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  1. Weston Town, East Weston Common Weston Town Parkway I'm being quite imaginative this evening
  2. How about Westhorpe? Weston Town Clethorpes or Westonthorpe or even Western-Thorpe? Name endings tend to be common-ish to an area but more usually associated with an area, Dale for example is associated with Yorkshire and Derbyshire, but can be found in Lancashire and Cumbria. Milliedale-on-Sea is set on Morcambe Bay, across the bay-ish from Grange-over-sands, although other '-on-sea' exist around the country, often the south east, having 'dale' in there implies it's northern.
  3. Quick test of the single piece DG coupling loops. I did make one on Monday, but it wasn't great so tried again tonight. Unfortunately I can't make anymore as the last of my wire went that-a-way when cutting it -------> ;D
  4. Work continues slowly, with the occasional gem turned up by the historical society...
  5. All boards are traced and the whole layout turned through 180deg to fit back into the loft so that I can start building the raised section across the back. Thought it best to have a look at how things fit, there's a bit less space than first thought for buildings but I'm thinking it's too late to tweek the track plan, partly because I've bought the track, partly because any change would have a knock on effect to another part of the layout! Thinking the best thing is to crack on and build the raised sections and then fit things around the track
  6. The in-laws arrive next Wednesday and currently their bedroom looks like this Boards B (being marked out), C & D below it. The space between rail and road is a bit narrower than I thought but it won't be easily viewable from the ends so may not matter... The Old Crown pub in it's expected position on the seafront, and the possible location of Hangover St, the location of the 'Old Cobblers' Speaking of the Old Cobblers, they've been busy aquiring details of how the B&B's along the front (next to the Crown) used to look
  7. So, today's progress. I've started tracing the track plan onto the boards, I'll have to do this twice, once on the board itself so everything is marked to figure out where to cut access panels etc and again for the actual track bed. Tracing has been done using carbon paper and is going well However I am wondering if the marshalling yard sidings might be a little tight? Peco's gauge gives two track spacings, ''set track'' and 'streamline' the latter being the narrower of the two. The sidings here are based on the short turn-outs and simply take the track spacin
  8. Well, we're pretty much up to date, the hard work starts, mainly trying to pull the baseboards out of the loft so that I can mark the plan onto the plywood, work out where access gaps are needed in the board for point motors (servos) and get raised track sections built. the plan is to have remote uncoupling using DG couplings, but I've not succesfully been able to build them without the dropper arms falling off, hopefully get some progress on this front Once the boards are out and marked up they'll be returned to the railway room but the wrong way round so I'll be viewing from the land s
  9. Some sketch modeling took place to see what things felt like with the raised track in place and work out the heights. bit tighter than planned between church and front lines enough space here for the brewery though. Over Christmas the railway's sea-front hotel was built but detailing being left for when it's added to the layout.
  10. They look good, might have to get some of those myself for Milliedale on Sea!
  11. So, dribs and drabs from the historical society at the Old Cobblers, they've been bribed into surveying the various raised sections of trackbed that still exist, some of it is a Sustrans cycle route, other sections still carry the single track line into the town but most services terminate at the original Milliedale station, only a few actually continue over the bridges to the insultingly named "Milliedale Sands" station, the less said about that the better! So, hopefully we'll have the bridge heights, lengths and, some research into which sections were arched, which were blocked up and othe
  12. I apologise for the lack of updates, things have been happening slowly but have neglected to update here (members also on the N gauge forum may have a sense of deja-vu) On a trip away for our anniversary myself and Black Ewe were staying at Hutton Roof so went to visit Milliedale on sea, specifically to see if we could find any trace of the lido / spa centre and in a way I wish we hadn't, it looked absolutely rotten boarded up and clearly disused and hard to see in, the only benefit of going was to see how it physically fitted into the sea wall. Black Ewe took some photos on her phone as
  13. might be worth having a look at 'minories' by C J Freezer as ideas of what to fit into space, it might be deeper than your space though. When you say 'coal stage' do you mean These beasties were for loading loco tenders with coal so you'd have it in the depot. speaking of the depot, if you're wanting to run tender locos assume the turntable is in the depot back up the line, loco arrives, runs round the train and waits for fresh loco to back down onto the train and then makes its way to the depot for cleaning, coaling, water and turning ready to be the next relief loco. Might have
  14. mine's arrived too, Really need to get on and finish a project so I can write about it for the journal!
  15. Small update, I've finally got a locomotive running under DCC power, Black 5 5305 Leonard Freear taking the honours. This was my first N gauge loco, it's about 13 years old and named after my Grandfather just need to finish reading the tech sheets from MERG so I can get the the booster finally checked and part of the set up
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