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  1. The original 'letter' was one of those classic stir-up pieces designed to get people talking. Suddenly there will be a lot of people talking about the Purbeck Gazette who had never heard of it before. Most probably written by the Editor or one of his staff in order to sell papers. I once had a boss who used to say, at our planning meetings, 'Go on, pick a fight with someone. That's what sells."
  2. The booklet was not proof-read by anyone who is on the current editorial team. It was probably prepared and proof-read by Rapido and I have no doubt that they are happy to deal with customers direct, as most of their products are sold direct. However, you must - surely - appreciate that if there are faulty 16XXs, Model Rail needs to be aware of that. As I said before, there are financial implications in the replacement of faulty models and if an issue is to be resolved effectively it is better for Model Rail to deal directly with the designer rather than introduce a third party who has not bee
  3. The problem with going direct to Rapido is that Model Rail is the commissioner of this product. Rapido UK was not involved at all. We at Model Rail need to know if there are faulty models, and to keep track of how many, and what the faults are. There may be significant cost implications for Model Rail and we also need to be able to assess the extent of the problem. There is no address for technical problems because the models are commissioned and progressed by the editorial team. At the present time, we are 'out of the loop' with regard to the particular problem with your model and when we are
  4. On GWR boxes, the black iron railing around the lower part of the windows allowed the signalman to lean out for token exchange without leaving his box. (CJL)
  5. If there is a problem with the model, you should really notify Model Rail initially, rather than dealing direct with the manufacturer. (CJL)
  6. I'd go with AY Mod with regard to Highley, except I think they spoiled the rural setting with that engine house. Before that it was such a tranquil place, almost hidden in the woods down that steep hill. It was even better as it originally was with the footbridge across from the hill. Last time I was there, several years ago, a 'Western' was working one of the trains, and I was invited into the station house for coffee by the lady who lived there. It seemed to be a lovely cosy home. Arley is a delight, too, and I remember that from its final BR days with one track centred between the two plat
  7. It seems that not all the '16XXs' carried the 'A' power class and the model is generally decorated according to photos. I have a random half dozen here - Nos. 1646/1655/1664 have the A. Nos. 1609/1661 don't have it. The power class was usually black on a coloured route availability circle. The 16XX was uncoloured (so unrestricted weight-wise) and consequently does not have a coloured circle, just the weight code. I have not been able to find a white transfer as such, but if you have a collection of part-used decal sheets you may find something that will do the job. I looked through my drawer o
  8. The review samples are out - Ben dropped one off to me today. (CJL)
  9. Any thoughts on modelling that board and batten? I'm thinking (most unusual for me) build in styrene sheet with half-round strip glued to the surface. Heck of a job, though. (CJL)
  10. Like I said, I'll give the OP a refund for the product he thinks is sharp practice. End of story. But for now, I've got some lamp irons to fit on a 16XX, which ought to be a much more enjoyable way of spending a Sunday. (CJL)
  11. These 'package deals' are grocery promotions. If you buy from a newsagent, the magazine is on its own, for the usual cover price of £4.70. Grocery promotions are designed to attract potential new buyers who don't have any prior knowledge and don't usually go into a newsagents. Magazines need to find new buyers all the time in the hope that some will become subscribers. Magazines are suffering a torrid time at the moment as the lack of high street shoppers has hit news trade sales hard across the board. I'm sorry if you feel that you have been hard done by. Send me a PM with your name and addre
  12. I'm thinking of it but I've no space left so something has to go and I really don't want to break up any of the layouts/dioramas I've built. I've just bought myself 1646 - I already have five of the others - only two of which are actually mine. The rest are pre-production samples and belong in the Model Rail store cupboard if we're ever allowed back to our office. Might just build that lovely little station building for now. (CJL)
  13. Thanks, everyone. There's some really useful pictures there. Is the building material what the Americans would call board and batten or is it a strange style of metal cladding? Many thanks for all the help so far. Looks like we aren't going to find a clear view into that alcove on the platform side. (CJL)
  14. It is fitted with plunger pick-ups. It is intended for minimum second radius curves. Fox etched plates are a perfect fit over the printed plates. (CJL)
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