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  1. I remember seeing 117s with that arrangement, too. Could never understand why there were different shapes. (CJL)
  2. I have asked for the ducks to be re-aligned.......(CJL)
  3. I have asked Rapido to give me a timeline and await a response. The above is speculation and has not come from Model Rail. (CJL)
  4. dibber25

    Little Muddle

    I don't recall doing a conversion (that doesn't mean I didn't do one - just that the memory isn't that great these days). I certainly built the Westward two-car kit which went on Lima chassis. Subsequently I mentioned in print that I would like to see a railcar with underfloor drive*. Stewart Hine contacted me and offered to build one. I sent him the Westward model and it came back with a mechanism that Stewart had built, which was under the floor. I still have it. * Looks like, 35 years on, we're soon to get an underfloor powered railcar from Heljan. (Dapol's 121/122 are 'almost' under-floor powered but the floor is slightly raised.
  5. At the time it was suggested as a replacement for Budd cars on BC Rail. I believe it did a run to Squamish although I've never seen pictures. At the time the Cariboo Dayliner was the longest RDC run in the World. Can you imagine 456 miles in a Pacer?!! My understanding at the time was that the draught under the doors and the lack of air conditioning were the main deterrents to Pacers being purchased for use in Canada. In fact, I doubt anyone seriously considered the idea but it did provide something 'modern' to run at Expo, where the railway side otherwise concentrated on a run-by of historic steam. (CJL)
  6. The caption to Michael Wilkie's picture reads: Passenger Extra RB-100 east crossing the Serpentine River at mileage 11.9 Fraser Valley subdivision on BC Hydro Rail at 9.45am June 28 1986. Michael supplied the photo to me at the time. We were corresponding mainly about the railways on Vancouver Island. I believe he passed away some years ago. (CJL)
  7. There are no plans to suspend pre-ordering. (CJL)
  8. I have now tabulated a list of the revisions to catalogue numbers and running numbers of the 16XX models and have included it below. I have simply cross-referenced from the current advertisement to the previous one. Please be advised that I have no idea why the changes were made (doubtless there was good reason behind them) or of the logic behind particular choices, so there's no point asking. I understand that Rapido is currently in process of revising the artwork to suit. (CJL) 16XX number revisions.docx
  9. I don't think many of the 22 choices have changed and I've no idea what led to the changes. I will endeavour to unravel it and provide a list of the changes, but it will take a day or two as I only work part-time. (CJL)
  10. The Vale of Rheidol 2-6-2T is a Model Rail project which does not involve any of the existing suppliers (Dapol/Bachmann/Rapido/Heljan). It is not in any queue. (CJL)
  11. No, John, I'm not saying Bob83a is incorrect. You asked about a definitive on-line list of the spec for each version. I said that I am not aware of such a list but that the spec is the same apart from a couple with Busby chimneys and the position of certain spare-lamp irons which are being supplied as a separate etch anyway. Some model numbers/running numbers have been changed and the information has been sent to enable the website to be updated. Kernow will contact any customers whose pre-ordered loco has changed. I do not have any further information as I've literally only picked up temporary responsibility for this project today. (CJL)
  12. Hornby does have the Harry Potter licence and the Knight Bus is produced by Corgi in 4mm scale. (CJL)
  13. Sorry, I'm not aware of any such list at present. I understand that the only spec variations are the position of spare-lamp irons, which varied between locomotives, and the 'busby' chimney. The spare-lamp irons are being supplied as a separate etch for fitting by the purchaser. The alternative 'busby' chimney will be supplied with appropriate locomotives. (CJL)
  14. There will be no need to cancel orders. There is likely to be plenty of opportunity to switch to a different number before delivery as the production run quantities will not be matched precisely to the pre-orders. (CJL)
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