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  1. If the original or earlier version is deemed to be radically different from the current version then, almost certainly a complete new suite of tools would be needed, thus making both versions uneconomic to produce. The economics of these things only work when the detail changes involve little more than a different sprue of plastic parts and a few extraneous holes in the main parts. (CJL)
  2. As far as I'm aware, the clips used in Dad's Army are of the 14XX and the W&U coach not Thunderbolt. I haven't seen them for many years but IIRC they were out-takes, so probably obtained via John Huntley's archive and long before S-C acquired the rights to the movie. (CJL)
  3. In a large organisation surely it's likely that 'current' and 'archive' licences would not necessarily be handled by the same person/department so one might be unaware of what was happening with the other. (CJL)
  4. Usual newspaper carelessness. Jenny Agutter played Bobbie Waterbury not Westbury. (CJL)
  5. Maybe those who think 'Titfield' is an insignificant movie to Studio Canal should note that a digitally-enhanced version has recently been made and is sold on Amazon Prime - so presumably still of some importance to Studio Canal. Also, protecting a lucrative aspect of one's business is very important. If you sell an exclusive contract to someone and then don't enforce it, your exclusive contracts then become worthless. (CJL)
  6. The Ladykillers is another Ealing Comedy like Titfield, so it belongs to Studio Canal. (CJL)
  7. Oh, the arrogance of youth! Quite a few people seem to give a monkeys about it on here, and I'll wager that not many of them are over 85. They also seem to understand that it is about wider issues than whether one gives a monkeys about a particular movie. (CJL)
  8. Not ALL, surely? Hornby-Dublo: Class 20 and Deltic, and Co-Bo, none of which Hornby has actually staked a claim to. But the thread is about Rapido's announcement which clearly says it's a Titfield statement, so why all the discussion about new HSTs etc?
  9. It is common practice, these days, for organisations to claim the intellectual rights to items they have acquired and then to licence others who wish to make money off the back of that item. Flying Scotsman is one of the most high profile items - certainly the most high profile in the hands of the NRM. Where current rail equipment is concerned there may be multiple licences involved, for instance, say, with a locomotive made by GM carrying a livery which also requires copyright permission. Such payments can impact on the selling price of the finished model. (CJL)
  10. I don't have access to a Setrack layout at present but the J70 has a 30mm fixed wheelbase. I have tried it on a R8073 point which is the only Setrack item I have here, and it feels tight. It certainly would not run on 6in radius curves. Second radius (438mm) is the minimum recommended radius). The other problem on sharp curves is the sideways 'throw' of the tension-lock coupler. It is pivoted to allow a normal amount of sideways movement but on very sharp curves it may well not be sufficient to prevent derailment of anything coupled to the locomotive.
  11. Please, ANYTHING but a Leyland National bus! Or if you must, put sound in it to remind us all of that dreadful tin rattle-trap noise that they made. I don't think I've been on a bus since going to Shepperton on those things. They cured me of buses forever! Of course you could make it the start of an 'Awful Vehicles' range. That would give you an excuse to do a deLorean - but you'd better grab the licence for the film version first, just in case anyone else has the same idea...... (CJL)
  12. I must take a look at that - just about the only one of her early films that I don't have on DVD. Does anyone remember the layout 'Hayley Mills' - based on Healey Mills? I believe she visited it a show on one occasion? (CJL)
  13. And with the mv. Balmoral posing as the Channel Islands ferry, an obvious choice as she was often in the Bristol Channel for excursion work during the summer. Pretty good CGI destroyer doing the 'evacuation' too, most of the scenes being shot in Clovelly, not Guernsey. (CJL)
  14. Have started reading Forever Young Hayley Mills's memoir, (family asked what I wanted for Christmas) and that prompted getting the DVDs out to watch in order, starting with Tiger Bay. Some glimpses of Cardiff's dockland in 1958/9, including wagons and a pannier tank, plus a transporter bridge (presumably Newport?). Nice historic dockland settings, too, apparently all long since bulldozed and replaced with modern flats - now called Bute Bay not Tiger Bay. (CJL)
  15. I had this years ago on a VHS tape bought, I think, in Woolworths (remember them). It was part of a much longer programme which included the 'Gulflander' and it was that which really interested me. It was an AEC bus mounted on flanged wheels and running on a railway completely engulfed in grass, so you couldn't see the rails on much of it. I was so fascinated that I built a battery-powered model out of plywood to run on a friend's O gauge garden railway. Haven't seen that model for years - it must be in the loft. Merry Christmas Faulcon 1(CJL)
  16. Why not insult everyone? Oh, you have. Merry Christmas.
  17. Back when they were building the last bits of the M25 past my 'home town' (Chertsey-Runnymede and Yeoveney-Poyle) I was one of the journalists invited to come and look at work on the rail-over-motorway bridge at Lyne and the Runnymede bridge over the Thames. One of the things we were told was that the ONLY section that MIGHT need to be four lanes EVENTUALLY was Chertsey-Heathrow. It was fortunate that the surfacing on that section was initially a cock-up because, when they re-did the surface on the three lanes, they were able to add the fourth at the same time!
  18. Painting the battens neatly is not easy. From memory I sprayed the walls with a Games Workshop aerosol can - an off-white with a strange name (all Games Workshop shades have strange names) - Just checked and its Corax White. I used a very dark brown mixed from Omen acrylics to paint the raised battens. (CJL)
  19. Perhaps it's time for a new thread that doesn't have Model Rail in the title, since the magazine is no longer involved. (CJL)
  20. That date 1967 must be a typo. It would be 1957. (CJL)
  21. As subscribers usually receive their copies a few days before the magazine reaches the shops, it is likely that they will be the first to see the ordering details. (CJL)
  22. ....and I bet that you can guess why. (CJL)
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