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  1. I certainly have. It has been exhibited at Model Rail Live in Barrow Hill and at Newark but it is big and difficult to transport, so it won't go to club shows as it would be unfair to charge them the transport costs. It was due to go to the KWVR last year but Covid put paid to that. Contrary to the comment further back, it has been very well received at the shows it attended. Most viewers are not interested in seeing half an hour's shunting. They just watch a couple of trains go by. With specially made figures of the children, Perks and Daddy and Mr. Mitchell the guard, there's plenty to look
  2. Sorry, I stopped making my cast parts about 15 years ago when my casting machine 'died'. It wasn't worth the cost of replacing it and I'd become tired of spending hot summer days sweltering in a shed labouring over a metal melting pot! (CJL)
  3. Rapido will know exactly where you can borrow a pair of flares!
  4. Only three Hawksworth brake composites, W 7374-6 were converted to slip coaches in 1958 and all were double-ended. They were painted chocolate and cream to match the 'Cornish Riviera' which slipped for Weymouth at Heywood Road Junction. They were used on the last slip services, in June 1960 at Didcot off the 7am Weston-super-Mare-Paddington and the last of all, W7374W off the 5.10pm Paddington-Wolverhampton, at Bicester on September 9 1960. After that, stripped of their slip apparatus, they were used on local services around Taunton and one is frequently seen in photos of the Chard service. Al
  5. I think it's unlikely that there will be re-runs any time soon, due to the number of other projects to which MR is committed, but you can never say never. Both the J70 and the USA have shown the high level of interest that there is in the standard BR liveries, compared to specials, one-offs and earlier big four liveries, but predicting that balance for a production run is never easy. (CJL)
  6. Certainly was! ....and at a time when a chocolate and cream one on the Western Region was already becoming a rare sight! I have a feeling that S2464 was particularly selected for Churchill's funeral as being a gangway vehicle to allow the Guard of Honour to be changed during the journey. Otherwise, presumably, the Edith Cavell van could have been used. Handborough, the day after, with the 'staging' that enabled the coffin to be easily withdrawn from the van, still in place. A crossover was installed to give the train direct access to the up platform from the down line, and a white post marked
  7. There was, at that time, a certain kudos to having a corporate Coat-of-Arms - I'm not even sure the term logo existed at the time. There were, too problems with logos - remember the 'arrow of indecision' which looked absurd on the funnels of Sealink ships because the up and down lines had to be reversed, otherwise it only looked silly! (CJL)
  8. Yes, I'm afraid MR-205 is now sold out. We were notified earlier this week. (CJL)
  9. I have checked the references which I supplied for this model. It was practice for locomotives which had no obvious 'front' to have left-facing lions on both sides. That is what 18000 had. Though steam locomotives did feature a right-facing version of the early logo, the later version was put forward to the College of Arms for acceptance as a coat-of-arms. I once discussed this with a gentleman who rejoiced in the title of Portcullis Pursuivant at the College of Arms. He told me that two versions of a coat-of-arms were not permitted and that BR had been obliged to adopt the left-facing version
  10. Which version of the lion are you referring to, early or late? (CJL)
  11. Yes, of course there will always be someone out there who knows more about a particular prototype than any one of us but in order to make use of his knowledge you've got to know who he is and how to contact him. That would require an up to date contact list of formidable length. And he's got to be willing to have his 'brains picked' and to respond quickly. These days, manufacturers often enlist the help of a known expert in the development of the model, so one can't use the same person as an expert reviewer. I have, in the past, occasionally made use of freelance reviewers because that person
  12. One of the advantages - probably the only advantage - that the amateur on-line reviewer has over the likes of us professionals, is that he can draw much more quickly on the experience of a large number of other purchasers of the same model. This is certainly useful on the rare occasions that a model exhibits some electrical or mechanical fault which is only apparent in some specific circumstance. A retrospective review might be able to make use of that, too, but how long does one wait? Chances are, these days, that by the time the retrospective review was published, the model would have sold o
  13. Hi, I'm an average joe model railway journalist - a pretty offended average joe model railway journalist at that! I started in 1963, so I also suffer from being a fairly experienced average Joe model railway journalist. Not that that counts for much these days, when anyone can set themselves up as a reviewer. We were an elite bunch. I once worked out that there were fewer than 20 of us in World. I was trained by Alan Williams, who pretty much set the standard for modern day model reviewing. I think the first thing I reviewed (or I remember reviewing) was the GEM FR 0-4-0ST Prince. I had to bui
  14. That's OK if duplication (which I personally dislike) results in two models of the same loco appearing around the same time, which did happen with one of the BR 4-6-0s if I recall correctly. However, things move fast in the hobby these days and it would not be fair to compare a 2021 model with one which appeared several years ago. (CJL)
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