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  1. Hi LocoEngineer It's great to see a new thread build on this forum, the 'King' is a great loco too. I for one will look forward to your updates. to Miss Prism, I think that you may be a bit too quick off the block, it looks to me that the rivets haven't been fitted yet. To the RMweb admin, can you do something about the image posting please, clearly it's not only me who has issues with pictures showing 'upside down'. I post to a number of sites and only here do I have this issue? Regards Pete
  2. Inside connecting rod is now fitted, next job will be a lot of tidying up and a fair number of oil pots to be machined. It's all getting pretty tightly packed in there... http://4472flyingscotsman.co.uk/inside-connecting-rod-and-piston-crosshead-fitting/ Pete
  3. Evening chaps, this is the more detailed 'walk around' video that I promised last time around... please forgive the few errors such as calling Wakefield lubricators, 'Westfield'...:) Pete
  4. The new blog entry which covers the first outside piston to be fitted has just been posted, the other one will only take me a short while in the morning and then I'll do the middle which I'll cover in its own entry sometime next week. http://4472flyingscotsman.co.uk/outside-pistons-fitting-process/ Pete
  5. good day all A couple of quick videos to share with you guys...rolling test after fitting the outside rods (tolerances are crazily close in some areas) and a short overview video. I'll do a proper 'walkaround' video describing the various oiling points and fine details soon. Pete
  6. Tonight's, blog entry sees one of the outside connecting rods fitted. Well, still I have two small jobs to do, details in the blog. http://4472flyingscotsman.co.uk/outside-connecting-rods-fitting/ Pete
  7. Good afternoon folks, my apologies for lack of blog updates over the last few weeks. As mentioned my mill decided to throw a wobbly which slowed things down somewhat. Luckily it didn't cost money to fix, just stripping down the spindle, repack with grease and tightening the taper bearing collars. This blog entry covers the completion of the outside connecting rods, well accept some final bits which are detailed in the blog. The updates may be less regular for a short while as I'm going to be giving my classic car some much needed TLC, it won't stop the updates but will mean my time is split fo
  8. Well no blog entry this week due to the mill throwing a wobbly and thus stopping me in my tracks with the connecting rods, I had hoped to have them finished today. Oh well, I need to strip the mill head down and find what's rattling like stones in a tin can....lol Not to be beaten, I took advantage of this downtime and revisited the pipework on the crossheads. I have added the details in the drop link blog entry. The solitary picture is shown below. Pete
  9. New blog entry, this time the 'Outside Connecting rods' hopefully these will only take two parts. Here's part 1 http://4472flyingscotsman.co.uk/outside-connecting-rods/ Pete NB:.. sorry, the web page still seems to not take my photo's the right side up?
  10. An early blog entry for this week, the drop links are now made and fitted temporarily to their respective outside crossheads. Next will be the outside connecting rods, hopefully, these won't take as long as the crossheads... http://4472flyingscotsman.co.uk/drop-links/ Pete
  11. good day, all.. well, I think that I can finally say that the crossheads are completed. I still have the drop links to make but they are separate parts, I'll make those next. I do have one final operation to do which I detailed in the blog, it's only cross-drilling the little end journals, that will be my first job Monday. I also listed the next stage of the build, when that work is done, (could take a while) I'll have pistons connected with the wheels, another important milestone reached. http://4472flyingscotsman.co.uk/crossheads-part-7-oiling-system/ Pete
  12. The crossheads are very close to being called finished (for now that is, there will be some fine polishing for all parts made to date at the end) As can be seen the oil reservoir has been made and bolted to the slipper. I decided to silver solder the inner bolt heads as the model doesn't need 4 practical bolts to hold the reservoir on, makes life easier. The top side face of the crosshead where it touches the slidebar has also been rounded off as mentioned last time. I have made a 5/32 x 40 oil plug with a small central hole to avoid a vacuum which would stop the oil flowing. The last job to
  13. After 4 weeks slog the crosshead bodies are more or less complete, I have forgotten to curve the top edge of the sides which I'll take a look at tomorrow. http://4472flyingscotsman.co.uk/crossheads-part-6/ Pete
  14. Crossheads Part 5... there's a lot of work in this one and I still have a long way to go. I was hoping to have finished the crosshead and mounting plates for this entry but the lathe decided to shred its V belt which meant I couldn't turn up the last 'button' required. probably a good thing really as this entry was getting a bit long. Hope you find it of interest. http://4472flyingscotsman.co.uk/crossheads-part-5/ Pete
  15. Crossheads Part 4... I'm now at a stage where I can breathe a little easier, I have finished the machining for the front area (rear will be the last part to do). From this stage on it's all down to hand grinding/filing and polishing, I have made a very small start at the end of this entry. On a footnote, can anyone tell me what a full-size cotter pin measures? preferably that as fitted to an LNER/BR Pacific? thanks http://4472flyingscotsman.co.uk/crossheads-part-4/ Pete
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