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  1. Good day all... I have now assembled the 2:1 gear, there are a few small bits left to do. I need to plot and drill the holes for the retaining split-pins, Don states to use 3/64, I think that I'll go smaller with 1/32. I also need to finish drilling the oilways, these are very small at No.60 and I should have waited for a new drill bit to do these. The first one went without incident but alas I broke the drill on the second pin and I seem to have mislaid a pin too? No big deal, I'll wait until I have a new drill bit and tackle the job properly then. A big thank you to Eddie for describing how the middle cylinder link pin is secured on the prototype, I have done something similar for the model, details in the blog. There is also a new time-lapsed video showing the gear being assembled onto the model, well it is except for my big arm getting in the way, I must try harder next time, now that has a familiar tone to it, from perhaps 50 years ago... http://4472flyingscotsman.co.uk/gresley-conjugated-gear-valve-connecting-links-part-3/ Pete
  2. Evening all, tonight I have the second installment for the valve connecting links, I had hoped to conclude these parts in this update but there's still some work left to do. I must say thank you to Doug for his timely tips on the fulcrum pin, you'll see what I mean in the blog entry. Hope you find it of interest. http://4472flyingscotsman.co.uk/gresley-conjugated-gear-valve-connecting-links-part-2/ Pete
  3. On to the connecting links, after much head-scratching and discussion with fellow modellers of Gresley 2:1 conjugated loco's I have decided to change the fulcrum and 1:1 lever bronze bushes to sealed stainless (shielded) ball bearings, just like the full size. This will be covered in the next entry but I'm out of commission next week so it may be the week after before you see the fruits of my labour. In the meantime, here are the details on the connecting links, or should I say half the details, not finished yet but you can see what I've been up too. http://4472flyingscotsman.co.uk/gresley-conjugated-gear-valve-connecting-links-part-1/ Pete
  4. Well, that's the first part of the 2:1 gear finished, a few more pictures than usual for this one, next will be the 1:1 lever and connecting links. http://4472flyingscotsman.co.uk/gresley-conjugated-gear-2-1-gear-lever-part-3-completion-of-machining/ Pete
  5. 2:1 lever continued http://4472flyingscotsman.co.uk/gresley-conjugated-gear/ Pete
  6. Good evening all, I am now returning to the motion, to begin with, I'll concentrate on the conjugated 2:1 gear...after this I may finally get back to the cylinders and the valve bobbins which is basically all they require. We'll see what transpires, as some of you will know, I have a bad habit of deviating of course... http://4472flyingscotsman.co.uk/2-1-gear-lever-part-1/ Pete
  7. We now have working brakes, well should I say in as far as when hanging from the lifting jib, they will, of course, need final adjusting once sitting under its full weight on rails. http://4472flyingscotsman.co.uk/brakes-part-6-testing/ Pete
  8. evening all, tonight's blog update shows the final assembly of the brake rig and being painted, later in the week I hope to be able to refit the rig to the chassis and test it. http://4472flyingscotsman.co.uk/brakes-part-5-final-assembly-of-the-brake-rig-and-painting/ Pete
  9. Evening all, more work on the brakes completed today, this time the pull rods, hopefully for the update after this I'll have finished the brakes and tested them too. Blog link http://4472flyingscotsman.co.uk/brakes-part-4-pull-rods/ Pete
  10. Hi guys... at long last, I have managed a few hours on 4472, hopefully, this means we are back to regular updates. This time it's the brakes and their compensators and links. here's the link for full details... http://4472flyingscotsman.co.uk/brakes-part-3-compensators-and-links/ Pete
  11. Hi guys.. my apologies for lack of updates, still not been able to do much during the lockdown, hope to do some more on 4472 soon. In the meantime, I have something for the blog news section. these parts which will form the cab fall-plate were laser cut for me by my son-in-law, Mike, thankyou...I'll cover how they go together later, lots of cutting and filing will be involved, that's for sure. The diamond pattern is prototypical as supplied by Adam (Cro fittings) I did the actual drawing for the fall plate in 'Inkscape'. Alas, the laser etcher wasn't big enough to etch the part-whole so a little lateral thought and slight redesign were required. I think it will look better, things will become clearer when I actually get around to cutting out and assembling the parts. http://4472flyingscotsman.co.uk/cab-fall-plate/ Pete
  12. I've finally got around to doing a small update which covers the brake beams. I'm going to try something different with my updates and that is to perhaps just post a picture to show that it's new and then the link to the particular update involved rather than writing it all up here. The reason is it will save me hours of time when posting to the 4 media outlets that I log the details at, 5 now if including the blog. Alas, it's not a simple case of just copy/paste, if it was then doing it to the 5 wouldn't be an issue but each forum/media outlet has its own system which doesn't allow me to just copy/paste. I'm happy to hear any/all views on this, positive or negative...I find the blog much easier to navigate through if looking to find any particular subject and also much easier to see with clearer text and pictures. Individual sections are very easy to see what's going on, it also includes sub-sections which I couldn't post here as they would just get lost in the 'annals of time' . Blog; http://4472flyingscotsman.co.uk/brakes-part-2/ Pete
  13. Hi guys Apologies for no updates of late, what with SWMBO working from home all day due to the lockdown, which it seems may now become her normal routine, the new norm so to speak, I've found it difficult to go out and leave her to it... I have been busy writing up the new blog though, this is now fully up to date which was no small achievement believe me. Today I am actually making bits in the workshop, this is the first time cutting metal in a month, hope to have details soon although not sure in what format yet, might be easier just to post a link to the blog with a subtitle or such, we shall see. For those who haven't visited the blog yet, here's the link, it's also in my signature for later reference. http://4472flyingscotsman.co.uk/ More on 4472 soon... Pete
  14. Looks very much like an A3 to me Tim... nice work. Pete
  15. I have now completed the brake shoes and hangers along with their pins. I say 'completed' there will be a little more fettling later just to tidy things up before painting. Only two pictures to share but it is progress and I'm looking forward to getting on with the rest of the brake gear next week. the first picture is just to give an idea of how much material I removed to get them closer to the prototype, the shoe on the left is the modified item. I have a few machine marks to remove and a little work around the pin-hole to get the shape symmetrical. And a view to show all components ready for the stretchers to be fabricated. When linked up the hangers will hang more or less vertical with the brakes in the off position. As stated. next week I'll make the stretchers depending on whether my propane bottle runs out, it's been getting low for a while. I have ordered a refill for next week but no delivery date given, should be by the middle of the week though. I'm hoping that in two weeks time I'll have finished all of the brake components and be able to test on vacuum... fingers crossed. Pete
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