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  1. Hi Thanks to all for interest and suggestions to date, replies in due course. Have found my GWR wagons (appendix), will try to contact B'mann soonest. Douglas
  2. Having lashed out a whole £5 at Chris's Crafts [Plymouth PL4 0NH T: 01752 665 007 ] I am now a Crocodile keeper. Made by Bachmann, it looks OK but the wheel sets and bearings are pretty antediluvian. Any suggestions as to the easiest/least expensive way of replacing wheels/coupling etc? I should prefer to keep it 'tension lock'. I have bought it to carry my 'Tugwell-Pushleys', the manufactory for such will be my 'industry' on my nascent trainset. It will gve an opportunity for a OO9/OO interchange. Douglas
  3. I have had considerable success using Derwent water colour pencils DRY at a shallow angle. They adhere quite well to the white print surface , any over colour on the panes can be wiped off with a damp cotton bud. Somewhere on here is a Metcalfe pub I kitbashed ten years ago! Douglas
  4. Might these help, too?
  5. Thank you, that is worth considering. At that thickness it would sculpt for subtle level changes, and track pinned/glued to stuck down card or thin ply etc.. Doug
  6. Thanks, S_T, I have not yet bought same, but seems ideal for land forms, especially in bits from a local building site skip! Doug
  7. Thank you to all for your considerations, I think I will steer clear of the stuff, at least for the purpose I have considered above. Doug
  8. Hullo Ladies and Gentlemen, can anyone advise me whether or not an 8ft x 2ft piece of the above will be 'self supporting' as baseboard material if supported at 18" centres across its width but not at the front and back long sides? Additionally, I presume I can peel off the aluminium foil on each side? I know it comes in all sorts of thicknesses, but would like to use 25mm as a SEEP actuator arm will protrude enough to be useful even with a ballast shoulder on top. Doug
  9. I have had this picture in my files for longer than I care to remember, it clearly shows at the upper right a retaining wall with a 1:10 batter. The 'pillars' being variously mooted were a way of breaking up a big job into manageable lumps and terminating each section. They also gave a neat ending to a run of wall. See also http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/40546-retaining-walls-for-a-raised-car-parking-area/
  10. An old photo, but herewith a Metcalfe pub re-roofed with Scalescenes paper to avoid the 'generic' roof look. I see no problem with covering M'fe with Scalescenes, perhaps using less expensive [and thus thick], say 80gm copier paper to avoid diminishing window apertures unless you feel inclined to take 1/64" off theside of window and door openings. Decorative lintles etc can be cut using 'scrap-booking' scissors. Good advice from Kiwi, I'd never embark on a paper textured card model without a roller in hand, and UHU stick is equally good as Pritt if its not to hand at your local outlet. For window treatment, cut the paper covering the opening down the centre and fold back ONCE THE GLUE IS DRY and burnish the fold with something smooth like the handle of your scalpel to maintain a sharp crease. Sorry about 'shouting' but thin paper will tear oh-so easily when even slightly damp. Good luck, and don't forget to post pictures! Best wishes, Doug
  11. With access to a grinder and an old hacksaw blade, this will do the job nicely. Doug
  12. Your'e quite right, Ims, I've found it now, looks a very solid offering, and nicely detailed, too. Does it have textured finish or is it my imagination? [from the web site picture] Piccy please! Doug
  13. I wasn't aware that there was a 'new' goods shed? The old one [below] is certainly well proportioned for a compact shed, and with the addition of some scratch built doors and weathering, plus careful concealment of the corner joints makes up quickly into a nice model to fill a spot whilst making something more original. Doug
  14. Hi, Jonathan, Still at the planning and 'finkin' stage at the moment, starting to set up some supports for my baseboards in the form of metal brackets around my little 9' x 7'-6" railway room, see below. Best wishes, Doug
  15. Just received some of the above, VG Star! Crisp and clean, if these had existed years ago in such a number of shapes and sizes I would never have troubled with Self Adhesive window frame cut-outs. The Sheet No. 4 [engine shed] of eight '5 by 7' panes and three smaller will save several hours work in S.A. alone at a considerable saving over brass frets. I recommend them to the House. Doug https://scalescenes.com/scaleglaze/
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