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  1. Article on Meols Cop at disused-stations.org : http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/features/meols_cop_triangle/index.shtml Scroll down to the section about the Electric Car Sheds: "EMUs from other systems including the Lancaster and Morecombe overhead network also came to Meols Cop for attention. They also returned upon their withdrawal in 1966 for breaking up."
  2. Nice pic of E10651 when new E10651 by Robert Carroll, on Flickr
  3. The 4VEP and AM10 were also new in BSYP with cast arrows. Amazingly enough, when the blue units came in, there were still some plain green (no yellow panel/ends) Cromptons around - have seen a pic of one hauling a blue TC
  4. Do you recall what day of the week you travelled on? The worst of the weather affecting the ECML started on the 12th Jan until about the 15th. Trains on the SR continued to be affected badly until the 18th, when conditions eased a bit. I got this from Derbysulzers, but no mention of any cl.45s https://web.archive.org/web/20160414112747/http://derbysulzers.com/snowb.html (scroll down for 1987) [Accessed via Wayback Machine as site seems to be down]
  5. Were there any major track renewals at Central in the late '70s? Must've been a tight radius or reverse-curve somewhere on the tracks feeding into the low-numbered platforms.
  6. The fastest WCML trains (110mph) only had NHAs - B4 bogied BGs with a special maintenance regime - until the DVTs came along, otherwise max speed was 100mph.
  7. Certainly nothing in the 1969 or 1977 ScR Sectional Appendices
  8. Regarding the ScotRail sleepers, today i watched a couple of videos taken in 1989 by 'Soi Buakhao' on YouTube. There's a single sleeper in a 4 or 5 coach rake being worked out of Glasgow QS by a class 26, so obviously a portion which has worked in at some point. (EDIT: possibly the portion of the Inverness sleeper as it has non-a/c mk2 coaches) The other is at Perth, where an Abdn-QS mk3 p-p set (in full ScotRail livery) has a b/g sleeper at the back next to the 47/7. It just says 'Sleeper' on the side - 'InterCity' has been removed but they haven't put 'ScotRail' in its place yet!
  9. Much is often made of how the Pacers could've been better if they had A, B or C or if X, Y, and Z had been done instead. However Pacers are what they are because that is what was specified, given the extremely restricted budget for their construction. In short, there was no money for anything else - the alternative to Pacers was nothing!
  10. If there was a need to, you could have a BG as well as any brake other vehicles in the train. Any van space was allocated by destination especially if the train split or coaches were dropped en route
  11. From a quick look, it says that 24136 was withdrawn in green
  12. The railblue.com site is down but available via the Wayback Machine. List of green locos at Dec.1976 (under pics of cl.47 & cl.45) https://web.archive.org/web/20131225060440/http://www.railblue.com/rail_blue_history.htm List of locos with TOPS numbers while in green (also contains details about black locos, D-numbered ones etc) https://web.archive.org/web/20131225055908/http://www.railblue.com/rail_blue_history_2.htm Home page: https://web.archive.org/web/20140310131824/http://www.railblue.com/
  13. yep, that's Cameron Bridge station (the village is Windygates) - still there, now owned by Diageo although I don't think there's any rail traffic now. I have two low-quality pics taken at the KFRPS site at (the remains of) Kirkland Yard in 2010 - unfortunately I can't remember which numbers they were (26 & 42 perhaps?). I went to their open day but my camera's batteries ran out, so I only had a Nokia mobile phone as a back-up!
  14. 1986 P5 book only has BN, WB & EC for sleepers Of the 1982 WR allocation given by eastwestdivide: 10603-7 WB, 10608-19 EC, 10728-32 BN, 10733-35 not listed
  15. This popped up on my YouTube feed the other day, I've no idea why. I initially thought it was about the newspaper, but this post made me look again. Haven't had time to watch it and can't vouch for accuracy but thought it might be of interest
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