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  1. We're not really comparing apples and apples there. My point was that the same layout has almost identical power requirements in either DC or DCC. The power for the chips, lights and sound for stationary locos is almost negligible. Yes a long train triple heading will need a lot of power. But it will need it in DC too.
  2. A given loco does not draw more current over DCC than DC. The only factors are load and motor type. Current draw for stationary locos is so small that it's not worth considering.
  3. Looking great. Some homework for the team responsible for positioning the tracks and spots.
  4. Just another 4 of those for the first building then :/
  5. Oh no! It's all getting very serious. I now have in my possession a light meter so we can ensure that each part of the layout is lit to the level we want.
  6. Santa delivered us a selection of 'building prototypes' this year. They were full of toys for some reason so I just gave those to the kids.
  7. Another few hours of track planning today. Getting the turnout templates to fit to the overall layout, easing for the fiddle yard exit too.
  8. It looks bigger than it really is. It's only 20 feet long but the box construction makes it seem longer. The plan is to have it finished for 2018.
  9. And this is what is looks like when it's not in storage.
  10. More work on the baseboards today. All 5 almost complete, just awaiting glueing.
  11. You can keep them. I can't do scenery with straight lines.
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