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    1960s and 1970s diesel & electric scene, especially hydraulics. Also very fond of Southern Region steam and electrics from the 1940s to the end of steam.

    Aside from railways, music from the 1960s and 1970s and classic cars.

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  1. Have just been told the warehouse has declared these titles as now fully sold out: THE DIESELS DELIVER - Diesels on Goods, 1960s - 1990s Crewe Remembered (second call on this one as we did find a couple of boxes buried on the wrong pallet, but that's them all gone) Stocks of these are critical, ie less than ten copies left so be very quick: MIDLAND RAILWAY LOCOMOTIVES Vol 2 The Kirtley Locomotives The PANNIER PAPERS No.1 94XX, 84XX, 34XX The PANNIER PAPERS No.5 16XX The PANNIER PAPERS No.7 54XX, 64XX, 74XX Locomotives and Railways of
  2. As you have mentioned before running qualities are more important to me as well, so not having either the Hornby or Oxford Radials in my fleet, which would you say is the better runner. I would stick with the existing wheels I suspect. Having spoken with Dave Ellis I suspect that the option of adapting kits is one that will not arise so I will be resorting to butchery/modelling and a lot of scratch building so the prospects of making best use of the rtr chassis is perhaps more important. Likewise would be using the same chassis I suspect for a Loch in the same way. On another tack
  3. Thanks Richard, what chassis are you using for your fleet of wee bens, please? Kevin
  4. This looks like a very tempting conversion was yours's based around the Hornby or Oxford Rails Adams Radial, please, also where did you source the chimney and dome from, please? Thanks, Kevin
  5. Sorry guys I am sure I am not alone in wanting to see how you are both progressing with your wee Bens as I am still thinking towards building/bodging a few and have looked towards some butchery (my basic modelling) towards some concoctions from Hornby Adams Radials T9/700 tenders and bits and bobs from Dave Ellis at Wills Finecast, all in the style of and not getting too stressed about a couple of millimetres out here and there. Likewise towards building a Loch as one or two others have given them a go on RM Web with some success. I also wondered if any other RTR locomotives might
  6. Just the whet your appetites these two are are away being printed just now and should be available around the first week of November. Meanwhile thanks to all of you for the kind words about the two recent releases on Deltics and Southern Electrics. Kevin
  7. Come on Terry what have you been up to lately? Kevin
  8. Some titles have been pushed into next year which is already looking very full, this includes those titles mentioned back in February (when Covid just seemed to be a Chinese problem), this includes the Woodhead book. As you have seen we have the new Deltic title just out now (it was delayed by a week due to the challenges of shipping half way across Europe now we are on the cusp of a full Brexit!) Meanwhile, we should have several more titles in the Strathwood & Irwell ranges in time for Santa's sleigh for release in around four weeks time. In the interi
  9. Any progress, perhaps... Hope so they are starting to look good. Kevin
  10. Add to the about to sell out and go out of print list: STEAM'S LAMENT British Railways Standard 4-6-0s & Moguls Looking back at AC Electric Locomotives Looking back at Class 31 Locomotives Looking back at Class 33 Locomotives Seventies Spotting Days around the North West Seventies Spotting Days around the West Country All likely to sell out before Santa gets his sleigh out of cold storage. Kevin
  11. Added to the sold out titles list from today we have; Looking back at Class 37 Locomotives, Eighties Spotting Days Out of the Ashes, Prairie Papers I, Pannier Papers I, Somerset & Dorset Files and Industrial Railways in the North West. About to sell out completely are: Eastern Steam Days Remembered Seventies Spotting Days along the East Coast Main Line Seventies Spotting Days along the West Coast Main line Seventies Spotting Days around London & the Home Counties Looking back at Deltics Crewe Remembered Prairie Papers 2 Fifty Yea
  12. The next two titles due in the next few weeks are both 96 page large format colour albums priced at £22.95 each. Last Years of the DELTICS 1977 - 1982 SOUTHERN ELECTRICS in Colour 1955 - 1972
  13. The warehouse has advised me that we are now out of Looking back at English Electric Locomotives, and less than 10 copies of Eastern Steam Days Remembered, the last few copies of both Seventies Spotting Days along the WCML and the ECML are in sight especially the latter as its full of Deltics, more of which soon. Also in the Seventies Spotting Days series London & the Home Counties is down to less than 35 copies now also. News on a whole host of Irwell titles about to sell out very soon. Just arrived we have the latest volume of the R.C. Riley Collection from the Transport Tre
  14. Not so much our new titles, however, nonetheless we are stocking and offering these new titles from our mail order warehouse which have just arrived in the last week. Isle of Wight Railway Art from Transport Treasury Publishing, £14.50 Softback 112 pages of lovely arty style black & white photographs from the steam era ideal for modelling purposes just like the one on the cover. Also in stock now and sure to be popular from Capital Transport Publishing. Steam around London £19.95 Hardback 96 pages full colour once again full of inspiration.
  15. Well done Colin, this is turning into a masterwork on the complexities of London's E1 trams, many thanks keep going. Kevin
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