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  1. dibber25

    New Hornby Rocket

    Speaking of 'period' figures, I've been looking for a Scotsman ( to suit the 'Outlander' period) preferably without bagpipes or a musket. Langley comes closest but despite the fact that Preiser and Noch do all manner of really off-beat figures, they don't do a kilted man as far as I can find. Wargaming figures are generally too small (or too big) and quite crude. Trouble is, try putting 'Scotsman' and 'OO' into any search engine and you can imagine what you'll get!! (CJL)
  2. The spare lamp irons were always going to be separate parts. The only change has been to the groupings of liveries/details under catalogue reference numbers and one or two changes to running numbers following emergence of further references. (CJL)
  3. I don't have copies of MR at home so I can't check until I'm next in the office, which may be tomorrow. Can't now recall which buildings I covered in any detail as I used several different methods, depending on how the end product needed to look. I'm currently working at home building a layout but need to pop in the office for a meeting tomorrow. Polwyddelan will be on show at Egham MRS exhibition on March 21 and at our village's Railway Children Day in Barnwell village, Northants, on 23 May. These may well be the last shows that I attend with a layout. (CJL)
  4. As one who knew George, used many of his pictures in print over the years, some of the comments above suggest to me that publishers should include a short piece about the photographer and his work by way of introduction to those who are apparently too young to know of the photographer, his reputation or the conditions under which he took his pictures. Perhaps they are unaware of the relationship between the railway and authorised photographers, which existed until it was overwhelmed in the run-up to the end of steam? George's own prints were usually superb but he printed huge sizes, too big for easy storage, which resulted in damaged edges which required either retouching (difficult before Photoshop) or cropping to eliminate damaged areas. He was interested in the picture, not the train, its time or its destination, so he seldom recorded such things, even if he knew them. Mostly, his caption, hand-written on the back of the print would be "Castle in the Hills" or "King talks to the sky" or some such lyrical wording which wasn't much help - particularly if the book required the usual formulaic caption - location, loco, train, time, date, credit. I went, once, to negotiate (unsuccessfully) the purchase of his negatives - they were kept in a shoe box. (CJL)
  5. I've also read that it is incorrectly attributed to the PD&SWR and was actually an LSWR vehicle. The PD&SWJR connection seems to have originated from its frequent use on the Callington branch. Never did succeed in making a satisfactory model from that etched kit. (CJL)
  6. While working on some Model Rail proofs recently, I inserted an apostrophe into Hatton's. Our Sub-Editor made me remove it and then produced an official e-mail in which we were told that the apostrophe has been dropped from the Hattons name. (CJL)
  7. Yes, I think there's a proof alteration that's not been made correctly. 'Like' has been substituted for 'the same as' but only the word 'as' has been deleted. (CJL)
  8. The sell-through on all our previous exclusives (Sentinel and USA 0-6-0T) has generally been longer than one year. A particularly popular livery/number may sell out more quickly but, in general, a run of several thousand should last longer than a year, otherwise you get frustrations from customers who have missed out. Though we welcome and encourage pre-orders (currently on the 16XX) we don't just order enough to cover the pre-orders, unlike Rapido's own practice with many of their models. However, I wouldn't expect to be thinking about a second run until after most of them have sold out. (CJL)
  9. Infrastructure-wise I would think that you would need to eliminate ungated/foot crossings (which might mean the legal procedure to stop up rights of way or providing very expensive accessible footbridges, while level crossings would need to be either manned gates or full barriers operated by CCTV or automatic half barriers. Major roads would need to be bridged.(CJL)
  10. At present there are no plans for a second run of 'J70s'. (CJL)
  11. This is a first shot off the tooling, designed to check the look and fit of the plastic body parts. The picture has come from the USA - we don't yet have the model to hand but it is clear from the other pictures that the chassis requires attention to the positioning of both the coupler mountings as these are currently positioned to clear a cross-rod of the brake gear. A solution will be found to allow for brake gear and a correctly positioned coupling. There are other matters which will also need attention but that is what a first shot off the tooling is for, to identify things which need further work. Once we have the actual model in our hands I've no doubt that we'll find other matters to be remedied but we thought that modellers might like to have an early glimpse of something that we're excited about even if it isn't yet perfect. It will, of course, still have the NEM-pocket-mounted tension-lock, as that is the current British standard on RTR models. (CJL)
  12. Authoritative material written by people who either experienced it first-hand or have researched it thoroughly is increasingly hard to source, not just for GWR but for BR Western Region. None of the Big Four is awash with material but the GWR/WR is by far the worst in this respect. Magazines in the historic rail sector have to be financed largely from copy sales and their target audience is suffering constant attrition due to age. There simply are not enough advertisers whose product is relevant and for the few that there are, very narrowly-focussed specialist magazines struggle to balance their advertising rates at a level that makes them any profit while being affordable to businesses which generally have very limited budgets. Having worked in this sector for over 50 years I certainly wouldn't advise anyone to sink money into a new launch into what is a declining market. (CJL)
  13. When I was at the Hornby press day I noticed, among the logos on the wall in reception, a Warlord Games logo. When the Steampunk range was announced I asked about that logo and was told that Hornby already has marketing links with that organisation. (CJL)
  14. I was in North American mode when I wrote that. I wonder if the PWM shunter that I used to see at Theale PWPAD ever got as far a Reading train station....... lights blue touch paper and retires! (CJL)
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