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  1. Yes, it's early to be looking at Christmas movies but I had an idea for a magazine feature for the Christmas issue and that means it has to be done now. The idea has a serious flaw, though. Where the heck do I find a Christmas tree now?!! (CJL)
  2. The Hornby-Dublo coupling was OK in the early days when it was the blackened, pressed metal style but when they moved to that super-thick and heavy plastic version it was ugly and unreliable, being impossible to bend back into shape when it inevitably drooped. The only thing worse than that was the tension-lock. However, neither of them looks remotely like a British three-link or screw coupling and if you fit something that looks right, it won't work on train set curves. (CJL)
  3. I subsequently found a slightly better sequence of the moving train and paused it. It certainly does look like that Shell-liveried R1 except that some 'artwork' a red spot and a blue/green patch have been pasted over the Shell logo. I wonder what coupling it has to attach it to American freight cars? The Hornby-Dublo R1has those distinctive 'oval' front spectacle windows, so that would seem to confirm it. What a strange choice, though. I suspect the film company enlisted the help of a local British modeller or model club and that's what they were given. (CJL)
  4. At present all effort is on getting the '16XX' pannier tank into stock and out to our customers. I have no up-to-date information. I saw a picture of finished body shells a couple of weeks ago. I still hope we'll have models in stock within Q4 2020 but nothing is certain these days. The 'E1' will follow on after the '16XX' and will be to the same high standard set by Rapido with both the J70 and the 16XX. (CJL)
  5. That sounds like a possibility , thanks. The movie is on Prime Video, not Netflix - a hazard of switching between the two while searching. (CJL)
  6. I really didn't know where might be best to post this, so in the end I thought I'd trust it to the moderator. I've been researching those Christmas layouts that always appear in the kids' toy store in Christmas movies. You know, the Lionel F-unit with three freight cars on a circuit of track round a Christmas tree, with the whole lot covered in 'snow'. It's been the usual story - when you're looking for something, you can't find it but when you're not really looking.... Well, tonight I watched 'Hearts of Christmas' on Prime Video. It's a cheesy rom-com but there's a side story about a trainset. The box, I guess is a made-up studio prop, but there's one brief shot of the train....running round the Christmas tree in the shop. You'll need to hit pause at that moment. I've re-watched it several times and I'm pretty certain I'm seeing a Hornby-Dublo 'R1' 0-6-0T (in a strange grey livery) hauling three or four American freight cars. Am I correct? Was the 'R1' ever sold in a North American train set? It's two-rail track, with what looks to be brass-coloured rails. (Meccano did produce one or two products for sale in Commonwealth countries) and like so much of the Netflix catalogue, this movie was shot in British Columbia where there is a goodly amount of British-outline modelling among the ex-pats. It's only curiosity, really, but I'd love to know if I'm right and what the story is behind this unusual train set. (CJL)
  7. How long have you got?!! (Says the guy from Staines! CJL)
  8. Projects like this, which involve some minor tooling changes, are normally offered by a manufacturer. Heljan has offered the Class 48 as a possible exclusive. That's the project that's on offer, not 47901. (CJL)
  9. I don't have any of the roof domes left in stock. I have just one pair of Derby (116-style) cab ends and a couple of DMU detailing kits. The cast parts really are not up to modern standards. They were OK on Lima conversions when there was little alternative, but if anyone wants them, I'll be happy to answer a PM. (CJL)
  10. I believe that, in Canada, the locos would have to be on accommodation bogies to be moved on track after a derailment, in case of journal damage. (CJL)
  11. I would expect that model images will be used when they become available but that can't be until after they are delivered and in stock as we don't have any models other than the livery samples. As far as I'm aware the only version of 1638 is the green one and I've seen pictures of the green body shells in production. I'm not aware of any intention to produce lined black. As the models are in production and being assembled, guises cannot change now. (CJL)
  12. The 'Port turn', Nanaimo-Parksville-Port Alberni freight passes through Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park. This is the same train shown previously on the trestle at Cameron Lake. The route is presently 'moth-balled' with basic maintenance being carried out by a volunteer group which has installed a new spur at Coombs. It is hoped that at some stage the line can be re-opened, possibly for tourist trains connected with cruise ships calling at Port Alberni, but at present this seems as remote a possibility as ever. (CJL)
  13. A pity, but not surprising. I have seen pictures of this unit on its trip to Canada - it was landed on the east coast (presumably Halifax NS) and shipped across on flatcars, so it had travelled pretty extensively, albeit not under its own power. I can no longer find the correspondence I had with the very friendly PR officer on BC Rail, but I believe it was also tested by BC Rail staff, though possibly not on their property. (CJL)
  14. Thanks for the correction, it's prompted me to look out the original print, so I can also acknowledge the photographer, Michael Wilkie. His caption in full is: Passenger Extra RB-100 east crossing the Serpentine River at mileage 11.9 Fraser Valley Subdivision on BC Hydro Rail, at 9.45am June 28 1986. It would be interesting to know the current status of this particular unit as some are being preserved and others scrapped. (CJL)
  15. I find this photograph dreadfully sad, not least because as a picture it is personal favourite. I pitched up at Woss Camp after operations on the Englewood logging railway between Woss and Beaver Cove had ended for the day. The 302 had just arrived back at Woss and was being refuelled ready for next day. I recognised the guy doing the fuelling as Engineer, Roland Gaudet, because he appears in a video 'The Last Logging Road' about the Englewood operation. Roland was one the five railwaymen killed in the accident which subsequently closed down the Englewood railway, when a cut of loaded log cars ran away and struck a work crew. A derail attached to a rotten sleeper had failed to stop the runaway. (CJL)
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