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  1. It is tedious rather than difficult. The trick is knowing which screws to remove and where to relieve the metal when replacing the footplate casting. The casting are freely (literally) from Bachmann in exchange for an email. Would it be easier to use the DJH tender? Tim
  2. J, Earlier this week, you were standing three feet from my copy of Ian Beattie's L1 drawing. I will do the necessary. Tim
  3. Hi, I recall a set of China Clay buildings being offered in both N and 4mm as a rather expensive kit but cannot remember the manufacturer* . They have not been on Ebay for some time but I would appreciate if anyone could inform me who made the kit. Thank you Tim *Not the Kernow RTP version
  4. Green plastic? Mine was white although I did repaint it to take off the shine.
  5. According to the Industrial Railway Society, the South West consists of Cornwall, Devon and Somerset as described in their excellent 'Industrial Railways and Locomotives of South Western England' As a resident of West Dorset, I have no wish to argue with their most reasonable approach. Tim
  6. Beaminster Road's water tower and home to a rather vigorous ivy. Tim
  7. On a couple of layouts, I have noted some rather impressive 4mm figures, one of which appears to be a railway worker taking an extended nap, unfortunately I have no idea the origin of these figures. Thank you Tim
  8. I seemed to have completely missed this post or at least responding to the kind offer, in short, I would be honoured to use such an evocative building on Beaminster Road. Just send a pm for further contact Tim
  9. Andy, Tom' s I-pad displayed exactly the same appearance as mine, thanks. Tim
  10. Has any changes been made to the format of the forum? Normally everything is visible but the 'status' viewer on the right of the page now obscures the main section when viewing on I-Pad. Tim
  11. The operative word is 'most' Tim
  12. Hi I bought the Ratio GWR post and wire fence with an intention to paint it concrete, however the majority of the fencing in these parts is agricultural which is best replicated with matchsticks - Household Ship brand are longer and consistent quality. Eazi-Line is my next purchase and I will copy the lead set by Westener by using a jig. Thank you Tim
  13. WHS have yet to distribute MRJ 218 in many parts of the UK but during today's call to their distributor, it was claimed that most shops should receive their allocated copies on 25.10 - that's tomorrow.I hope that this helps.Tim
  14. Hi, Does anyone wish to share their experiences with post&wire lineside fencing in 4mm? I would like to install 'typical' SR concrete posts but cannot find a manufacturer, the alternative is to use agrigultural fencing but as the barbed wire is normally stapled to the fence posts, how do you replicate this effect and how do you create barbed wire? If using wooden posts for agricultural, as opposed to railway, fencing what is the best source of wooden posts? When I can create some decent fencing, I will post the photos on the SR layout thread. Thanks Tim
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