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  1. New Passenger Service to Armadilloville!
  2. The Good, the Bad, and the Stench Just for phun.
  3. Penn Central DD40X A big sand box for big stuff. https://youtu.be/sVSLTqhSb4w
  4. Turn Down Day: Tyco Doodling #3 A shot framed using the window of an engine shed. Used a lot of Tyco because it was cheap, sometimes two for a dollar, often times simply free.
  5. Turn Down Day Tyco Doodling #3 And sometimes, I just run trains. A lot of Tyco because it's cheap.
  6. Open House: Week 3 No coincidence U.P. is highlighted. Speak to the other man's interests. He already has a good idea what you want.
  7. Heislers Another career Army guy who never had time for a layout. He purchased these fine scale brass Heislers, and Shays, while stationed in Japan. When he joined the Club, he took them out of storage and found them to be corroded into brass door stops. My friend, "Moose," a professional model railroader, took them completely disassembled them into their myriad parts, cleaned them up, even the green crusted motors, and reassembled them. From junk to treasure. Russ, the owner, died a year or two later. Don't postpone your dreams too long. R
  8. Jello on the Move Who knew you could have so much fun with Jello? Jello: an iconic hospital food.
  9. The New Mexico Northern I corresponded with this modeler for a long time, and he never got the chance to come to El Paso, I ran his beautiful trains on the layout and shot a video for him, and then mailed them back. The locomotives are his work, I supplied some cars.
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