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  1. Hi John By all means sir, feel free to contact me at any time...you won't be alone, there are a number of builders who ask the odd question here and there. I'd like to think that I know FS very well now but always finding something new as my reference libary continues to grow. Don Young's 'Doncaster' is the best set of model drawings out there, very close to full size in detail and accuracy. You won't go far wrong using those as your basis. Keep up the great work, I hope you do start a thread, I for one will follow it closely. Regards
  2. Excellent work, looks spot on so far, I can easily identify the individual components, it's like looking at a 3D model of my own....:) Which era are you modelling? there are subtle differences...so far your's is the same as FS when an A1. The A3 is slightly different, an extra stretcher like the horizontal stretcher below the middle motion bracket being one that sits higher. Also IIRC FS has a different star stay configuration today, might be that the star itself sits above the boiler stay rather than below, ie swapped around, I'd have to dig out my reference to be sure. Your
  3. oh dear.. I see images are still not right on this forum. sorry chaps.... Pete
  4. Hi guys The latest blog entry covers the cylinder relief valves and them being set at 110 PSi.. 10% above boiler working pressure. I have recorded another video which I think maybe a bit long-winded while I played around getting the first valve set but at least it shows what was involved. The other 5 valves were done very quickly. I will tidy up the front adjusting screws later, I may even change a few cosmetics but for now, the valves work which was the important thing for this particular exercise. http://4472flyingscotsman.co.uk/cylinder-relief-valves/
  5. Hi, you should have no trouble fining this from model boat suppliers, alternatively, ebay can be your friend.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Caldercraft-Brass-Oval-Link-Chain-4-Links-Per-Inch-1mtr-C65432-/322523105463 Regards Pete
  6. A little something in the pipeline, that well-known fellow Model Engineer and cohort in doing the CAD work for me John Baguley (baggo) has been busy drawing up the reverser stand for me... Drawing is now at Malcolm's for cutting and I have printed off some PDF files that John kindly sent me to check that all was good. You can see for yourselves how well the parts fit. When cut in steel there will be different thicknesses involved as per Don's. When comparing to full size the height looks just right. It will be a while before you see this assembled in steel but this should at least give a taste
  7. ah.. yes this is close to Don's drawing although I later rounded the edges a little to get closer to the original. If you look as FS today she has two different buffer stocks fitted, one I assume may be original and the other a later BR design which is closer to Don's drawing. As I said, I rounded the edges off to get closer to the original although not 'spot on'. I had already made the stocks and don't plan to do them again, I have enough work to do as it is...:) Pete
  8. I used the original file Kev, seemed a logical way of doing it to my none IT mind...:) re 'buffer stocks, in which context Kev? Pete
  9. ok.. so I tried Kev's suggestion which didn't work, I then used 'paint' again but this time didn't rotate the image, just saved it as is, this seems to have worked? Pete
  10. Thanks guys, I have tried a few things including rotating the image 180 on my pc and then uploading it to see if that worked. Alas not...as mentioned it's only happened on this forum and even then only recently, so I think it needs to be fixed this end rather than mine. Thanka all Pete
  11. Not a blog update as such, I'll add this picture to the last update where it belongs but show it here so it's not missed by you guys. I have now fabricated the R/H draincock linkage and made the drop pipes, I'll shorten these a little later to be closer to the prototype, the nuts are a little large which adds to the oversized look so I'll also shorten these. I'm pleased with how they look compared to full size, you'll note that I have only placed one relief valve roughly in position for effect. I'll leave these off until final assembly as they can't be fitted until the cladding is in plac
  12. Hi Douglas Thanks for the input, yes it was taken on my phone but I don't think that's the issue as I post to a number of forums + my blog using the same image and those are all fine. It's just something to do with this forum and to be honest I don't have time to edit each to ensure all are the right way up, but as I say, the others are all fine. Regards Pete
  13. hmm.. sorry guys, I have no idea why the picture is upside down?, it's only done that on this forum? If anyone can tell me how to correct it i shall... cheers Pete
  14. In tonight's blog update I have worked out the draincock linkage and tested it for the L/H side, I'll finish the R/H side tomorrow, it will just be a mirror of the left so I have no doubts that it will work just as well. Lot's of other bits and pieces done too, details within. There's another video on this one too.. http://4472flyingscotsman.co.uk/cylinders-fitted-draincocks-completed-draincock-linkage-fabricated-fitted-and-tested/ Pete
  15. Hi...try this old thread on the ME forum, you'll find your answer from one of the replies within.. https://www.model-engineer.co.uk/forums/postings.asp?th=110266 Regards Pete
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