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  1. Have we had any update on the Loch names by any chance? Gary
  2. Aw the dome and chimney I couldn’t tell the origins of them as they were given to me by a friend but I think they’re from a djh loco kit. Failing that chimneys can be made using brass tube and washers etc. gary
  3. Sorry I havnt been on rmweb very often of late. It’s the oxford Adams I used for the conversion. As the Hornby one has more weight which is part of the chassis and would need filed off. The oxford model on the other hand has less or infact nothing that needs removal, plus the boiler is in one piece which saves having to make a new boiler.
  4. It’s always interesting to come back to this thread after a long (ish) absence. I myself have managed to get hold of a couple of older nu cast V2’s and a peppercorn A2 to keep me occupied during the enforced house arrest of corona. They are coming along nicely as are several other projects, it seems every cloud has either mixed traffic or orange lining as during this lockdown I’ve done more modelling than I have done in a long time. My latest is an update of an old Hornby j83 which I have had lying about in a box for a few years, and while taking a break from kit building I thought I’d hav
  5. Oh well, a touch of modellers licence, either that or change to 60052. But not thnow though I think
  6. Just a quick one, does know if 60045 Lemberg even travelled, or is likely to have travelled over the Waverley, I know various other english based a3’s did so but I’m unsure about 60045. I have recently got hold of a kit built example of 60045 which needed the chassis and motion rebuilt but the body just needed touching up. So I’d rather not change the name and number because they’ve been nicely done.
  7. Well that’s my c16 conversion complete. I had the misfortune of having to line it out TWICE as the original set of lining I used, the adhesive on the hmrs pressfix transfers had a strange reaction with the paint and came off....anyway a second lining out and the reaction had still happened for some reason but not as bad (you can see a slight bubble effect under the tank side lining) but that’s only when viewed close up. In time I will re do it with model master or fox transfers but it’ll do at the moment. Gary p
  8. Well that’s my c16 mostly complete and test run at my local club tonight, some adjustment needed with the coupling rods binding slightly but that was due to using finer Hornby hex nuts on the older Hornby county con rods. Some filing and cleaning up alter and problem solved.
  9. That’s my c16 almost there now, just needing brake and a full coat of primer to check for and lumps and bumps before painting etc
  10. A lot more progress on my m7 to c16 conversion, the loco is now looking more complete, tonight I added all the plumbing, lubricator and handrails, Washinhoos pump and tacked on the cab roof, this being temporary as I intend to add a back head and cab floor etc. Also swapped the Adams radial long bogie for a slightly shorter patriot bogie and fitted false frames to get rid of the daylight between the running plate and bogie Just awaiting Hornby county coupling rods and then fit brakes and a few other jobs to do before painting. And I’ve decided that the identity will be 67494 which was a long t
  11. Loving your 61784, very nice indeed, I think when time and pennies permit a London road kit will have to appear on my desk. It’s so much finer than the old nu cast kit. Mind that’s not to say the older kit is rubbish as it isn’t but it’s simply from a different time.
  12. I’m looking forward to finishing the c16 which shouldn’t take long, and certainly much cheaper than the kit which isn’t so easy to find nowadays. £35 total so far.
  13. It’s been a while since I looked on this thread and very nice all round, I always look forward to seeing more progress on LB. I have been working my socks off for the past few months so not had much time for anything other than parenting and sleep. But recently re started some modelling. I have refurbished a very neglected Nu Cast k2/2 (just awaiting nameplates to complete it. Also all but completed by conversion of an Adam’s radial tank into a Highland railway Loch 4-4-0 and last week made a start on converting an old triang m7 body into a North British class c16 with another Adams
  14. More progress on my m7 C16 conversion with a Hornby Adams radial chassis used and modified to take Romford drivers etc. Just a push fit at the moment as there’s lots to do yet but I popped it on the track after removing some weight above the rear drivers to allow the bigger wheels to fit. Also opened up the bearings and it runs fine.
  15. Aye I used revell fillet and wet and dry, although I’ve since noticed that the sides have warped slightly to they’ll need bracing or they will crack again.
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