the teeming masses are always welcome John
  14. Now that's it's cold out (below 70, into the 60's ) I Got some more track put down and starting to build some platforms I'm using Peco platform sides with Wills Victorian paving stones
  15. More than likely, you should be able to mount that shell on an old Athearn power chassis. If you need one PM me your address and I'll send you one
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