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  1. Brian Daniels has some detail shots on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/brianews/albums/72157626899648349
  2. The Parkin mk1 book (p.214) states: 4" white and 7¼" red for InterCity (Executive).
  3. Reminds me of something Uncle Peter said on Reeves & Mortimer: "I am working class, except at weekends when I'm SuperSaver class."
  4. The suburban-type coaches: with those type and position of end jumper cables (two control jumpers at the side and another jumper cable towards the centre), I'd guess at TS coaches from cl.501 EMUs. Notice that they also have dual-pipe air brakes, so not DMU coaches. As has been mentioned they are 9-compt so 57ft long and they are screw-coupled. I initially thought an SR DEMU trailer, but the jumper cable arrangement/hardware on those is different and those have buckeye couplings/rubbing plates/no buffers
  5. QXX RDB 975076, formerly BSK 34500. http://www.departmentals.com/departmental/975076 (Details given in the comments)
  6. You might not think it's perfect ( although I realise we're seldom completely satisfied!) but I think you should be proud of what you've achieved. Excellent pics and I have to keep reminding myself it's in N. Lots of different little scenes and you haven't tried to cram too much in, so there's a sense of space. I'm not familiar with the location but it looks like a real place to me!
  7. Ardrossan 1910 25-inch OS map: https://maps.nls.uk/view/82867038#zoom=5&lat=10320&lon=11777&layers=BT 1958 1:10000 ("surveyed/revised Pre-1930 to 1957"): https://maps.nls.uk/view/188143053#zoom=6&lat=5732&lon=6127&layers=BT 1964 1:1250 map: https://maps.nls.uk/view/130363549#zoom=3&lat=6358&lon=1987&layers=BT
  8. I'm sure I remember reading about a crossover between the AC and DC lines at Manchester (maybe in the thread about Mayfield station?). Not sure if it was only for use in emergencies, but in any case would be for diesel-hauled trains only.
  9. Have a look at the timetables section of Napier-chronicles, the services listed are either booked Deltic turns or those likely to have a Deltic (or at least a diesel), inc. named trains http://www.napier-chronicles.co.uk/report.htm
  10. Not found details so far but sixbellsjunction says 13 mk1s, with the train splitting at Machynlleth and 6 coaches going to Aberystwyth https://www.sixbellsjunction.co.uk/70s/780128.html
  11. bit about the old station at disused-stations: http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/y/york_1841/index.shtml (scroll down the page for photos and click through for more, links halfway down page for a history of the station and 2013 pics)
  12. Found one of the pics i was thinking of: http://martynhilbert.railpic.net/gallery/displayimage.php?pid=2941 Several units were withdrawn after service reductions in the '60s. States the accommodation bogies used were from the original L&Y units withdrawn in 1959. There are several other pics of withdrawn 504s in the same folder including ones in BSYP and blue with full-cab yellow ends: e.g. page 2 http://martynhilbert.railpic.net/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=11&page=2
  13. ISTR Parkin mentioning an axe (long-handled Fireman's type) was originally provided but these were removed after concerns over what would happen if in the wrong hands.
  14. Still on its original bogies too - have seen pics of other green 504s on wagon-style accommodation bogies
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