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  1. I am looking for a Spectrum 0n30 0-6-0 industrial tender loco, this was Bachmanns recent release prior to the Trench Loco release. If any one has one they wish to sell I am interested I have searched all the UK stockists I am aware of but none available, should an one be aware of a stockist with them please let me know I am aware that I can purchase them from the USA, but trying the UK option first Thanks Steve
  2. Paint locos Green or Black and coaching stock Maroon please
  3. If any one is seeking Hornby Coronation Coaches Tim at Arcadiarail Shaw, Oldham 01706882900 has plenty of stock currently ,2nd delivery received today, Best to telephone, Closed Tuesdays. I have no connection other than being a satisfied customer
  4. I was reading on here about increased pricing etc for the things we need for our hobby, but there are bargains around.........Arcadiarail had 3 Bachmann 0-6-0 BR (late crest) J11s in stock DCC on board, £92, now he only has 2! There are some other bargains listed also.
  5. Quick query re the C Class......... Does the latest release have tender pickups and are there Solder pads available for Sound loudspeaker use? Thanks
  6. To Be quite honest although we have purchased several SLW 24s, we have never seen the need for supercaps, ( should point out that the SLW 24s already have a smaller capacitor fitted as standard (info given to my from SLW in the early days), I have been digital since 1997 long before the concept of using capacitors to overcome power collection problems (and Bus Bars for that matter) I have built several ;layouts from Z thro to G in that time and providing track is kept reasonably clean extremely few power collections have occured Did the 2nd hand loco come from our friends in Sheffield?
  7. That is very good and welcome news Well done SLW
  8. Yes my returned Green one was rather similar but the cab windows were almost total obscured and its yellow panels were much more messy BUT the buffer heads were totally untouched!!
  9. My contact at the supplying retailer (Big H) seemed fully aware of the situation! They are OK and very efficient, I have dealt with them since the late '60s I used to have many a chat on a wet Liverpool afternoon with Norman Hatton, my job used to take me to Liverpool quite frequently!!
  10. The most recent SLW 24 I bought was FEB 21 fully fitted with sound on board total cost inc shipping was £305, it must be considered though that when the SLW 25s are released the price will most likely be higher, very nice people to deal with though. I cannot answer your query though but there would possibly not much in it!
  11. I have to agree as the purchaser of more SLW 24s than I should have, I have to add that in my opinion SLW 25s will probably be hard to beat or even equal.
  12. I received a WEATHERED GREEN Ref 2531 class 25 today, it is now packed up and awaiting ROYAL MAIL Collection service tomorrow for its return to the supplying retailer ( Not a long journey for it from our North Wales address!!) I was apalled when I opened the box the weathering is the worst factory applied I have ever seen on a RTR Loco, vertical brush marks are apparent on the body sides (vertically) the roof appears to have been randomly daubed with weathering paint and even the cab windows have had the treatment! so much so the interiors are not visible, (would have been nice if the person doing the so called weathering had wiped an arc on the windscreens to indicate the windscreen wipers 'path') I would advise any one thinking of a Heljan weathered 25 purchase to try to actually see the model first, but currently this is rather difficult!
  13. Ah yes I remember now £69, at one time we had 11 4-CEPs , but not so many now!
  14. I seem to remember buying 4 CEPs for around £80ish around 12 months after original launch or am I just dreaming
  15. Yes agreed I have made a few claims for faulty , damaged or 'badly described' items ALL accepted, including postage refund for the returns and not all were small amounts of £££££S either!!
  16. Have you tried Ffestiniog Rly shop Porthmadog. Arcadiarail Shaw Oldham Or try a Wanted ad on BRM OR NGRM forum Steve
  17. As an Extensive E bay customer myself I would point out that Buyers ( and sellers) are well covered by Ebay's guarantee in the event of faulty items ( I speak from experience)
  18. TIM has asked me to remind Modellers he is trading Via Telephone Mail Order and phone/click & Collect 01706 882900 Closed Tuesday usually His online listings are usually very accurate, and there are many items available which may be sold out elsewhere, always worth a phone call if you are looking for something not listed (eg PECO TRACK) I have no connection with the shop, just a very satisfied customer over many years I ordered again yesterday Friday at 3-00pm ( a multi product order) and it was delivered Saturday at 8-20AM
  19. For what it is worth I had an Imperium 21pin decoder going spare and needed to fit a Bachmann 4-CEP EMU with a decoder so thought I would give the Imerium a whirl!! ( Big Mistake) I would add that the 4 CEP was a perfect runner on Analogue and I am very familiar with them as there are others in use.here. Decoder was fitted and the power car was to be tested before re fitting the body, Attempted to start off with a crawl test, got to step 2 of 28, car shot off like a bat out of hell, and achieved a speed which was previously unknown on our emus, Then the trouble occured motor started to screech very loudly then all stopped! The cast motor housing was very warm to the touch and obvious over heating had occurred, Next action was to remove decoder and fit a analogue blanking plug to test unit under analogue power, this resulted in no response at all, I began to fear that the motor had burnt out, so I dismantled the power bogie to examine and test the motor, I found the motor was very 'stiff' to rotate the armature, I continued to rotate by hand to see if would free up which it did slightly, I then applied power directly to the motor and it did turn quite slowly and noisily, so as a last resort I applied applied a drop of oil to the armature bearings and the motor improved dramatically. I reassembled the power bogie re fitted it to the unit, and with the fitting of a HAttons branded 21 pin decoder the unit ran perfectly. (and continues to do so) I have used DCC since 1997 and have never experienced a problem like this one , the only conclusion I can reach is the IMPERIUM decoder somehow provided a higher voltage to the motor than it should have, thus causing the extremely high running speed (Remember the controller setting was still only 2 out of 28 steps) Thus causing motor to overheat and bearings to seize up. Comments welcome Needless to say Imperium Decoders will not be on my shopping lists again!
  20. Brian, Surely you have the right to obtain a replacement or refund, personally I would not accept the loco Steve
  21. HAs anyone with a decoder fitted example (ex factory sound version) noticed that the loco speed sometimes increases or decreases without any reason (ie no alterations made on the digital controller) This was also noted on a 'so called' review of the loco which has appeared on You Tube, The reviewer also stated that the loco he was reviewing was his 2nd example as the first was faulty Personally I do not set much store by these reveiws!
  22. Surprising as it may seem I have never actually met Tim or visited his shop but over the past nearly 20 years must have spent a small fortune, especially when I was buying LGB items when I was into Garden Railwaying, one of my sons did pop in to collect some LGB a couple of times when he was in the area, but apart from that it all been through the post. If you are looking for hard to find or 'sold out' items its worth a phone! call Steve
  23. Tim has asked me to confirm that he is still trading via Telephone orders, I can confirm that the service is excellent I have placed a few orders over the last few weeks, His cut off time for same day shipping is around 1-30 pm usually but I ordered an item ( a Digital system) at 3-30pm on Friday it was delivered at 8-00am Saturday. Tim has a lot of items in stock which are hard to find, his website is kept up to date, BUT there are lots of other items in stock not listed, so worth a phone call. Arcadiarail TEL 01706882900 ( usually closed all day Tuesday)
  24. Oh Well there are plenty of other retailers only too happy to supply Hornby products many at simiilar discounted prices so not a problem really!
  25. If anyone has a Farish N Gauge 4-CEP EMU for sale I would be interested Green Livery with or without Yellow Panels, DCC fitted an added bonus!
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