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  1. It's easiest to provide a couple of overhead views, as the layout is currently 'trapped' about 2yds from where I'm sitting, thanks to the lockdown. It was really intended to be a modern one-track terminus like St. Ives or Looe but I couldn't resist putting in a siding to justify some china clay traffic. However, I never finished it so there is no hidden yard beyond the little bridge and the rear siding seldom gets used. The layout is mainly something just to shuttle DMUs in and out of, although if I get adventurous I'll run a loco-hauled train and then back a turnover engine in to take the train out. I have Kadee uncouplers strategically placed to enable that. I've never had the courage to do it at a show! In the second picture, on the extreme left, behind the castle, the line passes directly onto a cassette fiddle yard but I don't have space to erect that where the layout currently is. The two baseboards are 4ft 6in by 2ft - the odd size is because they are left-overs from when Model Rail's test track was reduced in size. The tops and the raised trackbed are 1/2in ply. The sloping street and the bases for all the property are 5mm foam board. The fiddle yard is 4ft by 18in. If I'm being totally honest, the biggest 'issue' is alignment of the track/baseboard joint on the curve, and the turnout for the siding. Hope that helps. (CJL)
  2. I'm not sure what is available on-line, as the layout was well covered in one of our How to Build A Model Railway bookazines but these are only offered in print form. I don't think I have access to any copies during lock-down, unfortunately. I'm happy to try and answer any specific questions here on RMweb, or to post up any photos that might be of help, subject to the tolerance of the admins. (CJL)
  3. I'm told that Model Rail staff are not involved with the upload of material to PocketMags - indeed, the person most likely to have been involved had never heard of PocketMags! (CJL)
  4. I think that's just an excuse. I'm not aware of any problem with the file we supplied. (CJL)
  5. Culkerton, Tetbury branch, closed 1956 and re-opened in derelict state two years later, in which form it was in use until April 1964. This was the image presented to accompany the introduction of smart, modern diesel rail buses. (CJL)
  6. Freight out of Western Docks Southampton.
  7. Thanks. It followed a short session filming it on the wide open spaces of my Canadian layout but it looked very strange although it was a good deal easier to let the loco run. I've never shot movie with my camera before and I've lost the instruction book, so it was done by guesswork, trial and error. I did think that the one thing missing was some smoke. Can't imagine how you'd fit a smoke unit, though, especially with the spark arrestor in the way - and I have a feeling the internal part of the chimney is part of the metal casting and is probably solid. If I'd had more space, I could have shown how it 'coasts' when you take the power off and it continues gradually slowing down without the slowing 'chuffs'. I did discover, though, that pressing the red button over-rides the stay alive and brings the loco to an immediate stop - important when you've only got a 3ft long diorama to work on. (CJL)
  8. Finally got round to figuring out how to do movie with my camera. John Gay at Digitrains has fitted one of my 'J70s' with sound and a 'stay alive' capacitor. Filming and driving it at the same time - on a diorama that's just 3ft long, was a bit challenging. (CJL)
  9. With research and specification - and investment - by Model Rail, all aimed at catering to demand. (CJL)
  10. Rapido have said they are not pursuing their own UK projects for the time being. That comment mainly related to Birmingham buses, a gunpowder van and a diesel loco. As I understand it, the second Birmingham bus is now going ahead, the gunpowder van is dropped and the diesel has been taken up by another manufacturer. The 'E1' is not their own project, it's Model Rail's project being produced by Rapido for Model Rail. (CJL)
  11. There's some CAD images of the Class 11 and the PWM in the latest Model Rail (MR274)
  12. Yes, I know. At present we're working on the 16XX with Rapido and the diesel shunters with Heljan plus the VoR tank direct. We're currently awaiting livery samples for the 16XX and when we've Ok'd them, we can start to look at the Brighton loco. (CJL)
  13. I first saw this railway in 1976 when it was still CP Rail and the track was in an appalling state then. It took until 2011 for service to be withdrawn because of the track condition and to be fair some improvements had been done. Overall, however, contaminated ballast and rotten sleepers seemed to be the norm. I can't see any likelihood of rail service ever being restored. The ICF exists to preserve the right of way as a transport corridor not necessarily as a railway. It is possible that some sort of tourist operation could be viable on the Port sub if cruise ships call at Alberni but otherwise this is just another in the long saga of reports that don't lead anywhere.
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