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  1. And the Midland Saw Mill doing well enough to justify a travelling crane up to the railway.
  2. One of the latest threads (also has links to another one): https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/153383-milk-tank-liveries/
  3. From the brief period when the planned ETH locos were initially numbered 27113-24, before becoming 27201-12
  4. It's a class 124 Trans-Pennine unit. The cl.123 were the Inter-City units with end gangways.
  5. Discussion of this issue in this thread: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/167625-freightliners-environmental-credentials-down-the-pan/
  6. August 1993 at Stafford, nothbound train arrives with 2 x cl.90 and 2 x DVT on the front of a Mk3 train (5xTSO, RFM with no red catering stripe and only one FO). Then because of engineering work to the North, the whole ensemble departs under the power of a RES cl.47/4! (Train arrives @00:03 and departs @03:00)
  7. It is just a plain window in the vestibule area, the toilet is on the other side. Most Mk1 coaches had a plain panel here, IIRC the FO was the only other type that had these windows
  8. Two were required to provide enough power for a full 14-car train with 150mph top speed and generally higher-speed running compared to loco-hauled. Each power car was only 4000hp i.e. less than a cl.87 - shorter APT formations often used only one power car, up to about 11 trailers worth, especially once it was decided to settle for 125mph max
  9. Latest news is covered in this existing thread (link to current last page): https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/108784-iow-light-rail-conversion-proposed/page/42/#comments (Only posted in case you didn't realise there was already a thread )
  10. IIRC the Mk3 gangway doors were a simple design, with 2 half-doors which rotated back flush against the end walls when opened. It was the type used on the Mk2s which folded in the middle of each half-door (similar to folding bus doors) again sitting flush against the end wall. If you look at pics of the gangway doors from the outside, you can see the line down the middle of each half-door, whereas on the Mk3 there are just two solid half-doors. Colour-wise, I think I've only ever seen red gangway paneling in the buffet/kitchen end of the catering cars, the seating ends of these along with the FO/TSO/TGS had yellow panelling.
  11. IIRC guards could only ride in the rear loco of 2 x cl.20 when emergency brake valves were fitted in the cabs, early 1980s? Because the guards were not allowed to touch/use any of the main controls on the desk.
  12. looks like a very cheap version of a cl.24 - didn't bother to tool the side grilles and just plonked it on a pair of Commonwealth coach bogies
  13. Just curious as to when there became a need (and therefore an official spec) for a top headlight? I was aware the 92s have one but the Crewe Railcam crowd seem to have (or had) a nightly sweep as to whether it'll be lit or not. And of course, there is still a lot of locos etc that don't even have one.
  14. Vacuum brake with Accelerated Freight Inshot (AFI). Not sure of the exact details but I think it means quicker vacuum-brake application.
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