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  1. Page 2 and still no pictures of trains going to the power station. Surely someone on here can oblige...
  2. Pete, Thanks. I think I have got a Nikon Coolpix as well. You got good results on a point and shoot, I'll have to use mine a bit more!
  3. Superb shots, could I ask what camera you were using Pete?
  4. Yes thanks for the photos. I also liked the S&C shots. As an occasional traveller between Leeds and Glasgow I often wonder if there is any chance of the reintroduction of a decent rail service from Leeds to Glasgow that doesn't go via the ECML - perhaps via Lancaster/Carnforth or Carlisle. Could any of the RM experts give their thoughts on that?
  5. Busy day yesterday, a red 60 hauling a rake of yellow network rail wagons south of York in the morning. Sorry no photo I had the camera but was talking to a colleague as it passed. Looked awesome though. And then that kettle's support coach derailed...
  6. Great posts everyone. What an awe inspiring line this was. So sad and annoying that it got shut. It is nostalgic for me as my interest in trains and railways was weaned on old copies of "Motive Power" from the late 70s and early 80s. The main thing I remember from these magazines were shots of the Woodhead route and the Dawlish coast line. Fascinating, the nearest I came to the line in the flesh was going past Darnall shed on DMUs into Sheffield. Any phots of that anyone?
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